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Residents meet to discuss group home in Navassa

The fight continues to keep a group home from moving into a residential neighborhood in Navassa. Residents met again Saturday night to protest the proposition of a level-four group home in town. One of the residents asked a lawyer to attend to consult residents on their next step. "We know with an entity like this going in, the citizen should have been notified. We do not think it was by choice, we think it was deliberately,” said Ella Beatty. Town council already approved it. Residents say it's not necessary, pointing out there's already the Strategic Behavioral Health Center in Leland, which offers several kinds of treatment to kids ages 12 to 17.

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Group Home

I think a waste site would produce more waste that a group home. Remember this is an area that fought for a waste site. How much would that have degraded their property value. Now that don't want a group home. I guess the home can't pad the pockets deep enough..

Ummmmm wow you guys are so

Ummmmm wow you guys are so nice and cheery about residents sound a little selfish...I live in leland myself and I have not seen A group home in leland or anywhere....people need a place to stay and if there is room out there why not let them stay....let's be mature and really think about this selfish residents...who cares if it gets broken in to, people are gonna do it...just calm down jeez

Suggestions for Navassa residents

1. Does Navassa have zoning laws? Since this is a business, in the truest sense, it may not be legal in a residential area. 2. Play up the nightmare/horror stories about these group homes. You can find lots of them on the web, some of which I've mentioned in previous postings on this topic. Ask if the director will have to wear a full-face helmet at all times to keep from being beaten unconscious with a frying pan. (The Utah story) Keep asking the key question - "If they're not a danger to us, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LOCK THEM IN?" 3. Select two or three of your most articulate and intelligent people to act as your spokespersons, and let it be known that if the town council doesn't stop this project, they'll be replacing them come election time. Pick only people who can make that claim without evoking laughter. 4. Look for every possible angle, no matter how far "out there." What about the impact on sewer lines for a facility that will produce four times the average waste of a normal home? If no sewer, what size septic system is being installed for that many people, and what are the potential impacts on surrounding property's wells? Don't forget the increased traffic, when "visiting day at the zoo" rolls around. Good luck, and remember: If this home gets built, invest in a good alarm system for your home and car, have a firearm handy at all times....or consider moving. You DON'T want to live near a mini-jail.

my grandson

My grandson has been in the system since he was one years old and is now 12 and because of them he has to go into a level four home. They are sending him to south carolina. He has problems because of the system and he is not dangerous nor will he steal so don't think that all these kids are real bad cause they have been damaged by the system. Help them instead of being another source to abuse them. Remember what Jesus said. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Can any of you do that? I don't think so. What make you better then some kids who want to get well and go home.

Why isn't your grandson with YOU?

Why is he a ward of the state? Where are his parents? Why are the taxpayers supporting him, instead of his family? No one has said that all these kids pose a threat - but many DO. You can't deny the news stories about escapes from these homes. Why does your grandson have to be locked up?