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Residents frustrated with CF Public Utility Authority

It's only been operational for two months, but already, many local residents are frustrated with the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority. In the past few days, our newsroom has fielded numerous calls and emails from people who say they haven't gotten a water bill since May. Now they're concerned about being able to pay when they finally do get billed. Particularly since the new billing system makes rates go up with the number of gallons used, so a delayed bill means the water used has more time to add up. Wilmington resident Jim Giuffe said, "I mean if you didn't get your electric bill for four months and then you got it and it was doubled per month, you would lose your mind." A spokesperson for the utility authority says these billing problems are due to computer glitches. She added that the next billing cycle will be short, and yield a smaller bill that should help offset this extended billing period. The authority hopes to get everyone's bills out in September.

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I received my water bill (on

I received my water bill (on time)and it was about $6 lower than what it has been in the past. Then again, I was out of town for over two weeks so I guess I'll have to wait to see a full months bill

Lets stand together

People of New Hanover County it's time to take a stand. There is strength in numbers... If you are fed up with this county doing anything they like it's time to take a stand. If everyone only paid the "new" water company 20.00 per billing cycle, they would have lower their rates. They are even taking away the senior discount rate. Come on people if you are fed up DO something about it. They can NOT shut off your water if you make an attempt to pay..


Ok I just called the water company and asked if the last time my meter was read was on May 20th and the new rates went into effect on July 1st. Was I going to pay different rates from May 20 until June 30th the answer was " NO " I don't understand how a company can charge you higher rates when they didn't own the company. People of Wilmington it's time we ALL take a stand. If we left them get away with this, What will be next ? We all have got to stick together on this one.. If we all pay a small amount on our new bill they can't run the company. It time to let the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County how we ALL feel... Don't forget Nov. is coming... VOTE !!!!!

They know not what they do..

Another "slapped-together" business entity for our county that is failing miserably. They actually even have a P.R. person on staff and just like management have we heard anything? Nope! Not one peep. If they are paying people to keep us informed they need to stop hiding behind their desks and do their job. This new utility is a crock. There was nothing wrong with the way the city has taken care of my water bill for the past 28 years and there is no reason to switch from something that did work to something that doesn't. It is a bunch of crock and there isn't anyone at this new utility giving and help or answers. They act like they are all better than any of us over there, are not professional and are rude, uncaring, and non sympathetic towards any of us or our problems. Fire all of them and let the city take back over. We'll all save $800000.00 in taxes for not having to pay for MORE unneeded salaries of people that do NOT know how to do their jobs!

No Problem

Once I get my Cape Fear Public Utility Authority Oversight Comission together I will send enormous extraneous bills to the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority for no apparent reason and hope they pay on time because... oh, boy... the late fees and penalties and I'm going to be so RICH!!! LOL Did anyone (not employed by a govt agency) think this was going to be good for the CITIZENS??? Oh, those silly little computer glitches.....

Resume for ME

I am completely eligible for your new commission: The Oversight of the REAL PEOPLE. I come with a Bachelor's in journalism with a specialization in Public Relations. I would be honored to devote over 40 hours per week to help fix this water mess. Moreover, I would be even more honored to take the Authority's money and put it to some odd "audit" and only charge $50,000. I would be even more honored to charge less if I could use part of my fee to regulate pedestrians running a muck on my downtown streets without the knowledge that CARS DON'T SEE PEOPLE. I would also thank you and be devoted till I retired, Oversight Committee, for all you would try to do to to fend off developers in this town.


You can bet that I will divide the amount of gallons used by the billing cycle and use an average to ensure they aren't charging me MORE per gallon than they should!

Ok, they hope to have all

Ok, they hope to have all the bills out by September but what about the new graduating rates that will over charge everyone because of their errors.........

I received my bill today, it

I received my bill today, it was $169.00 and they want it all by the 18th of Sept!!!! They couldn't break it out over 2 months like it use to be? This was THEIR computer glitch and we get to pay the consquences????? Way to go Cape Fear Public Utility Authority!!! Starting off on the right foot! GREAT Customer Service!!!

I have another question...

I have another question... the last time my water was read was May 20th.. now the new company didn't take over until July 1... so the way I see it from May 20th unti July 1 at the old rates. When I called the company to find out about this they said " NO " the new rates will be in effect from the last reading.. The people of Wilmington should NOT put up with this... We have got to take a stand.. If we all stick together we can be very powerful../ It's time to stand up for what is RIGHT !!!!!! NOVEMBER is coming !!!! VOTE !!!!