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Residents split over Brunswick County annexation

READ MORE: Residents split over Brunswick County annexation
For some Brunswick County residents, just the thought of being annexed into the town of Sunset Beach fuels a heated discussion among neighbors. Sherlock Holmes said, "I have my reservations because more than likely our taxes will go up, especially city tax." Opinions vary. Frank Elarde told WWAY "I think it's a good idea we've had trouble with the road here and I guess if we get into it we can get the road fixed." According to the Sunset Beach Mayor, new neighborhood roads are not a given, because of state road repair regulations. But he said because these residents use the town's roads and beach accesses, it would only be fair to include them into the town. Which would mean paying the town's taxes. Dick Schillinger said, "We're not going to get anything other than higher taxes. We already have everything we need here… good sheriff's department." The Sunset Beach Mayor said Beach Drive serves as a natural divide. On one side of the road, subdivisions are being annexed by Calabash; that means a 7-cent per 100 dollars in property value tax increase. Just across the street, six subdivisions may be annexed by Sunset Beach. That could lead to an additional 9 cents per 100 dollars in taxes. Marlene Biddle said, "If we have to be annexed I'm glad it's in Calabash and not Sunset Beach because they're taxes are going to be higher especially with the new bridge coming." Despite differing opinions - the final decision is in the town leaders hands. Sunset Beach town leaders are meeting Monday at the town hall to discuss the possible annexation. It's a public meeting, so residents are welcome to attend.

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Forced Annexation, wrong no matter what spin you put on it, without the consent of the annexed. Wednessday there is a hearing in legislative committee meeting in Raleigh discussing this volatile issue. Go to or Thanks

Forced Annexation

I am praying for the members of the council, that your heart may be filled with compassion during this Holiday Season. I would like to share with you how this annexation is taking its toll on so many of the residents that it will be affection. Many are not sleeping, many are having to take nerve pills just to calm themselves down and be able to function in their daily activities. I ask you to not vote on this annexation at this time, if anything, please let the residents have a cheerful holiday season. Postpone this annexation to a later date. Please, I beg of you, give them some hope during this time of year.

NO to Sunset Beach Annexing!

NO, not just no, but H3ll NO! I do not agree with being annexed into Sunset Beach jurisdiction. I don't want their outragious ordinances dictating to me. I don't want to pay more taxes for something I already have. I have lived here for 23 years and have only been across the bridge a dozen times. Sunset Beach has absolutely nothing I want or need. Sunset Beach wants and needs our money and wants to control our property. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to annex us. You've been trying to do this ever since I moved here and I am tired of the money hungry, power grabbing control freaks wanting to take over this area. Come on people, flood the town hall meeting like we did last time and tell these people what to do with their desire to control you.


The Joint Legislative Study Committee on Municipal Annexation will meet Wednesday in Raleigh. If you are against annexation, please go to our website and read the material there. Forced annexation is UnAmerican. You can fight by e mailing the Senators and Congressment on this committee.