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Residents of flooded apartments feeling left out in cold

READ MORE: Residents of flooded apartments feeling left out in cold
The cleanup continued at Brookstone Apartments Wednesday night, for people who were flooded out of their residences. Just about everything that was not nearly washed away, has to be thrown away. What is infuriating some residents even more is how they say they are being treated by the complex's management. "Brookstone hasn't said anything, it's all up to us to fix and repair and get all our stuff out of there," said flood victim Gavin Hammond. Nobody from American Campus Communities, the owner of Brookstone and Campus Walk Apartments, would speak on camera, but they released a statement. “We have set up temporary storage containers and have been assist our expedite the repair process.” "We were told everything we left out would be put into storage, and none of it has been," Hammond said. The storage units are there, but residents say they are locked - others don't trust them. "I don't want to put all my stuff in there that everyone else's is in and have it go missing," said Justin Snider. American Campus also said, “We are reviewing each situation on a case by case basis... This could include hotel accommodations or not charging rent.” Displaced tenants say they have not been offered a place to stay. "I've been living out of just two bags all day and the last two nights. I really have a few places to go and I feel like I'm a burden to all my friends now," Snider said. The hunt is on for a new place to live, accompanied by a bogged down feeling of what to do next. Residents of American Campus Communities Properties say not everyone is having a tough time. People who live in nearby complexes say they have had a great deal of help from their management.

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Residents of flooded apartments feeling left out in cold

All I can say to those people is join the party. Those of us who have been victims of alleged hurricane flooding have felt this way for anywhere from years to decades. Even those of us that had flood insurance.

Are you kidding me?

Does anyone take responsibility for themselves anymore? Why is everyone always looking for a handout from someone else? It is not the apartment buildings fault that your stuff was damaged. If you had insurance it wouldn't be a problem. Also, if the residents do not like the storage units offered to them then they should find they own storage units. It's pretty simple.

sorry, i have a problem with

sorry, i have a problem with an apartment complex who does not call the tenants when something like this happens. brookstone posted a letter on the doors. a lot of people were out of town and had no clue about the flood. and now their possessions are in dumpsters the apartment complex has called "pods" mixed up with other peoples' belongings. please have a little sympathy and stop being selfish. thanks.

If the apartment

If the apartment owners/managers are found to have not taken the necessary precautions to protect the units, then yes, they have some liability here.


Flooding is not covered by renters insurance. You must purchase a separate flood insurance policy. I bet the apartments have it for their property though. Renters Ins. covers: Fire or Lightening Windstorm or hail Explosion Riot or civil commotion Aircraft Vehicles Smoke Vandalism or malicious mischief Theft Volcanic eruption Falling objects Weight of ice, snow, sleet Accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam from within a plumbing, heating, airconditioning or automatic fire protective sprinkler system, or from within a household appliance. Sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking,burning or bulging of a steam or hot water heating system, an air conditioning or automatic fire protective sprinkler system, or an appliance for heating water. Freezing of a plumbing, heating, air-conditioning or automatic fire protective sprinkler system or of a household appliance. Sudden and accidental damage from artificially generated electrical current.


Actually, while getting renters insurance is a good thing, I don't technically think a renter can get flood insurance, and that would be the owner of the properties responsibility anyways. Usually when I move into a rental, I am under the presumption that a) the owner has insurance and b) its not built in a place that will flood all my belongings on one random rainy night. I think the problem is the management of these places had neither. Stop blaming the tenants for the managements screw-ups.


Renters insurance covers the belongings of the renter...not the apartment...maybe renters need to research their options on their insurance as there are coverages for all types of renters insurance...and while I do sympathize with those who were involved..why the heck are you looking for a hand out...take responsibility for yourselves, and your life.

HO-4 Flood Insruance

HO-4 Flood Insurance policy covers the tenant's contents. I did not know "New Center Drive" was in a flood zone. Check with county building inspector’s office. Maybe living next to large acreage hard surface parking lots puts one in a flood zone? Best wishes for ALL of us!


"Usually when I move into a rental, I am under the presumption that a) the owner has insurance and b) its not built in a place that will flood all my belongings on one random rainy night." You PRESUME too much....ANY place can flood under the right circumstances...

It would seem more the fault

It would seem more the fault of the architect who designed a building that sat too low to the ground. It is not the tenants or managers fault.

"when I move into a rental,

"when I move into a rental, I am under the presumption that a) the owner has insurance and b) its not built in a place that will flood all my belongings on one random rainy night." why would you assume a or b? the owner can have insurance but it will not cover any of your belongings.. YOU are responsible for YOUR property/belongings. Another good reason to not have a 1st floor apartment!

100% incorrect, sir

Renters can obtain insurance against flooding. It's not cheap, but basically you can always find an insurere to underwrite against any peril at all. Do an Internet search on renter's flood insurance and you will find no shortage of people willing to insure you. Unless there was some willful neglect, the property owner is in no way, shape, or form responsible for losses due to an act of God. He or she is also under no obligation to carry insurance for YOUR possessions.

Renters left out in the cold...

With all due respect to the responders here, I don't think these disenchanted apartment dwellers want to take anything from YOU. I think they're in shock and, since they were told they had to vacate the apartments within like 24 hours or something, they're probably at a total loss as to what to do or where to go. A little compassion for them would be nice.

Do you want facts.....

...or sympathy? People who do not have insurance for ANY purpose, be it homeowner's, renter's, auto liability or health insurance know the risks they are facing. It's a decision they have to make and quite often, they make the wrong decision.