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Republican party bus tour makes its way to the Port City

The Republican Party brought its campaign to the port city this morning. It was the first stop on the "Victory 2008" bus tour, which is making visits across the state. The event was headlined by Senator Elizabeth Dole. It was also aimed at increasing support for John Mccain's presidential campaign, especially among women voters. Dole said the addition of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the ticket has been a big boost. "She's a person who has experience both as mayor, where people are knocking on your door and bringing all their problems and you're dealing with a whole array of issues on a local basis that just prepare you for a lot more. And then also as Governor, she's the commander-in-chief of the national guard." said Dole speaking of Palin. Dole will be back in Wilmington October 24th to take part in a candidate’s forum co-sponsored by WWAY. Her opponent, democratic state senator Kay Hagan will not take part in that forum. A spokesperson said Hagan has other plans that day, but will campaign in Wilmington September 26th.

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"Informed" is Most Biased

Killing some time looking at local political views, and this one jumps right at you. First, accusing others of biase, and then spewing out more hateful biase than you could find on the whole about mud slinging. Hagan's TV ads are fine examples of malicious mud slinging, but this fan might just rattle her. This is an election, not a lynching. Just vote for Hagan, try to sent her to Washington DC, so that she can get out of NC more, and then she can vote the straight Democrat party ticket...because that is ALL she will do. And you should get a grip.

Nice to see her after 6 years

Aside from infrequent visits to pick up cash for her failed attempt to run the senate repulican commmittee, we ain't seen much of our liddy as senator, but now that she has not only a credible candidate, but a candidate who tells the truth and has Served the people, she shows up! well ain't that nice..but no thanks liddy. Your million dollar office in washington that has been closed to us and your lack of care for this state is ENOUGH...we will take a tried and true state senator who has earned the right to take her place where you truly represent us.


You seem to be misinformed. During her time in office, Senator Dole has certainly come to greater Wilmington. I've seen her, where were you? And she is often on a local talk radio broadcast right here in Wilmington. She has agreed to attend the only state candidate forum/debate to be held in Southeastern North Carolina, at Cape Fear Community College, October 24, while Kay Hagen has so far declined. Looks like Hagan is off to a great start at shunning southeastern NC...something Bev Perdue is also very fond of doing. Your stock (remember Hagan's oil stock) political attacks, are designed to work on voters who do not know the records of the candidates. Elizabeth Dole, a native North Carolinian, has been serving the people and telling the truth for decades. She's been responsible for legislation that has helped southeastern NC. What has Kay Hagen done in her short and lack luster tenure? If the high heel fits, wear it.

you must be on liddy's personal invite list

Because that is the only way you would know that she was in town. I apologize, she most certainly has been her to get her money and go from her influential friends and attend closed, non-public meetings. But let's be real about this "debate". If it were not held by a politically biased, former failed candidate and former failed community activist, failed husband (divorcee) trash talking homophobicm racist who likes to hold the moral stick up to others but does not take his own tempature and has not only been involved with domestic violence but allowed the govmint to pay his mortgage through foreclosure, perhaps more candidates would be willing to do his little forums. But I assure you that if a credible journalist of group had planned such an event, these candidates and others would have attended. In fact Senator Hagan has already been to UNCW this past spring for an open forum that WWAY did not cover even though repeatedly asked to becuase it was the same night as the big boat towing forum at UNCW and they thought that more important. How often has liddy announced that she was coming to town to a lot of folks and just been avaialbe to folks to ain't happened and it ain't gonna happen cause she ain't going off script..or the RNC talking points...oh, but Kay Haga was at the gas pumps for 4 hours just talking to regular folk...ALL folks...The difference is leadership, accessibility, honesty and standing up for North Carolina and Hagan has that.

Kay hagan owns stock in the

Kay hagan owns stock in the gas and oil companies. Quite a bit of it. Who do you think she is going to represent?

Glad you can read your script from Miss liddy

She will represent the people of the State of North Carolina, just like she has all the years she has been as a state senator and all the years Miss liddy has not. Clear and simple. Want another 6 years of being ignored, having liddy attend her million dollar office that is closed to constituents (ask her interns...they will tell you they are DIRECTED to turn people out), focused on her party and not her state, and focused on her Beltway lifestule and Watergate Condo thanks..the economy, the war, the needs of our country are too great and we need Kay Hagan. We need a leader who will stand up for us and that is NOT Liddy Dole.

The fact that she owns stock

The fact that she owns stock in the oil companies wasn't scripted. in fact, she never even tried to hide it. if you research her you will see. look at what the democrats have done to this state for the past 8 years. and you're asking me to vote another in to represent us? Are you insane? And for the record, john Edwards was never accesible either. Why? Because he was too obssessed with his own political agenda, just as Barack Obama is now. At least let's keep the experience and seniority we have in washington. Why do you think Jesse Helms was never voted out?

Late summer repeats

You continue to call her "Liddy" as if you actually believe that's her name. "Glad you can read your script from Miss liddy." Seems to me, your the one reading from the script. You might try actually learning about the candidates instead of mimicking those silly commercials. If you look at Washington, it doesn't matter if your republican or democrat, you have to admit that to head up important committees you have to be there a while. Of course we can vote her out, replace her with a newbie, and see North Carolina's influence wiped away. Until voters care more about what and who are the right thing for the state as a whole, instead of the constant pandering, will this state be on it's way to progress. By the way, what is the other candidate's name. It seems she doesn't want voters to know. Try thinking for yourself instead of being a talking parrot.

Big Turn-Out

There was standing room only. Dole's speech was insightful, funny, and also focused on women's increasing role in politics, especially the Republican woman. Sarah Palen was often mentioned. But remember Senator Dole, herself, was a forerunner for women in political America. She is not the woman Hagen's misleading ads would like you to believe.