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Durham police arrest second suspect in UNC student murder

READ MORE: Durham police arrest second suspect in UNC student murder
HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (AP) -- Durham police have arrested the second suspect in the shooting death of University of North Carolina student body president Eve Carson. Lieutenant Robert McLaughlin Junior says 17-year-old Lawrence Alvin Lovette Junior of Durham was arrested about 4:15 a.m. after officers surrounded a house. Chapel Hill Police Lieutenant Kevin Gunter says Lovette is still being held in Durham. It's unclear when he'll be transferred to Chapel Hill or make an initial court appearance. Lovette and 21-year-old Demario James Atwater of Durham, are both charged with first-degree murder in Carson's death. The 22-year-old from Athens, Georgia, was found March 5th about a mile from campus. Atwater had been arrested yesterday morning and is being held without bond. His next hearing is March 24th. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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target practice

being a deer hunter,i wonder if the doc will loan me these two for a little while. they would make good targets.....especially the one with the narrow head.

This is why Im also in the

This is why Im also in the act of obtaining my concealed weapon permit also, cause its not safe no more how it use to be. People of any race,religion or background will run up on you and try to harm or rob you. I dont care what color, or what type of mafia or gang your associated with, if someone runs up on me I'll guarantee you that it will be the last.


Another taken life, what a shame. If these thugs prove to be guilty, we should hold their parents partially responsible for raising men who have no regard for human life. Who taught them right from wrong? No one.

Same DA

Isn't this the same county where the DA was removed for not doing his job? On December 28, 2006; the North Carolina State Bar filed ethics charges against Nifong over his conduct in the case, accusing him of making public statements that were "prejudicial to the administration of justice" and of engaging in "conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation." No wonder these two thugs were walking free.

Punk Thugs!!!!

These 2 fine, outstanding Durhamites have extensive criminal records. One is a convicted felon, both have B & E charges. Their records show absolutely zero incarceration and concurrent probation only. If we all paid close attention, it would be obvious that it is much easier and profitable to be a criminal and just take other peoples stuff when you want it, beat them to a pulp or just kill them. This poor girl was in the wrong place at the wrong time and happened among these monsters that took her beautiful, young life just because she happened to be convenient. This kind of thing happens everyday. I'm scheduling my classes to get a Concealed Carry permit!!!

Just a job...

Just drove into Baltimore this evening... "Baltimore County police said they are looking for a man who abducted a nurse outside her home, took her to ATM machines and forced her to withdraw money." In Baltimore, they just dumped the woman off when they were done. Other than being tied up, scared and robbed, she was OK. Not so lucky for Eve. Seems like this is just a day job all over the country - grab somebody, take them to several ATMs, force them to give up their PINs. It's just a job. How they get their cash. Working's too hard. Much easier to take it from someone else. And if you get caught - so what. Free room and board, medical care, chance to do some body building. Might have to be somebody's b^tch. Hey it's just a job. You can see it in their eyes.

My ATM card was stolen and

My ATM card was stolen and used a couple of years ago when gas prices spiked, like they are doing again. The first thing that the theives did was buy gas with it. When a simple thing like gas becomes more expensive, the effect ripples into other parts of our economy and raises the price everything - even food. As people become more desperate, crimes like robbery are going to become more frequent. Sadly, some of the people who will steal from their neighbors have no regard for human life.

Project Exile....NOW!

From AP: "Atwater was convicted of felony breaking and entering in 2005 and illegal possession of a firearm in 2007. He [also] received a suspended sentence." WHY will this state not work in concert with federal prosecutors to insure that felons caught with firearms are sent away for a minimum of five years under federal law? If they had Project Exile in place, Atwater would be in prison and Eve would still be alive. When are we going to realize that a convicted felon caught with a firearm is a clear indication that he has NOT been "rehabilitated," has NOT changed, and still represents a serious threat to society? Scally, you wonder why I have a CCW license, and carry a sidearm? Because I may be called upon not only to save my own life or another person's life, but to do unconsciously what the state refuses to do - terminate a danger to society. I saw it in New York, I saw it in California, and now I'm seeing it here: A state with judicial and correctional systems that are so broken, criminals can walk away from serious charges with impunity. Then, when someone dies at that criminal's hands, we're shocked. It's like we live in some horrible B-Western where every judge in the territory is crooked. The outlaws run the state....because we let them!

I'm with you

The same reason I have my CCW is because these punks just don't care what they do to whom.

The whole thing makes my

The whole thing makes my stomach sick

We, the sane people in

We, the sane people in society, need to talk with these criminals to find out their thoughts,motivation Find out what in their twisted mind would have caused them to choose a different path. We all talk about it in schools, churches etc....we know right from wrong....we need to gather knowledge from the evil ones to help shape our future

good luck

Yea, good luck with that. These thugs don't care about talking, feelings or any other feel good crap you want to dish out. They want their bling, their props or whatever thug/gang mentality. You have something nice and they want it. They will do whatever to take it from you.


Seems to me that is what the prison systems have been doing for years in the field of medicine referred to as psychiatry. Does not seem to be working does it? Spare the rod spoil the child. We have generations of children raised in a society that want to punish the parents and schools for disciplining their children. Therefore we have those children grow into adults that have no fear of the law for they have never had to be held accountable for their actions through out their young life. Grant you there are going to be individuals that are going to be outcasts to society regardless of their upbringing. These are the ones that even the doctors cannot help. All of that along with the ones that use their race as a crutch for justification of their behavior is there any wonder that we have any kind of sane society left?

Have you lost your mind

Have you lost your mind. People like you are just as much the problem as they are. Talk, talk, talk. Look where it has got you so far.


Creeps! I say shoot them in the head and throw them in the street just like they did this poor girl. A friendly game of Russian Rullet would be great to play with these two clowns. Check out their background too. Both have been in trouble for larceny, breaking and entering and the list goes on. They shouldn't have been out walking around freely on the street and then this horrible act wouldn't of happened in the first place.

Words can't describe

As I watch this story develope and many others across the country I begin to get angry. Not at the POS criminals but, the system. This POS in Chapel Hill should have been in prison along time ago. When is America going to wake up and and start putting theses thugs away. Stop making deals. When the death penalty is handed down take them to the front of the courthouse and while all the cameras are on there face put him down like an animal, because that is how these people act.


Wow....they could've taken her stuff, and left her alone. Why the senseless killing?



not surprising these cats

not surprising these cats are from Durham(my hometown). These two thugs deserve nothing short of the death penalty, for such a senseless act. Man if that was one of my daughters I would just die, or either both of them would. They're nothing but cowards who don't deserve to walk amongst us.

I Agree

I agree, but why would it take YOUR DAUGHTER? Don't they deserve to go before they make it down the list of vulnerable people in the world where you daughter's name comes up? I think if people started holding people up for their actions then things might change in the world we know. If not then hold the DA's up to their duties of the job. String his @ss up if he isn't doing enuff. Somewhere we have to draw the line. In the early days even far West towns only had a few misfits before everyone got in line.

Senseless Killing

This is just another of countless senseless killings in NC and across the nation. I disagree with calls to execute the two men immediately. They need to feel the fear that that poor woman did. They need to feel some serious pain; torture...then be shot point blank...head shot.

Thanks to all the people who

Thanks to all the people who knew these murderers and called in tips. I wish all of you could collect some of that reward money.

Eva Carson

yaaaahoo.... Amen to that. Don't need people like that around any community. Thank you for arresting him and thanks to anyone who turned the creep in !! God Bless that family of Eva. Please help them lord.

shoot him

okay if he is found guilty..shoot him and throw him in the street like he did that beautiful girl..its only fair yes?

Using violence to stop

Using violence to stop violence doesn't make any sense. These guys, if guilty... will hopefully be locked up for good.