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Reports show problems at Wilmington senior care center

READ MORE: Reports show problems at Wilmington senior care center

We've uncovered case after case of what's commonly called "elder abuse" at a local nursing home. The complaints range from sexual abuse and rape to poor distribution of medication and sub-standard living conditions.

We got an email from a woman who worked at Glencare of Wilmington alerting us and local government leaders of what she calls "inhumane living conditions and treatment of residents." We spoke with her and another former employee. Then we searched Glencare's file at the Department of Social Services to separate fact from fiction. We were shocked at what we found. DSS got six complaints about Glencare last January alone. While the specific complaints aren't documented, here's what DSS found after an investigation:

First residents in the Special Care Unit, which houses dementia patients and others with special needs, were not getting adequate supervision. In one case the report shows that one resident was lying at the end of his bed with no pants on while another resident with no pants on was standing behind, sexually assaulting him Multiple staff members also told DSS workers they actually witnessed the assault. But that's not all. Staff members told DSS they also witnessed the same resident on top of a female patient in bed.

DSS then looked at that patient's records and found that he had been caught in bed with yet another resident in November 2008. He also made sexual comments to a housekeeper, who filed a complaint.

Records show the patient met with a psychiatrist three times in 2008, but the doctor says he was never informed by Glencare about the patient's inappropriate sexual tendencies. If he had been informed, the doctor said, he would have prescribed medication to help supress them.

Remember the first incident with the resident at the end of the bed of another patient? DSS says Resident Care Coordinator Tanya Lewis didn't file an incident report until the next day, because she didn't think it was an incident. After examining the patient, two Glencare staff members also told Lewis they didn't see any evidence of assault, just bodily fluid and redness, so Lewis assumed nothing happened and didn't send the patient to see a doctor. In fact DSS says not only were doctors kept out of the loop in many if not all of these cases, but DSS was too.

Glencare's own policy for non-consensual sexual behavior states that
if there is evidence of sexual behavior, even if it is not witnessed,
the resident should be sent immediately to the emergency room, a doctor should be called and an administrator should be contacted. The administrator will then notify social services and the police. In all three cases DSS states that staff members actually caught residents in the act.

The DSS report also says staff members consistently failed to document medicine distribution and that Glencare hired a staff member that had already been placed on the state health care personnel registry for neglect of a patient at another facility. DSS considered these three violations Type A violations, which means they can result in death or harm to a patient.
Type A violations are the worst violation a nursing home can get.

DSS sent its report to the state Department of Health and Human Services suggesting that Glencare be fined $2,000 for the violations. In most cases DHHS then assigns the case to a committee, which hears from both sides. In this case the committee talked with Glen Kornegay, Glencare's owner, who said he'd recently bought the problem facility and changes were being made to correct the issues. The committee also talked with his wife Anne, a registered nurse and the vice president of Kornegay Healthcare, the facility supervisor and a personal care aide. All three told the committee the DSS report wasn't completely accurate. DSS says it was not given the chance to tell its side.

Eventually the committee voted 6 to 1 to recommend no penalty for Glencare, but DHHS chief Barbara Ryan overruled the committee and assessed Glencare a $2,000, which it must pay by mid-February.

We tried to set up an interview with Glen Kornegay to talk about the investigation and fine. He wouldn't go on camera, but he did tell us on the phone that "anything we have been investigated for, we've been found in compliance - except the ongoing investigations, which I am unaware of." We're not really clear on what he meant by that.

Meanwhile DSS received a total of 23 complaints against Glencare last year and has already received eight complaints this year. Even with the three Type A violations and the fine, the facility has a three-star rating on the North Carolina Health Services Adult Care Home Rating website; the highest any nursing home can get right now. We learned that's because the rating is based on the inspection for that one day. If the facility passes the inspection with flying colors on that day, it gets a glowing review until the next inspection.

During the last DHHS inspection in July 2009, Glencare scored 94.5 out of 100. Deficiencies ranged from issues on how hot the hot water was to failing to implement a doctor's orders. Glencare's three Type A violations were the only Type A violations issued in all of New Hanover County last year.

This afternoon we received a call from Glen Kornegay, who once again declined an interview. He did say, though, he is appealing the violations.

Former employees say Glencare of Wilmington continues to operate under deplorable conditions. We'll hear from those ex-employees tomorrow and we will continue to follow this story.

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I have worked for Glencare since 2006 as a med tech, pca, and office staff in the assisted living. I am also the guardian of 2 residents that are currently in a glencare assisted living facility. I have worked for other companies in the past and Glencare Assisted Living,Inc. really cares for their residents. Even if I was to leave the company, I would still keep both residents that I am guardian for at Glencare Assisted Living because of the care and concern they give toward them. I have worked in other assisted livings and believe me Glencare is one of the most up standing and respected companies I know of.

Not a disgruntled employee

I have worked for Glencare Assisted Living for approximately 3 years now. I have worked in two of their facilities, Wilmington and Holly Ridge. In this time I have personally witnessed the profressionalism and caring attitude that most of the employees show. There was never an incidence where I did not see true caring and compassion for our residents. Like any business they are bound by laws and regulations they have to follow. In the three years I have worked there, they have always responded to any need in a timely and appropriate matter. Although the buildings they manage are older, they try to keep up with the demand of these buildings. I have personally witnessed the continued upkeep of the buildings, it is an exhausting job, but with limited resources the buildings remain in good condition.

On a professional level the owners and staff are passionate about their jobs. They continue offering services at the most affordable price, allowing private and public funding to pay. Where many in this business have stopped accepting lower-income residents, they continue to provide this service. The most important aspect is that they are never treated any differently than those that do pay privately.

On a more personal note I would say that the ownership is too kindhearted, they continue to do this work NOT for profit, but because they understand the plight of those in need of housing and care who have no other place. They strive through training and determination to create a professional atmosphere, a homely feel, and deliver the best care. While explaining to me why they were both in this business, they both had tears in their eyes. What they described as deplorable conditions they witnessed in previous employment, how these individuals were abused and negleted, that is why they started a new facility. They are truely in the business trying to make a better place for those in need.

I have worked with this company and will continue to work based solely on the knowledge that we are here to make a difference in people's lives. This company has shown nothing but care, concern, and professional care-giving the entire three years I have been in employment with them. I could go work at another faclity, with white linens on tables, chandeliers in the dining rooms, and newer buildings; but I have chosen instead to remain where I feel the people care the most and residents are cared for best. I stand behind our company and all of its employees-never stating perfection-but always stating the most care and compassion in this particular field. I only ask that all those throwing stones, get all the facts before making blanket statements on something you have not seen or read for yourself.


Let me assure you they are in it for the money. Their family members have jobs in these facilities. People with NO medical background who have minimum training and experience as administrators are running these facilities. Employees throughout Glencare include a son, a grandson, a grand daughter and her husband, a step daughter of one of the business partners. The DON at the one in Warsaw dates the son and rumor has it she's in a little bit of trouble herself with the law. I believe she has posted up here..Kari Williams....It is hilarious to see these people up here posting about how good these people are. I am not a disgruntled employee, I am just quite familiar with several of the employees there...those that have not complained because they know would be out the door if they spoke.
Why doesn't everyone wait and see what is found out. I saw a State vehicle going in and out of there several days this week.
So how about you get the facts.

What are ALL the facts ???

Its hard to determine who is at fault here, working at another facility, if this incedent was consentual, then the people who whitnessed it may have violated HIPPA rules/regulations. Were charges filed? As consenting adults, the right to having consentual sex is not abuse. They have the right just as you or I.


There are those who believe this isn't happening but in reality it happens all the time. I've been a homecare provider as an independent contractor & some of these people were taken out of assisted living/nursing home because of the neglect & abuse that happens on a very regular basis, especially with the mentally disabled. The staff who work in these homes get paid very little ($7 to $8/hr), very high turnover & most don't need any experience. I had an alzheimer's gentleman that was in his last 2yrs of life very dependent on others for everything. His wife left him in a care facility while she visited her mother who was in the hospital. For an entire week they never bathed him, brushed his teeth, got him up out of bed, turned off tv or lights-did basically nothing but his insurance was charged. He came home with bed sores & it took a solid year to heal them. Sad but true it happens all the time. Family members have to stay on top of it ALL or otherwise our seniors are left alone to be neglected and/or abused. Did you know that in facilities for the mentally disabled 95% of the females are sexually abused and 75% of the males are sexually abused. That's a factual statement, I've been to the seminars plus worked with them. Future generations will judge us by how we treat the less fortunate. Our country loves money more though.


I understand that there are lots of hype regarding media and so forth however, as being a long time resident in Wilmington and being a healthcare profession on both sides of the fence of DSS and working in a similar environment as an Assisted Living it is very hard for me to understand after years of investigations and findings why the state has not pulled the licenses from this place. After reading the article the owner states that he has only owned the facility for a short period of time but thats not true...I have a family member there back in 2006 and he was the owner then. So 3 years later they are still having these issues. I find it completely disturbing that the main concern with places like this is that they want to make sure all the beds are full and not take into account of age, diagnosis and systems that may be at hand at time of admission. You mix elderly people that can physically take care of themselves with people who are mid 30's with a strong behavior background or who may have some psychiatric behavior. It is sad to me just sad! We in the community outsiders understand "things happening" but sweeping it under the rug doesnt fix the problems. There are going to problems everywhere its how you deal with them that matters!

Nothing was ever swept under

Nothing was ever swept under the rug. DSS has been in that building more than most relatives visit. The place has never been filled to capacity and the residents were there from the take over three years ago. If you visit any nursing home or resthome in this state you will find residents of all ages. This is not a Glencare problem. That would be a state problem. There is no where for the young and old with mental issues to go. Nothing has been covered up and everything you hear is not true. Three years ago when Glencare took over there was alot of things wrong and Glencare fixed them.

apparently not.

Four type A violations in one year speaks for itself.

$2000 that all their lives are worth

I'm not surprised that Social Services hasn't really acted on Glencare. There is no one to protect our elderly or our special needs adults. I speak from experience with dealing with Social Services in Brunswick County when my special needs brother was being abused by my father. Social Services had made home visits to the home which was not more than a junk yard with a pathway in the junk for you to walk from the car to the trailer. These are the same people who were going to give him guardianship until I hired a lawyer to get guardianship myself. This costed $2500 which I should not have had to worry about. After getting guardianship I took him straight to the doctor who took pictures to show the results of his abuse. Not only had he had two broken arms within less than a year period, but also indentions on his body from constant blows to his body. The doctor said it was obvious he was abused. There is no one to protect our elderly or our special needs adults.

I'm appalled at the ridiculous fine of $2,000. What are your parents lives worth? If that was your family, would you feel that the fine was enough. Apparently, no one at DSS or the state agency has a family member there. But it's like most things in society today, if you close your eyes it might just go away.


The reason it was so small is that there was only one real violation and it was not the "supposed rape"


So every ex-employee who writes an e-mail, do they get the same treatment. I think the true information and not the sensationalized version should be presented to the public. But, then again it wouldnt be cool enough to be on tv then! I only hope that all people do not believe everything they read or see! Oh but wait; we are in America so, nope-they will believe it! They can apologize later.

Your last statement about what was in the Commitees report about DSS being called three times-guess that should blow their story huh-anyone can trump up a good story if they can get on tv!!

Yes, the State Inspectors are there for 2-3 days, not just one so that they can see different days. They have full access to all records, etc...and local DSS from the numerous accounts that you have stated-must have been in the building many,many times!

Ever heard the expression-Just the facts??

Lets try the truth and BTW calling out that one person-totally unfair-she has a family, a job, and a life. That was horrid!!

That's bull. the state comes

That's bull. the state comes in for 1 day, stays for about 2 or 3 hours and leaves. if they stayed longer they would see what is happening to patients. They are not taken care of here or in Warsaw. Get good people in your lead roles and your patients will be taken care of. Stop trying to fill up beds and make money. You went in the busienss to take care of people, but you only want the money. go back to school get another degree and maybe you will find a better job that is not such a liability. Hope you have a great attorney. wway, go in there and talk to everyone. Unfortunately now that its out they will probably threaten to fire anyone who speaks to you. please don't let this story go.You need to go to warsaw and the other facility. they want money, not good patient care.

State Inspections

When the State Inspectors come to a facility for their annual survey, they bring 2-3 people and they will depending on size be at the facility for 2-3 days. I have been in enough surveys to know this. They will come in in the morning and not leave till after 5pm-for at least 2 days!

Just so that you know in order to properly take care of resident you do need to make money, food, employees, building upkeep, etc are not free.


As a nurse, I have worked in facilities and been through many state inspections. I can honestly say that the inspectors that this state has are a joke! If they were really doing their job, things like this wouldn't happen. It's a waste of time to call and complain, IF they even come to see if a complaint is valid, they usually won't substantiate it and nothing ever happens. All this mess has to be stopped from the bottom up.

I know that GlenCare has

I know that GlenCare has some problems. I have someone there and have been talking with the staff and the administrator. I hope that DSS will keep a closer watch on this facility.
It is sad to know that you can't trust a skilled facility with your family members. I wonder if this is the way they would want their family member treated.

It is not a skilled

It is not a skilled facility!!!!! Get you facts straight or keep your family member home!


If you know of these and other "problems" why in the world would you want your family member to stay there???

They don't tell you~

The "facility" my elderly Mother is in had an RN (under contract only for a few weeks) and then she was gone. Give me a break. These facilities are a joke!!!!!!!! I will get the laws changed - there's the problem.


why hasn't DSS notified the state inspectors and havsn't the staff been held accountable for this AND why wasn't this place shut down two years ago????? I'm a nurse and have worked in longterm care and I am so mad right now. This is an injustice to those residents who depend on the staff to take care of them and I am also appalled that the resident's families haven't picked up on this mess and done something. I do applaud whoever emailed WWAY and I pray that SOMEONE follows up on this and holds this place responsible!

Once again...

Ok, they did know and they voted against penalizing the facility-because they say this for what it was-a witch hunt. There are many homes where real abuses are taking place-maybe they need to look at those!!

If there was as bad a problem as it sounds-they would have! Again, media hypes the problem-yes they had many "complaints", but how many of these were found to be true?? Oh, thats right, we joe public didnt hear that part! Because DSS has to respond, the have to investigate and these investigations are always unannounced. They dont have time to "cover-up" as so many would like to assume happens. Most of these reports are given by disgruntled employees who are trying to get the company back by creating headaches!!

If you work in Long Term Care-shouldnt you know some of the crazy things that get reported?

NOT a NURSING HOME.....please do better research.

GlenCare is an Assisted Living Home, not a Nursing Home.
You may be dealing with disgruntled "former employees".
Please look at the differences in facilities.
It would be a public service to have your information correct.



doesn't matter

It doesn't matter if this is an assisted living home or skilled facility nursing home. This mess HAS to stop. These residents are in danger and noone seems to care.


So, because you heard the news reporter state his opinion, now they are in danger! Please check for yourself-I dont think I believe you really work in LTC!! If they felt there was danger-DSS would have taken away their ability to care for residents! HMMMM--

I am all for stopping abuse

I am all for stopping abuse as a nurse too, but as a nurse I know fiction from nonfiction and this whole story is fiction there was no abuse at this facility, just mad employees fired for their inability to do the job

I wasn't fired....

I wasn't fired. I left on my own due to some of these same alligations. You have no idea. I have witnessed a lot of this first hand. Am I mad? Yes, I am because those residents deserve better. You go and work there for 1 month everyday with those patients. Then you can say whatever you want.

reoccurence span over several years not mad employees

Quote from article in March of 2007, "Newman has worked at the facility since 2003 and says the past year has been rough.
Government investigators cited the facility for recurring violations from poor sanitation to resident neglect."
Does this sound familiar? That is taken from the article when it changed from Jasmine Cove to Glencare. Oh, and just because a rapist isn't convicted because of lack of evidence or gets off on a technicality doesn't mean that the crime of rape didn't take place. If Glendale is not charged for its violations that will not mean that they didn't occur, it just means they beat the system.
If I worked at this facility, I would not justify the accusations, I'd rectify them.

Why would anyone listen to

Why would anyone listen to you, Kari Williams? Don't you have a bit of a history you wouldn't want spread around? Maybe you should get your court case taken care of before you add your 2 cents worth to this. As a nurse, you really need to hold yourself to a higher standard and set a good example. Have you been drug tested? Yes, the people at this facility are aware of your indiscretions. What about those pictures? Were they taken in the facility? Looked pretty darned bad to me. Do you work at this facility?

Mad employee I have not

Mad employee I have not tried to hide my name because I am not guilty of anthing. Why are you hiding yours? I have been drug tested numerous times and everytime negative. Get your facts straight. Yes I have worked in that facilty obviously you do not or you would know that. Go work somewhere and stop bashing me personally!!!!!!!!


as being kari's administrator for almost three years, I can assure you that you need not try to bash her on a public website. I can also assure you that she has been drug tested on numerous occassions by myself and a certified lab, all of which resulted in NEGATIVE......did you get that NEGATIVE!! I really wish that before you post anything, please know your facts and not present yourself as an ignorant human being! Furthermore, I would like to express my concern for this comment, because being in the long term care industry for almost ten years, i can honestly say that she has the utmost level of compassion for all of the residents in all of the facilities, and exhibits the highest level of clinical knowledge ive ever seen!!!