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Resident organization hopes to stop Titan Cement plant

READ MORE: Resident organization hopes to stop Titan Cement plant
Concerned residents spoke to county commissioners at a meeting today. While an official contract hasn't been signed, Governor Easley has officially announced Titan America's plan to build a cement plant in Castle Hayne. In April, New Hanover County commissioners offered the cement company, Titan America, as much as $4.2 million in tax breaks. The plant would create about 160 well paying jobs with an average salary that is more than double the current average wage in New Hanover County. But members of a resident organization called Stop Titan say the plant would increase pollution and could potentially be a health threat. Joel Bourne of Cape Fear Citizens for Action said, "These aren't your ready mix concrete facilities. This is a major industrial facility that's going to burn a lot of coal and admit a lot of toxins in to the atmosphere that could potentially affect all of our kids, the fish we eat, our local communities." Cape Fear Citizens for a Safe Environment are working with the Stop Titan movement. You may remember them as the group who helped stop the Hugo Neu Landfill from building a facility in Brunswick County. Cape Fear Citizens for Action, who make up the Stop Titan movement, are holding a public meeting to discuss the cement facility. It is at 7pm tonight at the Hampstead Community Building.

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Titan Cement Plant plans

They are going to provide "about" 160 jobs,cause thousands of premature deaths and illnesses,pollute the groundwater and the air.I had neighbors,dying of cancer who refused to sue our local cement plant which had been proven to have exposed us to hexavalent chromium emissions without notification! Some people ARE willing to sacrifice their lives for companies to make a profit!baaaaaa sheep baaaa to the slaughterhouse with the flock!!

Titan Cement Pollution

For those of you that are concerned about the current and future state of the environment here in southeastern NC, come and see what Titan Cement plans to do. Meeting tonight, Thurday May 29, from 6pm-7:30pm at the Northeast New Hanover County Library, on Military Cutoff Road. CONA will meet in the Pine Room with a presentation and a Q&A session for all those that want to know more. Please come and get informed! Your children's and grand children's future is at stake.

I would like to attend.

I would like to attend. Thursday, May 28th - or Friday the 29th????

UNCW a huge success!

UNCW Campus meeting garnered almost 900 signatures in opposition to the polluting of a famous watershed and further degradation of what we need to keep our area clean and green. Many more signing up online, don't be the only one that hasn't read up on what we are talking about. We now have an alliance of fishermen that depend on the local oysters and shrimp for their livelihoods working with state government to oppose this dirty industry as something that will only hurt the local livelihood that they depend on. Marine fisheries are on board with industry not polluting the waters that we harvest the oysters that we eat. Thanks everyone for your support. Please keep sending the petition site around to everyone you know. Success start with one person! You! There are flyers that can be printed and mass produced on the site for everyone's benefit. God bless you all. Thanks for your support. The next big day is Katy's on College Road, check the site for dates and information. Might be sponsoring a wet-T-Shirt competition on that night. Some feedback will help this idea blossom. 'Get wet for the environment!'

UNCW Campus Protest of Titan Project

UNCW Campus meeting to be held at the Bell Tower Friday at noon people! Get the word out! bring your signs. This isn't just for us college students, we would like all that would join us to come out. Thanks everyone for your support. Please keep sending the petition site around to everyone you know.

burning coal?

Progress energy plant burns 700,000 tons of coal a week and your worried about a cement plant. Get over it. With the average wage being double it might just help our failing local economy. You tree huggers need to get a life.

UNCW Campus Protest of Titan Project

UNCW Campus meeting to be held at the Bell Tower Friday at noon people! Get the word out! bring your signs. This isn't just for us college students, we would like all that would join us to come out. Thanks everyone for your support. Please keep sending the petition site around to everyone you know.

Rally on Campus

Hopefully it will be a beautiful day with only a small chance for a spot of rain. Many of us are going to be there with shirts and signs. Friday makes a great day to do this because it gives a lot of us students a chance to socialize, share and get to know everyone. Looking forward to being there. p.s. We need more poster materials Megan!

Gee...why not call yourselves...

.."Students who want to socialize and chit-chat under the guise of some environmental issue we heard something-or-other about?"

The risks involved and why it's not a good idea

Major Concerns Mercury - Cement plants are one of the highest industrial emitters of mercury. In 2006 cement kilns pumped nearly 12,000 pounds of unregulated mercury emissions into the air. A recent lawsuit (announced in March 2008) forced the EPA to set limits on mercury emissions from cement plants, but the regulations will not be in force until late 2009. Already, NC ranks among the top ten states with the highest mercury emissions from power plants. Mercury is deposited in surface waters and eventually ends up in our food supply. A recent study by the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio showed a statistically significant link between pounds of mercury released by industry and increased autism rates. It also shows, for the first time in scientific literature, an association between autism risk and the distance from the mercury source. Link to most recent study: Chromium compounds, heavy metals linked to cancer that include Chromium 6 are emitted from cement kilns and are the subject of the movie Erin Brochovich.,0,152814.story Particulate Matter is a complex mixture of extremely fine airborne particles. Cement plants create the most damaging type of PM. When we inhale these tiny particles they are deposited deep into our lungs, causing respiratory and cardiovasuclar problems. A recent report estmates 30,000 premature adults deaths a year occur because of PM. For children, PM is even more dangerous. Hydrochloric Acid - A recent EPA report estimates that cement kilns emit more than 15,000 tons of hydrochloric acid (HCL) into our air each year. HCL is irritating and corrosive to any tissue it contacts and causes health problems ranging from throat irritation to swelling and spasm of the throat and lung tissues, leading to suffocation and even death. American Lung Association’s Ozone is a toxic gas found naturally in the upper atmosphere. However, cement kilns produce another type of ozone by emitting nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbon vapors. When these are combined with heat from sunlight, they form a dangerous form of ground level ozone, also called smog. Smog is the hazy brownish drift you see with your naked eyes, a trademark of crowded cities like Los Angeles and Houston. The respiratory effects of smog have been well documented. Carbon dioxide from cement plants are responsible for 5 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions. In a study conducted last year by Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Columbia Universities among others, Wilmington was cited as one of ten mid-sized southeastern cities projected to have increasingly poorer air quality from increased carbon dioxide. The study did not include the addition of a large cement kiln in New Hanover County that would be a major contributor to smog and particulate matter. Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) is a residual solid waste generated in the cement manufacturing process. It is not the gaseous emission that goes out the top of the kilns, but an entirely different form of toxic waste that resembles fine, grayish-white powder. The main components of CKD are alumina, silica, clay, and metallic oxides, but they may also contain trace amounts of dioxins and furans, cadmium, lead, selenium and radionuclides. Cancer risks of concern are from exposure to arsenic in CKD as well as certain dioxins. Contaminants in kiln dust can pose threats to human health through air particulates and polluted groundwater. In April 2008, air quality officials in Riverside, California, discovered that CKD stored at a TXI Cement plant had carried cancer-causing hexavalent chromium into nearby neighborhoods. Dioxins are emitted when tires are burned in cement kilns. Dioxins are among the worst known human carcinogens (cancer causing agents). Dioxins also affect the immune system, fertility, and children in the womb. Filed in Resources | Comments (0) We’re All Downwind There is no way to predict the associated drift of the “plume”/pollution impact zone of a cement kiln plant. Now there are 3 elementary schools that would be in the 5-mile danger zone. In Wilmington alone, there are 27 elementary schools in the 10-mile impact zone. Contaminated soils have been found within 30 miles of such industries, which covers much of New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender and Onslow Counties. Impacts on the community from this type of heavy industry are significant. Aside from exposing surrounding communities to hazardous and toxic materials, the cement plant will emit dust, have a visible plume of smoke and create noise. Additionally, similar plants elsewhere in the country experience approximately 35,000 inbound truck deliveries and 42,000 outbound truck deliveries each year. We aren’t the only ones trying to not be downwind of a big polluter. Take a look at other communities who are trying get free from the heavy pollution burden of cement kilns: * Downwinders at Risk, a citizens action group based in the Dallas area has been fighting cement plant emissions for years. You can read about their efforts and the local impacts. * New York and other states sue EPA over failure to regulate mercury

It's About Representation

Jobs and industry are necessary to sustain our privileged way of life here in the states. But no one wants the most polluting industries, like a cement kiln, in their back yard. People often want things both ways when they can have it. I think New Hanover county is a small, bounded area with a very low, coastal environment that is least suited for heavy industry. Our roadway system has always been outdated and inadequate. The real question. Where the residents, or the voters if you will, well represented in the decision to "bribe" Titan America to come to Wilmington? I think NOT.

Maybe this won't be as bad

Maybe this won't be as bad as dumping raw sewage into our waterways.

Think instead of just speaking

That concreat plant has been there as long as i can remember. My Husban and I had fathers and grandfathers that worked at that plant. When the jobs were gone things got hard and our families had to deal without our father because they then had to travel to support our families. This company can put jobs back into a needed comunity. You are not thinking if you dont believe this company just may have a plan in place to be more green. And as for the lady who says to buy expensive things to be more green. GET A GRIP> Witout the jobs and working pay check to pay check. YOU CANT AFFORD IT ! Look at the larger pic people not just your quick complaints is going to help lower income families.

Killing off your kids for jobs now?

This will be a different company, different process, many more concerns and pollutants in and around here. This will be nothing like your family once knew. Please feel free to read some more about what this company is and what it can do to the environment. Even if you don't live nearby, those that work there will be directly breathing hundreds of times more dust, fly ash, cancer causing compounds and toxins than just tens of miles away. There isn't enough money for me to risk my health to work in a place like this or let my kids play out in the yard when they are sucking in toxic compounds and cement dust with every breath. Parents working there will be bringing home the mercury instead of the bacon to the family. How can you want this at the costs to the future generations of children in the area? The profits go overseas and the toxins stay here in southeastern NC for thousands of years. NC just doesn't have regulations that would make this a safer industry to operate here, that's why they want to open the plant here instead of a dirt cheap labor country like Mexico. All the countries in the European Union have outlawed industry like this. Why does NC have to be the backwater state that didn't get the word that this is a environmental problem that will scar the lives of future generations far into the future?

Titan cement plant

It's a shame that some people prefer increasing their wallets instead of cleaning up the environment. There are cleaner & safer ways to produce energy, ei. wind, solar, water, but there are very few in this country who are willing to make the sacrifice for the set up (money). There is no such thing as clean coal, biofuels are a hazard to the environment & is costly, it's time to phase out oil also. I receive the online newsletter from Sierra Club & there's a story regarding a husband who spent $45,000 for set up on his house for solar energy & bought an electric car for his wife 7 years ago. Since then no power bills or stops at the gas station. Imagine how much money everyone could save by making the sacrifice & putting the oil companies out of business & putting the environment first. We should be bringing this type of business into our community instead. Just think how it could increase our economy & make this a place people would want to be because we would have the cleanest & healthiest environment. Let's RETHINK how we do business because the time's are a changin.

Dueling Enviroloons

You environmental whackos crack me up! You can never get together on anything, which is why most people ignore you. Your DIS-united front proves that you're nothing more than anarchists and Socialists, dedicated to destroying the American way of life. Just today a lawsuit was filed to stop a wind farm in WV. Didn't you know that wind turbines kill endagered birds, bats, and squirrels? Water? You mean like the tidal vanes in the East River off Queens, that cannot be expanded and may be ordered removed because a lawsuit claims that they're interfering with fish spawning and migration? Let's can't burn wood.....nukes are bad.....oil, natural gas and coal are, of course, the mark of the beast and anyone who uses them is an evildoer. So it looks like the only thing we can do to make you guys happy is to heat our water with $olar panel$, heat our homes with geothermal heat pipe$, and sit around singing to each other in the dark because if we dare generate any electricity, the UN and Al Gore might get ticked off. Hey, maybe you can snatch a candle from somewhere and study an economics textbook.....because if you think spending $45k to avoid a monthly electric bill is a great idea, I have a solar panel in Seattle I want to sell you! I just looked at my average electric bill for 2007 and guess what - I could have a thirty year mortgage paid off before I broke even on that up-front charge! And yes, sweetie, it really IS all about the money. No one is going to live like an Ecuadorian shepherd unless they have to. If alternative energy cannot compete price-wise with existing sources of energy, it's doomed to failure.

Umm... You responded. Gotcha!

You responded and went on your rant. Too bad you didn't make any sense... Babble really...


What does YOUR vehicle run on? How do YOU power your home? The problem with solar and wind is that neither produces ENOUGH energy at this point and time. HOWEVER, the solar technology is changing as they have figured out a way to increase energy storage while decreasing cell size...we will see what happens...You can just about RULE OUT using water and wind for much...neither are reliable enough. Solar is just about as free and good as it gets. The issue is that there is ALWAYS a by product of using fuel to get energy...until we can do it with solar's all we have.

Solar is still the highest average cost per watt

While there are some promising technologies coming along, and the committment of some major puplic utilities to fund R&D is a big help, solar is about the least practical at this point. The sad fact is that until we reach some dramatic discovery or breakthrough, alternative energy is 90% pipe dreams.


SOME of that might change in the not so distant future...but you can bet that the oil companies will rake in AS MUCH as they can before that happens and hold up any technology like that they can...

If you do the research... will find that the oil companies are up to their eyeballs in some forms of alternative energy. Shell, for example, is actually producing automotive fuel that burns no dirtier than gasoline....from coal. BP has partnered with D1 Oils PLC to produce biodiesel using a plant that is inedible and grows like a weed. Chevron actually gone a separate route, and created an entire division dedicated to alternative energy. Most of their projects are unrelated to oil, and are centered on solar, geothermal, and fixed-plant fuel cells. They are involved in providing alternative energy solutions to major corporate and municipal customers. They now market themselves as an "Energy Company," not just an oil company. Oil companies aren't stupid. They realize that a shrinking supply of oil means that they find alternative product to sell (sucah as biodiesel), find diverse business unrelated directly to oil....or become extinct in fifty years.

Why do we have to pay for the least desirable?

Ever wonder, with all the natural amenities and positives Wilmington has to offer, why is it that the only businesses supposedly interested in coming here are the least desirable businesses - and we have to pay businesses that are here already to expand here? Think the high taxes, corruption and crumbling, overstressed infrastructure have something to do with it? There is a price we are all going to have to pay for the selfish elected officials who run Wilmington and NHC, and the developers and other greedy special interests who line their pockets.


I can't say there isn't corruption in our local government and I can't even say that I know of a local, state or federal government where corruption doesn't exist, but I believe the driver for increasing the industry in our area is well beyond that. Sure there's greed. The deeper the pockets the greedier they get, but we do have a nice place to live with the means to continue living here. Coastal areas are generally undesireable for industry due to severe limitations for establishing a shipping network. We have one way in and one way out of this town for shipping within our country and that's I-40. If you look at Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit just to name a few, they all have a "spider" network of rail and highway systems with them as the hub. If you go to Hatteras, Beaufort, Morehead, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, Charleston, there is nothing there to sustain growth or a personal lifestyle other than tourism, a little fishing and small business. It is very difficult to make money in any of those towns. It is not easy here either, but much better than most. I for one, am happy to see incentives given to GE, Corning and other potential businesses to encourage their growth and contribution to our economy and the stability for our citizens employment. I am not willing to sacrifice the beauty or integrity of our environment for any sloppy, pollution generating cesspool industries for a few local jobs, but I do believe that all in all, our leaders are in the right direction and will make the right decision after all of the "true facts", not propaganda are spread out on the table for a good analysis.

stop titan

You can sign a petition against this plant and learn more about the ill effects at

How can you know its effects?

The plans haven't even been finalzed. I'd suggest that everyone simply do a web search on "Roanoke Titan cement." You'll find that their kiln operation there is viewed as one of the cleanest, greenest corporate citizens in the area. They burn coal and have still won awards for keeping the air and area clean. Are you people so simplistic and naive as to think this area can grow and thrive without attracting some heavy, blue-collar industries?

Kilns are statistically the worst of the industry

No matter how "state of the art" they are or are built, they will never be clean enough for an already over-polluted environment like the Northeast Cape Fear River and the surrounding counties. If you have well water on your property, from Lumberton to Jacksonville to Southport, you water WILL be affected. First the saltwater intrusion will happen and that can't be turned back no matter what. Then the chemical compounds will get to you. And then your children.


Someone else talking about things they don't know anything about...salt water intrusion happens from a LOT of different things....irrigation wells from Landfall watering the golf course are just as bad. As far as chemical compounds in the ground...LOL every time someone puts a herbicide on their lawn...guess where it goes...every time a farmer sprays insecticide on his crops...guess where it goes...when you splash a few drops of gas from your gas container while filling your lawn mower...guess where it goes.... You guys are so fixated on this thing because someone got you all riled up...for no reason

Well water?

If you're worried about the Castle Hayne aquifer, you should be far more concerned with the county planning on sucking out eight million gallons every day. That will do far more damage than anything Titan can do.


Knee jerk reactions...reaction without rational thinking and knowing what you are talking about...that is ALL this is.