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Republicans rally as election nears


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The road to the election is coming to an end as it's less than twenty days away, and candidates are using this opportunity to gather enthusiasm from their parties. United States Senator Richard Burr and several other Republican candidates traveled around North Carolina in their Road to Victory bus on Saturday. Their message, how important this election is for the GOP.

“This will be the first time since 1898 that Republicans will control the North Carolina House and the North Carolina Senate at the same time. We cannot miss this opportunity,” said Burr.

He even went on to thank President Obama saying, "We now have a lot of hope for change in this country."

Burr and company urged supporters to elect the leaders that will make directional changes that embrace the past rather than redefine the future.

Republican Beverly Hovatter said, “He's just such a good candidate. He stands for everything I believe in; the Christian right and God and Country.”

When asked about his large financial advantage over his opponent Elaine Marshall, Burr agreed the almost $3 million raised has certainly helped his campaign.

He said, “Elections are never about money. It's about the confidence of voters and the candidates that are running.”

Burr believes this year's election is the most important yet for Republicans, and he's confident that he's got the vote.

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Republicans that are really Democrats!

The real problem the way I see it is the Republican candidates that are campaigning for Democrats. One such is Jan Kennedy. She has Sid Causey and Ed McMahon's stickers and such all over her car and hangs with them as well. I thought that this was the so called year that people everywhere are angry about the way things are being run. Well I don't see it if you have supposed Republicans not supporting her own party! Is Jan running to try and change what Brenda Tucker (Democrat) has done or is she trying to just fit in with the crowd and keep things just the way they are? I have never heard of a

First of all Brenda Tucker

First of all Brenda Tucker is a strong Republican. Secondly Jan Kennedy only has her magnets and bumper stickers on her car. As for the courthouse,republicans and democrats work together. Why? because there is no room for politics in our courthouse. Elected officials have to serve the public no matter what party they represent and must work together politics aside. Shame on you for misinforming the public! And shame on you for writing nothing but lies for the public to read!! Next time please make sure you write the truth!! P.S. Jan is and always will be a REPUBLICAN!!

YOU JUST DONT GET IT-Pray---and then vote

Burr is not Mr. Excitement--but he stirred up crowd-because he isnt. What we dont need this year is an incompetent who can read a teleprompter but is an embarassment to our Nation. We need solid candidates and in Pantano-Goolsby-Justice-Berger-Catlin and Kennedy-we have better candidates than the Dems-- all they have is our money and more ways to waste it than we could ever have imagined. They have failed us-so yes let's pray it is a Republican year-We need to vote or our prayers wont be answered!


Must some people always use God to their advantage?? I would think anyone who calls themselves a christian would be outraged. Of all areas to claim that God is directly involved politics seems like a direct contradiction. The christian right??? Would it seem so important if a candidate stood for freedom of and from religion? It seems that way too many people put "God fearing" candidates above anyone regardless of their platform. The Bush administration should have taught us all a thing or two about that.

Bettter message with republicans

Their is enthusiasm because we have great local candidates like
Dawson,Justice, Berger and Catlin. Republicans have a better view of issues going forward. What we have against us- is a democratic group that is extreme on tax and spend issues--and runs a campaign of fear and smear-like Marvelous Mike McIntyre. Please we need change- so we can do that best with Republican candidates at all levels.

Republicans are better this year

Could not agree more- 10% unemployment, trillions in deficits, and incompetence at national , state and local levels---we need to change direction--Republicans are not perfect but they are way better at local and national levels- the dems are deceptive -the republicans are change--better we go with change this year. I like your caNDIDATES AND THE OTHER REPUBLICAN TOO

Benson is a republican right?

Benson is a republican isnt he? He seems to be a great local candidate too. Doesnt much matter I voted for him this morning. But Id swear he is republican.


Gee, do you think maybe Benson or a Benson supporter just wrote that? Nah, it doesn't sound like a plant, complete with totally believable poor wording.

Yes, he is!

Benson most definitely is a Republican and we definitely need him over the corruption that is in there now!

Yes Marc Benson is a

Yes Marc Benson is a Republican. If you are looking for someome who is fair and honest, he is the man for New Hanover sheriffdv

mark benson

I am a Republican but I didn't vote for Mark Benson. I have questions about why he "resigned" from the Sheriff's Dept. He has never to my knowledge explained what happened that caused his resignation. Ed McMahan will never campaign on this because he isn't a gotcha/smear you person. There is cause for concern since this hasn't been discussed in the media. This seems to have been swept under the rug. Ed McMahan is Democrat, but is a man of honesty and integrity. That is more important than political party.