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Report released on high school dropouts

A sobering report was released today on high school dropouts. It shows, among other things that in 17 of our nation's largest cities more than 50 percent of students will quit school before graduating. The report card is out, and the former Secretary of State Colin Powell calls the graduation rate in America's largest cities "a catastrophe." Powell said, "We cannot afford this loss of talent that is going to keep America up and ahead of the rest of the world." The report, issued today by the non-profit educational organization "America's Promise Alliance," found that roughly half of all students in American's largest public school systems don't graduate, with more than one million students dropping out annually. In Detroit less than 25 percent of the students graduated from high school, about 30 percent graduated in Indianapolis and roughly 34 percent in Cleveland. The alliance also introduced a series of high-level dropout prevention campaign summits to reverse the trend. The group's findings also illustrate a dramatic disparity in the educational tracks of students attending public schools in urban versus suburban neighborhoods. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said, "When you look at the financial resources we spend about half to educate children in the city of Philadelphia than our counterparts in the suburbs around us spend -- you can't educate kids on the cheap." Nationally about 70 percent of US students graduate on time. Many critics believe states currently underreport their true drop out rates. Today the education secretary announced a change in the way the federal government will collect graduation data. The only North Carolina metropolitan area included in the report was the Charlotte- Mecklenburg school district. It had a 59.8 percent graduation rate in the 2003-2004 school year. Read the complete report here

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Ii is sad when you hear of

Ii is sad when you hear of all the kids quitting school. I somehow don't blame some of them. I have seen what goes on in the school system. School is nothing like it used to be when I was there. It has steadily gotten worse. I have noticed when a student gets their selves into trouble or makes a mistake, they are immediately "labeled" a bad seed. So, what ever goes on around them, they are the first person to be looked at. It is not always the students fault though. I have seen how some of the staff and teachers interact with the students and man it is awful. There is no respect for one another any more. The kids yell at the staff and the staff yells back or pulls that I am more important then you action. What happened to talking in a calm manner and counting to ten action. I don't think two negatives make a positive reaction. Middle schools and high schools need to get report cards for how they interact with their students and visa versa. We are now only concerned with the dress code, well i am more concerned with the actions of conduct code. When, teachers can cuss at their students is going to far. Parents need to get involved with the schools their children are attending and maybe sit in the office and watch what is going on.

Look at how children act in today's society

You are right, schools are not what they used to be. And that is mainly due to the way students act at school. Teachers get no respect from students and teachers are getting tired of trying to reason and deal with students that just don't care. The sad part of all of this are the students that do care and are trying to get an education. Because of these other "rotten" students, education has done downhill. Teachers have lost control over their classroom and there is nothing they can do about it. Teachers report student behavior and the student will be back in that same class the next day with hardly any type of punishment. Teachers get tired of it. Teachers try to have conferences with parents, but parents are so naive that they think their child does no wrong. Parents think teachers should be able to handle the children and blame the teachers for the problems. For those of you that say if the teacher doesn't like it they can find a new job, well that's easy enough said until we run out of people/teachers that are willing to put up with the BS from students and their parents.

poor me,,

You are just blaming the kids for everything that goes wrong in our schools. Poor teachers, blah blah blah boo hoo. I have been there and watched how not just the teachers, but the staff handle these kids. They are just as rude and crude as if they are talking to their friends. All the schools might as well become like people who stand on the corner and yell at one another "yo ya got a dime". There is the lack of respect all the way around. My point is the more the teachers and staff walk around being all tough guy, the more the kids are going to butt heads with them and others around them. Negative plus negative doesn't equal positive. Something has to give. The kids are always going to be under peer pressure, but having an adult standing over your table yelling at you like you were a dog in the street and saying negative things to you all the time, makes a kid want to quit. As for the person who wrote on here, about making their kids get all straight A's good for you. But, ask yourself this question,, will you kids come to you if they really have a problem that they can't work out and feel comfortable asking for your help? I know mine will. You must be military. I was raised by a mother who was like that and man, I was afraid of her. I do want my children to respect me, but I never want my children to be afraid of me either. Good luck to all parents of teenagers and up coming teenagers.

This comes as a surprise to whom?

1. Suburban tax bases are far fatter and can afford to build more schools, better schools, and pay higher salaries to attract the best talent. 2. No one in their right mind (or with any teaching talent) would accept employment in the inner city unless he or she had a death wish. Schools are traditionally funded by property taxes, and the suburban property values are substantially higher than those of the inner city. It's only right that the more affluent families in the suburbs send their children to better schools, because they pay higher taxes and can *afford* better schools. It's a benefit of being financially better off. The folks in the suburbs drive nicer cars, they live in bigger houses, they vacation in more interesting places, they eat sirloin instead of ground chuck.....and surprise, surprise: Their offspring go to better schools, staffed with better teachers, who make better salaries. Welcome to reality. Ah, but the traditional system of funding schools is under attack in several states, including this one. Liberal judges want property taxes pooled across the counties or even state, so that every single school receives equal funding. In other words, it's just another government scam to redistribute wealth from the haves to the have-nots. The money collected from the people well outside the city must now fund the inner-city schools as well. In their mind, "Why should your child go to a better school just because you pay four times the taxes? You expect some benefit for your hard work and success?" Yet one more reason to cinch up the belt and send your children to private or parochial school. If you love your children, get them OUT of the government school system. (BTW, we can throw money at this problem until the cows come home, but the dropout rate will not change until parents get involved in their childrens' lives.)

Democratic mayors run these

Democratic mayors run these cities that have the highest dropout rates. Let's throw tons of money at the problem kids and they will graduate(HA HA). How about demanding that the kids do well or they will be given so much work (three times as much homework, clean hallways at school, clean windows at school, clean toilets, anything that they would hate) that they will have no time on their hands except to eat, sleep, and breathe. Demand more from the kids. I demand my three kids get straight A's. If they don't get an A, I make them do so much work around the house that they find it is so much easier to get good grades than to deal with someone making them do work. I never help them with homework except to do it wrong for them if they ask and then they do not ask for my help anymore. Kids are so freaking smart nowadays. If adults would just realize these kids are twice as smart as we were when we were young, we would expect them to get good grades and believe it or not--they will. Stop treating the kids like they are dumb. They are smart. These are kids who could program a vcr when they were four years old. They can operate a computer better than Bill Gates. They can take apart a car and put it back together correctly. They just are acting dumb so they are not pushed to do any type of work or studies that they are not interested in. We as adults are the ones who are not smart enough to figure this all out.