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Republican party holds rally at East Carolina University

North Carolina was on the political radar for both parties today. The Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, is on an east coast road trip. She was in Florida yesterday and this morning. Palin will be holding a rally at East Carolina University in Greenville this evening. It is the first major North Carolina campaign event for the Republican ticket in months. Party nominee, John McCain, last visited the state during the primary on May 6, 2008. Tonight, both John McCain and Barack Obama will debate in Nashville, Tennessee. WWAY will broadcast it live beginning at 9:00 p.m.

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Glad she is here

Not too much was made about her being in the state, was there?!! There was alot of publicity about Michelle Obama being here, but not Sarah Palin. Why? Look at the media for your answer.

Not I

Palin is no more qualified to be a VP than I am. Her hubby hates the USA so shes not far behind.. He is in the Alaskan Independence Party. Its a political party in the U.S. state of Alaska that advocates a state vote which includes several options, including INCREASED STATE AUTONOMY, TERRITORIAL STATUS, BECOMING A SEPARATE NATION or commonwealth state, and, failing that, FOR INCREASED Alaskan CONTROL OF ALASKAN LAND, gun rights, privatization, home schooling (tons of morons running the streets here, gun toting, beer bonging, disrespect others property...), and reduction of governmental intrusion in the private lives of its citizens with adherence to the founding documents of the United States. The party has appeared on the ballot in Alaska in all state elections since 1970. At other times, party members have also PROPOSED that the STATE explore the possibility of JOINING CANADA. (START WITH A PIPELINE CALLED, TRANSAMERICA TO CANADA-GOOD START). Other members have expressed opposition to joining Canada in its present form but are open to the possibility of joining an independent Western Canadian state comprising the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

No, no, no.....

Not Alaskan control of Alaskan land. Gun Rights? Guns kill people. Home schooling... someone might break out a Bible and learn something. Kids would be so much better off in a NC, NHC public school where they could learn "reduction of governmental intrusion in the private lives of its citizens with adherence to the founding documents of the United States" makes for a great Nation. Oh wait, that's not what they are learning. It's disappointing to know people like you are tolerated in this Country. I'd tell you to get out but where would you go? China, Russia? BTW... there are NO pre-requisite "qualifications" for VP in the United States Constitution. Now you know.


ALL that and she cant keep her own daughter from getting pregnant at 17. The woman didn't even have the sense to stop having babies herself and had one too old and it has downs syndrome. POOR little boy... Sound like a bunch of rednecks to me. probably married to her cousin. Obama08

No one can...

Keep their 17 year old daughter from getting pregnant but decent parents try. Yes, lacking sense is what gets you elected and high approval ratings as Mayor or Governor and I'm sure from your disparaging comment that you are in a far better position... maybe you run the U.N... Do you run the U.N. or do you preside as president of the Earth from your trailer in Leland hahaaaaaa?


I just pray for you that you do some more investigating. If you only knew what you think you know.........sounds more like you are talking about Obama. With his "close friends" and the ratty things his wife says. Such as not even being proud of her country. Open your eyes. PLEASE, use your brain if only once in your life. She is more qualified than Obama by a long shot.


That sounds like a political party that could be a benefit to every state, or perhaps you think the Federal Government should just ignore the Constitution.


by default...Obama-lama-ding-dong is most CERTAINLY not qualified to be a President...

Um facts not just your opinions

well just another educated liberal. hmm well lets see if her husband "hates the USA" as you so boldly claim (uh do you know him personally) then be so bold as to state that she isn't far behind? wow that is like saying my hubby hates spaghetti and so therefore I hate it too. Whatever. You (not I) should save your vote. Seriously that is what is going to get this world ran to the ground, people like you. You probably also think that McCain caused the economic crisis too eh? Geez I mean please look at the facts. I would rather have Palin in the house then Biden or Obama. Obama in the debate last night said " in my first term as president" Well that is a tad bit cocky. wow lets get through this first. Not only that but do you really think that someone who holds a campaign party with celebs really knows what us middle class folks are going through right now? NOPE Get a life, save your vote since your just going to throw it in the fire anyway


No silly, we liberals know that McCain didn't cause the economic crisis, Idiot Junior did. (That is George W Bush for the slow ones out there.) McCain just likes to vote right along with the Bush policies.

Ah the Entitled Democrats

This would be funny if it wasn't so scary that people are this naive. George W. did not cause the economic crises. He does not have total power over the US. Congress which is currently ruled by the Democratic party, collectively votes on and passes the issues. Congess voted to give all the poor, underqualified posers access to mortgages so that they could have a giant house that they couldn't afford to call home. (Typical liberal mindset: Well, I LOOK like I work hard!) That was a stand up thing to do if you want to live in a communist society as most liberals do. Everyone deserves everything, it doesn't matter if they are already sucking my taxes up in their bongs or their crack pipes every time they have another baby and get another check from our government. A check that I paid for with my taxes when I go to work every day and work my butt off and where I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY ACTIONS. It's called EARNING a living. Well, Democrats, you made your bed and you shortsheeted it. As usual, you want to blame George W. Bush or the conservatives for everything because you can't accept responsibility or be held accountable for your own actions. Get your head out of your ostrich holes and get some oxygen flowing to your brains. Typical Conservatives work for what they get, Typical Liberals expect a handout around every corner. It makes my skin crawl to see the sense of entitlement and lack of accountability continue day after day after day. Whiney blood-suckers will still be blaming W. when BO gets into office and we have another terrorist attack because he is so worried about making friends with everyone and living in Wonderland. Wake up people. God help us.

Visit to ECU

I will vote for McCain and Palin. I want to know what McCain has to say about the $5000.00 in health insurance that Obama is talking about. True or not? I know McCain was a POW and I am sorry about that but he needs to get over it and address the issue of getting our troops home in a timely manner. I am proud of his son and his wife's son fighting for our Freedom and it is not Free. Many sacrifices have been made and will continue. Address the job situation in America and the unemployment rate. Jobs need to return to the U.S. NAFTA needs to be reversed immediately.

Didnt Obama Also Say

In his debate (if you want to call it that) that he wanted to help these smaller companies get cheaper health care? Who is going to pay for that OBAMA?? I have over $600.00 in bills from the hospital because my insurance only covers so much, but I am going to help someone else to get cheaper insurance? I THINK NOT! I just cant imagine what will happen IF he gets in office. I love how he stated "in my first presidential term"..Get over yourself..


You know what's funny...Obama-lama-ding-dong said that we should go into Darfur because of what is going on in there.....WHAT IN TARNATION does he think Sadam was doing to his OWN people and had the psycho mind to do AGAIN...I am not saying EVERYTHING that is said about Iraq is true or not true...but DANG it doesn't get much worse than biochemical weapons on your own people. What happened in Iraq WOULD have happened sometime down the road...we just jumped the gun on it. ALSO...all I hear from ding dong is ECONOMY..>ECONOMY and how bad it is and it's Bush's fault...UHHhmm....WHO has had CONTROL of the purse strings for the last FOUR YEARS....NOT the Republicans! The DEMOCRATS have controlled Congress for FOUR YEARS and haven't even BEGUN to do the CHANGES they PROMISED they would do....just SPEND SPEND SPEND and point fingers at Bush.

Sooo Right

I could not agree with you more. Both of your statements are so right. I was worried there for a while because I thought that I was the only "bitter american clinging to my guns and religion" That is what Obama calls anyone that does not see things his way. His cure for it all is to TAX us to death so we have no choice but to depend on the government for everything.

4 years

You might want to do a little research before making yourself look dumb. The republicans had control of congress from the 104th congress up to the 106th congress.The years were 1995-2001. They then regained control of Congress in 2003 and held it until January of 2007. So by my math I would say the Democrats have only had congress for not quite two years. Please check your facts and your math before TRYING to sound like you know something.

The Democrats have only had

The Democrats have only had control of the House and Senate for the last two years, but this country was well on it's way to financial ruin by then. Six years of borrowing to pay off debt will do that. After Clinton was in office for a while we actually bought back some of our debt and had a budget surplus, forgot about that? Yes, im pointing the finger at Bush and his administration squarely, they are criminals and should be punished for what they have done to this country, Republican or not. PERHAPS if I use CAPITAL letters FOR every OTHER word YOU will UNDERSTAND?