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Retail sales down in Wilmington

READ MORE: Retail sales down in Wilmington
If you drive down Eastwood, headed toward Wrightsville Beach, you will probably notice giant signs advertising the closing of Linens and Things in Mayfaire. All over Wilmington, and the country, retail sales are down. Michael Paul has seen the Wilmington economy at its best and worst. He has owned Hot Wax surf shop for 22 years. "Sales were down compared to last year. Last year was down compared to the year before, and then its all gonna boom, then it will all be over and we will be happy, and buy, buy, buy." Hasen Matthews, a commercial realtor said, "Retail sales are cyclical, this is simply a phase in the market. It's a phase that will work its way through, everybody expects it to get a lot better by next year." Nationwide reports show a decline in retail and food sales in August, down .5 percent. Economists expected a .2 percent increase. “Times are tough, and they will be for the foreseeable future be somewhat sour of somewhat tough." said William Hall, professor of Economics at UNCW. While some businesses are closing, a good number are opening up. Tamara Paul opened her retail shop in May. She said she was taking a big risk opening at such a fragile economic time. ”Everybody is gonna need clothes, they are going to need work clothes, and with all the development that is going on in this area, I feel good about this." said Paul. She had her money in stocks but felt they were unreliable, and wouldn't produce the investment results she wanted. “The stock market being what it was, up and down, I just decided, I've been in retail before, for 25 years, and I just thought I want to do that." While frugal shoppers may be cutting back on their spending nationwide, so far, this area seems to be feeling only a slight blow.

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The clothes at Corporate

The clothes at Corporate Skirts are soooo cute. I love shopping there! Cathy

Planted in the Storm

We at Corporate Skirts where Tamara Paul is owner, thank you for highlighting our desire to help the economy by creating jobs and carrying on as if there is a light at the end of this dark financial tunnel. We hope to encourage others to endure and create even if the current situation makes this seem impossible, because nothing is impossible with hard work and an American Dream.

Retail Sales Down

Some folks are so cruel. What happened to southern hospitality? It has become very expensive to live here with many low paying jobs. I've lived in this area for nearly 40yrs & watched the boom come & go a few times. I mostly buy from the locals, if they have great customer service, & from thrift stores & consignment shops. Why pay full price for anything when it'll end up in a thrift store & then you can buy at a fraction of the cost. Live within your budget, save & save. I don't even watch TV. I've got my life to live & not waste it in front of the idiot tube. Be nice people & show what it's like to be a true southerner by living your life by the Golden Rule.

Not a surprise

Wilmington has become the rich man's playground with everyone else forced to serve them. Poorly run city and county governments. Very few quality jobs. High cost of living. High taxes. I am leaving this place as soon as I can.

getting out of Wilmington as fast as you can...

It is a stronger character that learns to make a bad situation work than to run like a scared lizard. Do you really think you will stand and fight somewhere else if you can’t fight where you are? I hope you have a plan when your legs are tired of running into the same battle. Try becoming the Master.

I-40 WEST....

...Use it! Do us all a favor (after you serve us, of course!)!

Wow! Dust Bowl Socialism still lives!

Rich man's playground? Everyone else forced to serve them? Gee, are you loading up the car and heading to California with the whole family, Tom?

May not be perfect....

but it is still HOME! Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya on your way out!