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Republican Party opens office in Wilmington

The Republican Party now has a local headquarters. Chris Dean, NHC Republican Party Chairman, said, "We have bumper stickers signs and things like that to take home and we want to meet you all." The office is located at 3145 Wrightsville Ave. in Wilmington. The Republican Party held a mini-celebration for today's grand opening. North Carolina party chair Linda Daves was the keynote speaker at the event. The new office was made possible by donations from supporters. It will serve as a place for people to volunteer, and pick up signs and bumper stickers. Republican Meghin Gear said, "I think it's important to open an office in Wilmington. All the college kids are swaying more to the Democratic side for Barack Obama because he's a minority in the aspect of everything. I think it's good to show that Republicans can stand and be just as strong as everyone else and that John McCain should be there for next presidency." Offices also opened today in Fayetteville and Greenville. The Republican headquarters in Wilmington is open seven days a week. If you would like more information, you can call the headquarters at 910-251-8493.

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We need to stop the

We need to stop the intimidation occurring at the Board of Elections. There is a group of people intimidating others into voting for Obama. They are walking around with embroidered burets and bothering people who are in line to vote early. It is none of their business who the person is voting for but if someone mentions McCain, they are called racist in front of the crowd.

Now THERE'S a story for WWAY to investigate!

Heyt Steve! Instead of giving us more fawning over Obama, why not see if what this poster is reporting is true?


I am a registered Democrat who has already voted for Obama and wouldn't vote for MCCain/Palin under any circumstances but I am inundated with robocalls from Republican committees, both national and federal. So now every time I get one I phone the Wilmington chapter at 251-8493 and complain. Won't help, but makes me feel better!

I was a democrat until I

I was a democrat until I moved to NC and experienced the corruption down here. Now I am a Republican!


YEA!!! We need you!! :) ....and you did the right thing!!

I was a Democrat until....

....I grew up, got a job, started paying taxes, and making my own way in life. Democrat- the party of saps, suckers, Socialists, and sc**bags. Of course, in the last five years I've come to view the Republicans as the party of military incompetence and spending money like drunk sailors. Neither party will be the savior of this nation. The Democrats need to move to Cuba or North Korea, and the Republicans need a good smack upside the head to make them remember exactly WHY we put them in office.

Look at Both Parties.....

The Democrats have controlled state and local politics in North Carolina for many years. The Wilmington area has longed been controlled by the the point that the Democrats feel that this is a "one party" area. In other word, they own the greater Wilmington area, AND Raleigh. If you want to succeed politically AND financially, you are advised to be a Democrat. State and local politics are so controlled, that many voters are hesitant to even say they back a Republican candidate. I do not back this type of political environment, because it usually fosters complacency and corruption, especially in the appropriations of tax money. For instance, I feel that Pat McCrory is the better choice for Governor. His good character, his excellent track record in state politics, and his "back to basics" direction for the state, which includes less big government, and less taxation, is where the state needs to be headed as far as I'm concerned. However, any non-Democrat will have to battle the rich and empowered North Carolina Democratic Machine. McCrory is taking on a Goliath, but maybe the pioneer spirit of North Carolina is still in there somewhere.


I also use to be a Democrat. I left the party because of the corruption that has gone on for years. There is a double standard when it comes to being held accountable for wrong doing. I will not vote Democrat in this years election. I voted for Julia Boseman, Mike McIntyre and all the usual Democrats in the last election and I will not vote for them again. I am ashamed of what the Democrat Party has become and I want no part of it anymore. I will vote straight Republican Party this year. While the Republican Party has had their own issues with corruption, they have at least had the guts to admit it and resign from their post. With the democrats, it's deny, deny, deny....From John Edwards, to Julia Boseman, to Ronald Hewett, to Mr Wright, Mike Easley....they have all lied and continue to lie. It's an insult to the intelligance of the voters they are claiming to represent. All they care about is their political careers and the money they can pocket for themselves.


Thank you for posting your comments. I am grateful for people like you who saw corruption and changed parties. I know it can't be easy to leave a party. I hope to become the most involved I've ever been so that we break up this one-power-machine up in DC.

Wilmington area has longed been controlled by the Democrats

"The Wilmington area has longed been controlled by the Democrats....."-Last I checked and maybe I am wrong but isn't Bill Saffo a Republican??

ummm, no. Where did you

ummm, no. Where did you ever get that idea? Bill Saffo is most certainly a Democrat and has always been as far as I can remember.


Many of the City Council and the County Commissioners are Republicans.