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Republican primary may decide Brunswick sheriff race

READ MORE: Republican primary may decide Brunswick sheriff race

John Ingram filed to run for sheriff of Brunswick County today. It could be one of the most interesting local races this election season.

For the first time in 14 years, Brunswick County residents will elect someone other than Ronald Hewett to serve as their sheriff. The popular sheriff went to prison for obstruction of justice in 2008, and Ingram was appointed to fill his seat.

Ingram has worked for the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office since 1991. In 2008, he was one of more than a dozen deputies subpoenaed to testify about the sheriff's behavior. Deputies said Hewett did everything from coming to crime scenes drunk to having them do his campaign work while on the clock.

"It was a very unnerving time, difficult time for a lot of people," Ingram said.

After Hewett was convicted, the Brunswick County Democratic Party appointed Ingram to take Hewett's place as sheriff. Then in November Ingram dropped a bombshell, switching his political party and announcing his intention to run for the Republican sheriff's nomination in 2010.

"I wanted the voters to know who I am as an individual and what my views are and values," Ingram said, "and being a registered Republican would better reflect those views and values."

Ingram will face at least one challenger. Tim Daniels, a sergeant with the State Highway Patrol, has also filed to run.

"I think I have a lot to offer the department," Daniels said. "My integrity, my character, my professional education, my progressive experience in law enforcement and climbing through the ranks of the North Carolina Highway Patrol."

Daniels, a Brunswick County native, was a life-long Democrat, but recently switched his political affiliation as well. Like Ingram, Daniels says he took a lot of flack for changing parties, but says his beliefs more closely align with the Republican Party.

Unless a third challenger comes forward in the next few days before the filing period ends, these two Republicans will be the only two candidates in the sheriff's race. That means the election will likely be decided in the primary this May, and unless the county's 28,000 registered Democrats change their political affiliation, they won't be eligible to vote in the sheriff's primary.

"It would be a shame if people who want to support me wouldn't be able to support me because they're not aware that in order to do that they're going to need to be unaffiliated or a Republican," Daniels said.

Another interesting twist in this race, Hewett has announced who he's endorsing. We'll tell you about that tomorrow and take a look at the potential political baggage of an endorsement from a man who was just released from prison.

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Should have remained democrat

I believe Tim should have stayed in the democrat party. Tim is a Black man and black people are dominately democrats. He has no business in the Republican party.

He would have a better chance of winning.

I am a democrat, but plan to change, just so i can vote for salt. After salt is elected, i will change back to deomcrat.

Daniels For Sheriff.

Tim Daniels is more highly

Tim Daniels is more highly qualified for the position of Sheriff than John Ingram. Ingram has zero management experience, that is why recently with the crashing deputy event he has NO CLUE how to respond to it. Him and Charie Miller will have to ponder and ask around what to do. That is why all you ever see is drug busts because that is ALL he knows how to do. Don't get me wrong that is great, but it take a whole lot MORE to MANAGE and RUN a department. Ingram along with his entire administration from chief deputy on down have NO college education. Tim Daniels has more education than all of them put together. If Ingram wouldn't of been PUT in the position of Sheriff by the Democratic party we wouldn't even be having this conversation. No one in this county even knew who he was except for people he used to work with at the Sheriff's office. He should have stayed in Columbus county.

You must be a Ronald Hewett

You must be a Ronald Hewett fan. What does Salt Daniels know how to do? Write speeding tickets. Manage a fish fry.- Thats part of his experience on his website for managerial skills. You are ignorant, there are many people in the sheriff's office with four year degrees as well as masters degree. Salt wouldn't know how to handle a drug investigation, or a murder scene. For crying out loud the guy can't even remember where he put his gun. Oh yeah thats right he left his department issued firearm on the hood of his car and drove off. Then called the Sheriff's Office K-9 to assist with finding the weapon. What officer EVER takes off their sidearm while they are on duty. By the way Ingram started the ACE Team which has reduced motor vehicle crashes as well as DWI Fatalities. You might want to do a little more research next time before you start posting comments.


How quick you mention the lost firearm incident by Mr. Daniels. How quickly that was reported to the Beacon and published within days of the incident. Must of been someone on the inside to report this so fast.
My question is: Why did it take almost a week for the Lewis accident to be reported.
I smell BIG coverup.

I guess if you were in law enforcement your weapon got very rusted sitting in that holster or you were a do nothing.
My weapon broke holster almost everyday working in the streets of East LA.

Ingram didn't start it. He

Ingram didn't start it. He picked the idea left over by Hewett. So don't go giving undo credit either. Every officer has made a mistake like that of Mr. Daniels. I bet even you (yes i know you are a deputy, otherwise you wouldn't know those details) have left your weapon in the jail after dropping off someone. My suggestion is that until you know the officer you are bashing more personally and what his beliefs are and what he has done while with an agency. Don't go bashing him and trying to make him look bad already. That does nothing but show you are the ignorant one and are doing nothing more than trying to sway the voter's mind towards Ingram. I believe that Charlie Miller would make a better Sheriff then both of them anyway, to bad he isn't running for it.

Ingram didn't start it.

No.I do not work for Sherriff. Went to the store and they said Salt told then,Sorry

Being more qualified for

Being more qualified for this position does not mean you have to have a masters degree. I think more experience is better when being a sheriff. And Ingram and Miller have 40 years of Law Enforcement experience combined and both of them have held management positions throughout their career. All Daniels does is write traffic violations and is over a very small amount of troopers. How is that going to help him run a more than 200 person department? Also you forgot to mention how good the K9 department is at the sheriffs office, RIGHT Mr. Daniels? They sure helped you find your service weapon when you left it on the top of your car and drove off! If you can not keep up with your gun, how are you going to keep up with hundreds of guns?!? Salt is not qualified for this position!!!

The North Carolina State

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is the BEST. How many deputies have tried numerous times to be accepted into the NCSHP Training Academy and were denied? And how many times is it mentioned that our troopers of Brunswick County lead the state in arresting drunk drivers?

Yeah exactly the "troopers

Yeah exactly the "troopers of Brunswick County lead the state in arresting drunk drivers." They do not solve murder cases or have major drug bust or solve B&E's or go to domestic violence calls. So if Salt is sheriff what is he going to do get out on the roads and arrest drunk drivers and give speeding tickets and forget all the other duties a sheriff is responsible for?!? Being out on the road is all he knows, he has not had the experience that being a sheriff requires. And not everybody can be a state trooper and i am sure not everybody wants to be one either, we need county deputies and city police men also out there protecting their fellow citizens from other issues other than drunk drivers and people speeding(because we have troopers for that and the ACE team which has been implemented since Ingram took office). Troopers and deputies are two different departments and neither one is better than the other! Their duties are different and our state and Brunswick County need both departments!

You're exactly right, they

You're exactly right, they are both needed. This comment was not in anyway intended to put down the other...but it seems people believe our troopers do no more than write speeding tickets. Their job involves much more than that!

drug neighborhood in Brunswick County

I hope whoever is sheriff... takes control of the drug traffic in my neighborhood. It does not take any special training to realize the inordinate number of vehicles, many of the same ones several times during the day or night are up to nothing but transporting and dealing drugs. I want a nice peaceful road and not a racetrack of disrespectful punks running in and out of here day and night. Furthermore ruining my property values and quality of life. Do your job Mr. Ingram and fight the good fight and maybe you will win your election.I do not live here year around but I could use some ticket writing deputies over here in Seashore Hills. Of course anytime after you get finish defending the young female deputy that was probably racing her co-workers. I challenge you to come on over here and clean up this real problem. Thanks, a concerned taxpayer.

Double agree

Yeah, I have to agree with you on that one. It seems that the deputies are being pulled away from the drug areas instead of pro-actively patrolling them. I only know of two deputies that used to patrol those areas agressively. They did a great a job to. The Sheriff's Office needs not only someone with INTEGRITY but someone who is a REAL leader. They don't need someone who only got the position because they swindled their way in by convincing other deputies to write affidavits to get Hewett out or by having someone sweet talk the coronor into making the chief deputy. Ingram is a snake in the grass and if you aren't careful he will bite you.


Holden Beach area...Seashore, Boones Neck, and the entire area is bring robbed blind by B&E. But you never see cops or that agressive saturation of officers we were promised.

Salt doesn't have the

Salt doesn't have the qualifications Ingram does , Ingram stands for what is right

Have you even looked at Mr. Daniels' Resume?

Are you serious?? Have you even looked at Tim's Resume? He has a Master's Degree and endlesss amounts of training and experience with the NCHP. If Ingram has to go take a class Mr. Daniels might be teaching him. And let's not forget INTEGRITY! That means standing by your word and doing what you say you are going to do. Mr. Daniels is much more qualifed than Ingram and when it comes to INTEGRITY he passes him by miles and miles. Do your homework!

Masters Degree doesn't mean diddly....

MS's are a dime a dozen these days and only proves one can pass tests, not enforce the law, manage a force of deputies or provide one with the ability to reduce criminal activity in your assigned county. Experience, leadership and work ethic wins over a Masters degree any day. Besides, a Masters degree in what?

It also appears that you have the words "INTEGRITY" and "TENACITY" crossed up. INTEGRITY does not mean "standing by your word and doing what you say you will do." INTEGRITY means, "...adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty."

You have to know what it is before you can state that a person has it.


Do you have one if it is so easy? At a dime a dozen you should have at least two.

Who's Qualified?

Yes I understand that Timothy Daniels has a masters degree, but they do not have a course at NC state or Western Carolina that teaches you to be a Sheriff, and as far as his resume on training , most of the training is offered in Basic Law Enforcement Training, and then for every year after in service training is offered. As far as any other training he does have it is nothing uncommon for any other officer with equal amount of time as Mr. Daniels to have. In referring back to his courses; all the courses he has took is aimed to being a State Trooper, not saying the Highway Patrol doesn't have an important job, but the qualifications for a Sheriff is completely different. Has Mr. Daniels ever worked a murder, breaking and entering, rape, child abuse, domestic violence, or drug case. Does Mr. Daniels have any experience in handling Civil process, the Sheriff's Office is the Only agency in the State that handles Civil Process. Does Mr. Daniel's have any experience in managing a detention center that houses over 200 inmates a day? Has Mr. Daniels ever been responsible for managing a multi million dollar budget? The Highway Patrol is only responsible for Highway Public Safety, a Sheriff and his deputies is responsible for protecting homes, schools, our children, communities, and our streets. Now as I see it who is most qualified?

Ingram: hired, trained and promoted for 13 years by Hewett

Oddly enough all this talk about qualifications and Hewett and being such a bad person...With a recent review of Ingram's resume it shows 13 years of experience that were all under the leadership of Hewett. He has hired by Hewett, trained by Hewett and promoted by Hewett...for 13 years! If Hewett is so bad then I suggest he remove those years from his "shiny" resume because surely they are tarnished by Hewett. Ingram can't have it both ways!

Well Put

Well said.. I agree 100%

you are 100% RIGHT

you are 100% RIGHT


I know of a Deputy Sheriff under Mr Hewett that was Fired for writing Mr Daniels a warning ticket for running a stop sign in longwood one night while working community policing a few years ago. Mr Daniels said to the Deputy "Boy do you know who I am I didn't run no stop sign you only stopped me cause I'm black". The Deputy was told by Mr Hewett to take that ticket and meet Mr Daniels at the Kangaroo at Hwy 211 and 17 and to tear it up and apologize for writing it. The Deputy took back Mr Daniels ticket but would not apologize and was fired. I'll bet money that Nick still has that ticket.

are you serious?

You wrote Daniels has INTEGRITY. So having a convicted felon and having his son, which stole from the County of Brunswick, back you in the election is INTEGRITY.... Get real. It is rumored that Hewett is going to have a office job at the Sheriff's Office if Daniels is elected and that is a big IF! And it is rumored that his son, which stole from the County, is going to be employed there also. Think people, do you want someone like this running your Sheriff's Office. So maybe you need to do your homework.

Yeah he has a good resume

Yeah he has a good resume when it comes to the highway patrol and I am sure he is a good highway patrolman. He enforces traffic laws and maybe oversees ten or so other troopers but running a sheriffs office is completely different than what he presently does and I do not believe that he is the best person for this position. Does he have what it takes to run a department with over 200 employees and various specialized divisions like Brunswick Counties or manage a more than a million dollar budget? I doubt it because he has never done any of this, Ingram has the experience that is needed for a sheriff. He has been there for almost two years now carrying out these duties and has almost twice the time "Salt" does in this field. I am a concerned voter and citizen of this county and want the most qualified canidate for Sheriff, which from what I have seen and heard is Sheriff Ingram!!

are you serious?

So what you're saying is that Daniels , being a Sergeant in the North Carolina Highway Patrol, doesn't stand for what is right?
It makes me wonder about some people's thought process. omg hopeless

Seriously what is your

Seriously what is your education level? we are looking at qualifications for Sheriff not Highway Patrol and its not a thought process, it's called research you should try it sometime.

Also is there not some kind

Also is there not some kind of rule with any law enforcement and highway patrol that they can not associate with a convicted felon, much less have them publicly endorse your campaign? I sure would not want my next sheriff to have public support from a felon especially a politically corrupt one!


Amen to that, THAT is the bottom line here folks!

revenge, revenge. That why

revenge, revenge. That why he is endorse salt daniels. Salt is suppose to fired everyone there.If he gets elected.

why the sherriff now is just as bad

Know for a fact, like many of you do, Sherriff Ingram is using deputies and other department personnel to campaign and raise fundraiser money on county time. Also would like to add, the citizens of brunswick county should be made aware that the current sherriff has been putting political pressure as well as threats on his workers jobs, families, ect.