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Residents speak out against Titan cement plant

READ MORE: Residents speak out against Titan cement plant
Concerned residents packed the New Hanover County commissioners meeting Monday. Many are upset about a proposed cement plant in Castle Hayne. The group, Stop Titan, has been very vocal in their opposition. They say the new plant will pollute the air quality across the county. Representatives from Titan America were at the meeting hoping to ease residents fears. The county has offered Titan America $4.2 million in incentives to build at the old Roanake Plant with the promise the company will bring more jobs and more money to the county.

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What's the Biggest Issue Here?

Yes, we all benefit from industry and energy production. It has to be created somewhere. But where? I say a well populated and fragile coastal environment may not be the right place. But to me the biggest issue: Let the residents decide by popular vote, you know, referendum. Or, our elected representatives should throw the issue out to those they represent, for reaction and popular opinion, and then vote accordingly. It should not be handled the NHC way.

Direct Democracy

...grinds to a screeching halt rapidly. California is a prime example, where the simplest of issues are decided by referendum. Referendums also allow those with the loudest voices and most cash to press their view, often at the expense of common sense and those who will be most affected. No better example exists than Proposition 117, which banned mountain lion hunting in the state. The state biologists stated that the cats were not threatened in any way. Ranchers stated that without thinning of the numbers, their livestock losses would explode. (Which they have) Scientists stated that since man had eliminated the natural predators of the cats (grizzly bears) we had an obligation to keep the number of cats within reason tp maintain a healthy population. The anti-hunting crowd simply ran commercials of cute, cuddly mountain lion cubs in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.....and you KNOW who won. Now, ranchers are losing more cattle and sheep, and attacks on humans are not rare. The cat population is growing too large without regulated hunting. So the simple fact is that most people aren't INTELLIGENT enough to handle democracy. The County Commisssioners have taken the appropriate action - let Titan go through the permitting process, and if they satisfy the incredible number of agencies that will demand they run high hurdles, then let the plant be built. If they can't pass the permitting, than the plant doesn't get built. It really IS that simple.

Very good points CSNC. But,

Very good points CSNC. But, sleep well, none of what you fear will happen here. First, referendums are rare here in NHC. Second, our NHC representatives could not agree with you more. Yes, let's not let the actual voters get in the way of democracy, you know Superdelagates and all that. But how astute (good question) are those father-like representatives who pay an industry who wants to come here, 4.2 million to come here? And finally, hats off to the mountain lions, for they have achieved the near impossible in this country today, especially as large animals. They are competing with humans for environment and actually multiplying, after, of course, some bad brushes in the past. But that should be corrected in the near future...endangered species list, here they come.

Titan and jobs

Wilmington has always had a problem balancing enviromental concerns with economic growth.I work in an industrial plant and we spend millions to protect the enviroment.All of us can't work in retail or service jobs.If you have not noticed, until the GE expansion we have not had any new plants come to the area in about 15 years.Before we are so dead set against new industry take a minute and consider how hard it is to make a resonable wage in New Hanover County.My father helped build and worked at this plant when it was IDEAL cement.I remember that job sure helped our family.

Titan cement plant

I bet that it will be permitted to construct in this county because the "Powers that be" want it here. They've approved the biofuel plant even though Cumberland County denied it based on research that it is an environmental hazard. But money talks in this county BS walks also public health & safety walks too. I pray every day that our leaders will soon have the backbone to stand up for our precious environment for today & future generations. Haven't we learned from the past that ignoring pollutors & allowing them to thrive all in the name of economic development has been proven that it's millions of dollars more costly in the long run plus the millions of dollars in lost production & health care. Why can't New Hanover County become the "Jewel of the Nile" & promote sustainable living & a healthy environment that people will flock to because they are unable to find any where else. With waterways closing to recreation & shell fishing due to overpollution should speak volumes but NO, it's becoming the norm to see which city can be the most polluted.

The city's malfeasance...

..regarding the raw sewage is totally unrelated to Titan. At least 30% of the "We Hate Titan" group's arguments are totally unrelated to Titan. Sewage spills in the ICW? The new biofuel plant? Why can't Titan get a fair hearing based entirely upon THEIR proposed facility?

You Guys

Need to stop being big fat HYPOCRITES first of all.. "I pray every day that our leaders will soon have the backbone to stand up for our precious environment for today & future generations" LIST what type of car you run, how you power your home, how you get your water TO INCLUDE HOW IT IS RUN IN YOUR HOME and where your sewage goes... Let me go point by point on my end... GMC Envoy...uses gas and oil, so I cannot point fingers Power my home thanks to Progress Energy...can't point fingers Get my water from the county..heck I water my yard with it...cannot point fingers I USE PVC IN MY up on how PVC is made and the toxic stuff that comes from THOSE basically it's OK if someone ELSE gets poisoned so YOU can use things like plastics. I bet you have COUNTLESS plastic products in YOUR HOME! Sewage goes to the sewage plant...THEN INTO THE FLIPPIN RIVER... All you environmental WHACK jobs do the same thing you always do...point fingers all the while doing little YOURSELVES about YOUR footprint on the environment. Until YOU have taken care of your end...DON'T worry about your neighbors!

All of us have contributed

All of us have contributed to pollution. That is why climate change is occurring at such an alarming rate. The difference between us "environmental whack jobs", (nice) and you who would do nothing is that we realize the danger of continued unchecked pollution. I invite you to research the IPCC website which outlines climate change & the human contribution to this problem. Our actions, individually & collectively, can make an impact. Encouraging corporate polluters to come to New Hanover county is not an option, neither is leaving our fate in the hands of our county commissioners.


Why aren't people as concerned with the pollution that the City of Wilmington and the County of New Hanover is causing with their mismanaged sewer system?


So if there are no cement plants, how will we all build our homes? None of you have used any concrete in or around your homes? I guess its alright to pollute for your use when it is not in your backyard huh? A little hypocritical I would say. I live in Rocky Point btw.

Das, it's all part of their imaginary Sesame Street world

We need cement for concrete, but we can't have any kilns. We need electricity but we can't have any new power plants...and no wind turbines...they're ugly and they kill birds. We refuse to drill for oil where we KNOW there's oil, but we still want unlimited supplies of cheap gasoline without being dependent upon foreign oil. Reality is a very hard pill for these people to swallow.

You are off topic

Drill for oil, put up wind turbines, but do NOT add a cement kiln operation to an area that cannot stand even a little bit more pollution. But it is all moot now, people can, have and will stop this in the permitting process. Even Julia Boseman, Mark Basnight and Elizabeth Dole are stepping into the fray to protect the people of southeastern NC.

Sure...stop them now....

....because they just might pass the permitting process and then what would you do? THEY would hold the moral high ground. "Better lynch that boy before we find out he's innocent, boss!" Above all, you can't let our regulatory system work as designed, can you?

What regulatory system?

The same one you trust to make sure Wilmington doesn't have sewer spills? Bwahahaha, your too funny. Almost as much a joke as the state and federal regulations. Remember those regs didn't save the people in the small community in the film Erin Brockovich. Which was based on a very true and compelling story. No logical, caring and sane human being could come up with this spiel except someone that expects to extract financial gain from poisoning a whole region of people including the most vulnerable among us like the elderly and babies. She’s bought and paid for. No one could honestly defend a economic and environmental horror such as this. Students of UNCW have more of a concern for the regions environment and an awareness about the dangers of a toxic industry such as Titan Cement than the very administrators of the University themselves. The WSN forums, WWAY forums and several local blogs have shot holes in all the optimistic ideas of this Kiln operation coming here and being a good thing. Only bitter people that have nothing better to do can sit around and blog about the added value that something like this might actually bring. We have doctors, economics professors and hundreds of potential moms out there adding to the thousands of people that already live here that care about the way we take responsibility for the future. What will we leave our future generations? Hopefully a much better environment and economic stability than a 30 year old poison pit of a wasteland like Titan proposes to leave us with. Our children simply deserve better. And every mom out there knows this.

Too Late?

It's my understanding that our area representatives, and Governor, have been negotiating with Titan Cement for several years. The "powers that be" want this plant here. It's been suggested that area developers, who are the major business influence here, want this plant so a vital building component, cement, will be more readily, and I imagine more cheaply, available to them. Concerned area residents do not want a polluting industry with heavy truck traffic so up close and personal. The actual residents and taxpayers were allowed in the process, once it was TOO LATE.

Never too late to vote 'em out

Believe me, there is a large enough crowd in the area now that are clued in to the shenanigans of the New Hanover County commissioners. Vote 'em out. And then put the same energy that was around last night into the permitting process. The state will listen if enough people don't want it.


If the people of this county were going to vote any of the commissioners out of office, it would have already happened. Some of these people have been in this office for 15 or 20 years, they won't leave office until they want to. After over 100 sewer spills they are still in office and no one is going to vote them out.

The question they won't answer

Here's the one question that the enviroloons, NIMBY crowd, and the BigMouthFM won't answer: What happens if Titan can meet all federal and state requirements for emissions and wetland protection? "No, that's just not possible. We refuse to even consider that." (Picture the three monkeys, seeing, hearing, and speaking nothing that dares to questions their premature conclusions) A small vocal minority, many of whom are not even legal residents of the area have decided that this employer will simply not be allowed to come to the area. Who cares if their Roanoke operation has won awards for being clean, green, and a good corporate neighbor? They hope to accomplish their goal by spreading alarming rumors and warnings that simply will not be true if the plant meets the legal requirements established for its operation. They are, in effect, telling us that meeting EPA and state requirements aren't good enough. We have to meet THEIR requirements, which change according to which "expert" you talk to. Here's a wake up call for the leaders (and mouthpiece) for this opposition: Most of us aren't "pro-Titan," we're "anti-lynch mob" and want to hear everything from ALL sides before we make up our minds. I'd say that it's darn convenient for a bunch of non-resident college kids, retired geezers, and local enviroloons to poo-poo a business that will provide well over a hundred, possibly hundreds of jobs that will pay twice the average area salary, the majority of those jobs going to people who truly need quality, good-paying jobs. So let's hear the WHOLE story, and not just the Chicken-Little screamers. Only when people hear ALL the facts (Note: gee-what-ifs are not facts) can an intelligent decision be made.

I was there and I am a Castle Hayne resident and a professional

I would like to refute your statement that many speaking out against Titan were not legal citizens, retired folks, or just college students. I was there along with many other professionals. I live in Castle Hayne. I also so many local business owners. Not the group you claim are against Titan but rather a group of well educate citizens tax paying citizens.

Seems you are NOT INFORMED

I was there last night, were you? Prolley not, being that you are chair-bound critic of everyone else. Your quote: "won awards for being clean, green, and a good corporate neighbor?" Even the Greek CEO says it will pollute, that's why the European Union will not let the operate there. Your quote: "possibly hundreds of jobs that will pay twice the average area salary, the majority of those jobs going to people who truly need quality, good-paying jobs." Most of those jobs will NOT be salaried, so the quote on the 'average salaried position' is a LIE! The cement KILN industry has the highest numbers of days lost from work related health issues for a reason. It kills. And you cannot comprehend what it will do to the communities downwind? The kids playing out in the yard, or at the two schools nearby? You are truly NOT informed!

...and you can't read!

Where did I mention "salaried position?" I used the ter "average area salary." Sorry if that confuses you, but from the sentence I wrote an intelligent person would have concluded that I was talking about blue-collar jobs. Also, care to guess how many cement kilns ARE operating in Europe, right now? They are not banned. What do they use for cement in Europe - mud? What the Titan CEO said was that the kiln has to enit CO2. You cannot get around that. Nowhere did he admit to all the lunacy you people are MAKING UP.


I bet I don't even need hands to count the number of environutz that walked to that meeting last night....however, I bet I couldn't count on both hands and feet how many SUV's, Vans and vroom vroom cars were in the parking much for the environment, Huh?....When you are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT independent from the pollution YOU are causing are a HYPOCRITE to be pointing across the isle at anyone else. Its both sad and funny at the same time...

Calm down...

I can see you now...the venom spewing from your mouth. I feel sorry for ya.


Are you one of the "hit dogs" that howls the loudest? Did Guest7969 call you out on having a SUV? He/she has a valid point.


Well said.

Just wait

Just wait until a mother brings her mentally disabled child in front of the state investigators for the permitting phase of this Titan Cement project. Do you think that we living in the 6th worse place in the nation for mercury contamination will stand, should accept more? Even the permitting officials will not be able to look that mother in the eyes and OK the permit.


MIGHT backfire...every time someone wants to oppose something..they go find a kid and throw them in the mix for the knee jerk reaction or to draw sympathy...most tax payers can see thru this type of thing...and it's getting old. Want to oppose Global Warming...throw in a photo of a cute polar bear....etc. etc.

More alarmist tripe doesn't answer the question....

What if they can meet every federal and state requirement for emissions and wetlands protection? Still opposed....right?

Wow....I never thought about

Wow....I never thought about researching the individual plant's OSHA lost time injury and illness reports......good gage as too how effective they are at managing environmental issues at their plants

Mercury in fish = no more King Tourneys

From the millions generated by the fishing industry and recreational anglers, it just doesn't make sense to add another polluting industry into the area. North Caroline Sportsmen and Sportswomen need to speak up on this issue. In the very least to preserve what you have before it's lost.