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Residents looking to close public beach access

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH -- A pathway to the beach is the focus of a major controversy for some Wrightsville Beach residents. The route known as Beach Access 33 has been around since the '60s. Until last year it was considered a public right-of-way, but once local residents discovered a legal right to the property, the struggle began. Residents disagree over whether the pathway meets the criteria for "prescriptive use" -- whether the path has become public property after years of use -- versus the rights of the property owners. Surfrider Foundation Spokesman Jim Mincher said, "I think Beach Access 33 should remain open. We've used it for 40-something years and I think it's our right to keep using it." The residents claiming ownership of the path are now seeking a permit to erect a fence to close off access to the beach.

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I don't see what any of this

I don't see what any of this has to do with being from the North or South. It is obvious from the ridiculously high number of spelling and grammatical errors, on all of these forums, that people from anywhere in the US are becoming more dumb, inarticulate, and angry about trivial stuff than ever before. Keep Access 33 open to the public. Well, except for rednecks, yankees, rich people, and fools.

it is the same all over the

it is the same all over the world,the wealthy will take away from what little the less wealthy have-public works,are for the public-but the squeaky wheel gets the grease especially when that wagon has rich folk inside it-its a losing battle for now-unless people pool money together or join The Surfrider Foundation and pay for their lawyers to fight for us-wherever you go worldwide,this same scenario is playing out-just saw it happening on the coast of Spain and Ireland in feburary-UNTIL WE ARE IN PUBLIC OFFICE AND ARE CONTROLLING THE LAWS,THE RICH WILL ALWAYS HAVE A LOUDER VOICE BECAUSE OF WHO THEY KNOW AND WHO THEY PAYOFF-only time we are louder is by force with weapons-look into history-mob rules-but we as civilized people only have the very expensive and wasteful litigation system to handle our beefs now-which means the little guy usually will lose-cause he has no money to pay the lawyer's-so with that said join the S.R.F. because its only going to get worse before it gets better-unless GOD intervenes with a catagory[5] that will clean up the mess-on that note-southern baja hurricanes devistate the poor now who cant build to code structures strong enough to survive-when they lose homes the rich are there to buy up property on the cheap and build huge hotels that can survive direct hits-huge land grab in thailand after the tsunami-by developers paying off officials or officials being developers-only so much beach to go around-too many people-join The S.R.F.-even a cat5 cant stop this progress-AND YES I BELIEVE THAT NO ONE ON THIS GOOD EARTH SHOULD OWN ANY BEACH WATERWAY OR OCEAN SALTWATER OR FRESH-IT IS AND ALWAYS SHOULD BE FOR ALL TO RESPONSIBLY ENJOY!!!


This is the most ridiculos thing I've heard of! I've lived here my whole life and it doesn't make any sense the way things are changing! I remember when you could go to johnny meicer without having to go broke. Or when you could just park for free! But with whinning, rich people public access wont even last that much longer! This homeowner should find something better to do to occupy their time. Everyone who has stated that once a hurricane comes they will beg for OUR tax dollars to rebuild their beautiful beach is absoultly right. But nooooo. I don't want my tax money paying for a beach that I'm not welcome on fine if they want another figure 8 island let um have it! But the "PUBLIC" doesn't want to hear it when they need our help!

keep the path open to the public

keep the path open to the public.

Sign the petition

Sign the petition.

wb petition

No.Don't you have anything BETTER to worry about than this strip of sand? I bet its all you have talked about for days, get a life. Go to one of the OTHER PUBLIC accesses. They have parking and bathrooms. The times are a changin, gtf over it.

beach access

There already aren't enough beach accesses on Wrightsville beach! No one actually owns the sand nor ocean so if these homeowners close the access just use the next one down and walk back up the beach and play volleyball etc in front of their house. They can't do a thing about people having fun on the sand as long as the law isn't being broken. These people think they have noise now----once they close something that has been the publics beach access since the 60's I have a feeling they will hear a lot more noise at night.

closing access

All of you need to read the newspaper article. The people were informed by the county tax office they owned the land. The excerpt below shows why they decided to take the land back. (from the StarNews) The "discovery" tacked on $250,000 to the taxable value of the Murchisons' cottage. County Tax Administrator Bob Glasgow said the family then had to pay five years of back taxes on the land. Sounds like the county screwed this up.


Wrightsville Beach should eat the taxes on that land in exchange for keeping that access open. They (W.B.) should also release the Murchison's from any liability should anyone get hurt on it. Aren't the Murchison's the same folks that complained about hearing music coming from the Blockade Runner outside patio and stopped it? People that can afford to live on the ocean assume that access to it is just for them to enjoy. Carolina Beach is making a killing by charging the public to drive onto the north end, something we already own and pay for thru state taxes, room occupancy taxes, fees...

Your solution is fair

Your solution is fair enough. I would just like to point out however, that while the public beaches are for the enjoyment of the public, we have to bear in mind that these people LIVE there. They pay the taxes on these homes that they have worked hard to own. It doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" situation for either side, but if I were the property owner reading some of your comments here, I would lock it up tight and say to hell with you all. If you don't own the land, you aren't entitled to a flipping thing, period. Now if out of the kindness of their hearts the owners decide to leave it open, that's totally up to them, and no one else. You rude, threatening people need to take a long walk off a short pier.

beach access

Check with the blackhorn resturant about this matter they have vast experience in closing beach accesses and it cost them plenty of bad pr. these are the actions of low lifes, who ever is responsable this is unaccepable let em have it .

Quit blaming the wrong people

Quit assuming they are from the north, and folks from the north, quit asserting southerners are idiots. This conversation has been worn out since, oh, say they 1800s. Get over the xenophobia. What this is truly about is a home owner asserting rights over land that has been essentially public property for over 40 years. It has nothing to do with New York or rednecks.


I can't believe the way people are getting! Wanting to close off a public beach access that has been used for years by tax paying citizens.Ya know,you might own the little piece of high dollar property that your house sits on.BUT you don't own the water!Let the ones bitchin about people using the access point erect their little fence.And when the next hurricane comes in and takes it all away (and eventually one will)don't come cryin wanting help.If it were me making the decision for you arrogant a..holes I would tell you to want in one hand and crap in the other.What a bunch of idiots!!!!!!!!!!!


You mention tax paying citizens but you fail to realize that no one is paying taxes on that property but the land owner. They also have to insure that land. What would happen if someone was hurt on that access? The land owner would be taken to court and sued. Why should they allow others to use it? I understand that it has been an access point for a very long time, but the only way that I as a land owner would allow for other people to use my land for their personal use would be to sell it to the local government and have the responsibility and accountability for others removed from my shoulders.


I think the best thing to do is let the "so called property owners" have their little fence erected.I also think since they want to complain about "tax payers" using a public beach access,let the property owners pay all the taxes for that area they call theirs.I can't believe what this world is coming to.What a bunch of freakin idiots!!!!!

Why don't you do your

Why don't you do your homework? Seriously, they already do pay taxes, and are being asked to pay 5 years back taxes on this little strip now that its been determined to belong to them. Is that fair? Should they pay taxes to make sure YOU have that one access available to you? Screw that. You want to use the access, YOU pay for about them apples?

wrightsville beach access #33

Share the beach. Unless there has been abusive behavior by the users of beach access #33 and concern for the safety of the residential population, let the access stay open.

Access 33

Hey, Marches and protests see to be the way to go lately. If WIlm or WB grants the permit for the fence, why not boycott the the beach? Let the businesses know and anyone who might profit from the beach. Surf City and Sweetwater surely will not pay the rent on residents alone. I used the beach growing up but now the only time my family can enjoy the beach is after 6 when the parking nazis are done for the day. The ocean should be enjoyed by everyone, not just the rich. How long will it be before the other access points begin to close? Hit them where it hurts, stop spending your money there. I have a boat to avoid the parking and have just stopped spending any money there. Someone hit the nail on the head, they don't want us there but they do want our tax dollars. It will not be long before the parking company has meters at the boat ramp, at Redix and Causeway. Hey, doesn't NC have a cart path law?

Boycott WB Anyway!!!!

Wrightsville Beach should be boycotted anyway. If not because of the access thing, just simply because of all the free parking they have taken away. The only people the town wants there are the people that live there...Look at all the meters they have been put up over the last couple of years...All of the side streets, etc. I don't believe there is any free parking left on WB. If they can't have one place for someone to park for free, why patronize the area. At least Carolina Beach has free parking on the main strip, one block off the beach...Go to Carolina or Kure...Plenty of beach access and plenty of parking!!!!

For the Yankees...

Do you know why New York and New Jersey are named NEW York and NEW Jersey? Because the original York and Jersey were too polluted to live there so you had to build new ones!!

New Hanover

Is that why New Hanover was named after Hanover in England? With 106 sewer spills on our record our water is just as dirty and polluted as any in New York or New Jersey.

WB is still a PUBLIC beach

I grew up on WB. I remember when Johnny Mercer's was a wooden pier with pool tables and FREE access to walk on the pier. When parking was FREE along the street as long as you didn't block someone's driveway. Wrightsville is still a PUBLIC beach. It is not Figure 8 island so public beach accesses should stay public. So what if the property owner found out he/she actually owns the land. NC Real Estate Law states that abstract title allows title of property if the land in question has been used for more than 20 years open and notorious and with public knowledge that the title of the property should be challenged by the Town of Wrightsville Beach to keep it a public access. If you want a PRIVATE ISLAND, fork out a few more millions and buy a house on Figure 8 island but don't complain when the next hurricane destroys your multi-million dollar mistake. For all you yankees, learn from your mistakes. Don't destroy our beaches like you did in NY AND NJ. We take care of our coastline! If you don't like it, take I-40 West to I-95 North and go the hell home!


Listen here stupid, OIB use to be public to and I do belive it is owned by the WILLIAMSON's STILL TO THIS DAY and oh look, no more pblic access. you pay for everything, parking, fishing etc...last I heard since I have been their since 1980 is they still own it! Looks like you southerners what to make MORE MONEY! Why don't you take 95 south and head for Florida or Georgia so you can really call yourself a southerner, smuck! and by the way... who do you work for? who owns it? who pays you ass? Bet you don't have benifits like up NORTH!

Slow down

Sounds like you need to slow down a little before you have a stroke or a heart attack.


Sorry I have upset you all oops...ya'll. Your all to smart for me. I'm tired of all the stupid comments about the north. My mom was from here my dad from nj. All you do is bash everyone on this site but I will leave with one question for anyone brave...did you ever go on vacation OUTSIDE of NC? Good riddence. And..make sure you support a Mexican while your at it!


I can not compete with the well-travelled "boo". I must leave now, I hear there are some illegal aliens trying to access the north through beach access 33...


"boo"...what's going on here? This is the second post I've seen of yours today -- each with the worst grammar since all those kids were trying to back lil wayne. Please don't dismiss the ideas and opinions of others until you: 1) Understand what the topic is. 2) Learn to spell. 3) Simply grow up.

Who owns the beach?

I don't like to get started on the subject of public access to the beach! But I can't pass this one up. I have lived here all my life (65 years) and I do remember when the beach was public. As small children we were taken to the ocean by our parents and as they did some fishing we played in the surf and sand. FREE! As teens we had group parties with supervision, on the beach that ended with open pit fires on the strand and hot dogs roasting over them. As time marched on and it does, it has become more and more difficult to get to the ocean, (is it still there?) my grand children very seldom get to the beach, not because they don't want to go but it is so difficult to deal with the limited parking, the full time beach owners, the limited access, the fulltime cost of going to the (public) beach, the fulltime owners, the cost of the (free ocean front) and by the way, how do you own the beach front? I have seen the ocean reclaim it's sand and beautiful hugh dunes and I'm waiting for that time again. Then we will see who ownes the beach! It's just like building a sand castle, when the tide comes in you will most likely see that castle go flat and the ocean will take back what it once owned. Money will buy almost anything but let's see if you can get back the house built on the sand. I don't think my grand children will ever know a time when the beach was free to the public. If you have enough money or know the right politicion you can get most anything you want but don't ask me to help you pay for your foolishness when that property is gone. Maybe the bridge should be closed and Wrightsville Beach could be a privet beach then you would not have to deal with the public. Then you could find out how much it would really cost to live on that beach

wb access 33

I have grown up on WB. It is an unfortunate situation when the accelerating egotism follows the rampant elevation of housing costs. There unfortunately is no point in fighting these rich pricks; they will win every time. The only thing we can do is weap as we watch our precious WB turn into another Yankee and "Wings" infested tourist trap... thats what they want. For anyone who truly appreciates the beach, buy a kayak and go to Masonboro... there are no cops and no snobs!!! xoxo- Drew Peterson

Beach Access

Does anyone remember what happened to Mia Tyson and her downtown store and gallery when she raised such a fuss about the loud nightlife downtown? Not only did her front window get destroyed, her business was boycotted and she was basically run out of town. This is not a threat, merely an observation. I'm sure it did get noisy downtown just as I'm sure people aren't always quiet or mannerly when using this cut thru BUT, the path (and the clubs) were there first! You knew it was there when you bought the property! If you can't AFFORD to live on a private island, away from the rest of society, don't try to ruin the beach for everyone else. If I lived there and got the fence erected, I'd worry about not only the safety of the fence, but my car, my house and public opinion.