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Rezoning request postponed

READ MORE: Rezoning request postponed
WILMINGTON -- A request to rezone ten acres of land at the base of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge was sent back to the Planning Commission at Tuesday's City Council meeting. John Evans, who owns the land and wants to develop it for the proposed Gateway project, presented the project to the council. People then lined up to express both concerns and support to the council. A main concern is traffic the development would generate. Norman Robinson lives downtown and said, "We're concerned about safety because that volume of traffic contributes to safety hazards. We're concerned about degrading the historic character of that residential area." Council member Laura Padgett has been vocal in her opposition of the project. She said, "It's just an overwhelming size and scale. It would overwhelm any neighborhood in Wilmington. We just don't have neighborhoods that are clusters of high-rise towers." Many people who spoke out, including Padgett, aren't against development at the site, only the size of the project as it's presently proposed. The current proposal includes a hotel, condominiums, shops, an extension of the riverwalk and more. Even after the request was sent back to the Planning Commission, Evans said he was still optimistic. He said, "I'm pleased. Of course I wanted to get it passed tonight but I think I heard the council agree that they're probably moving toward rezoning, they just want me to improve some of the details." The Planning Commission has until the March 4th city council meeting to re-examine the proposal.

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wilmington city council

They were as anxious to pass that last night, as if they were sitting on a cactus; however, the CYA mentality kicked in. It's only postponed so they can reherse their story.

Put more thought into the design

It would be nice if something was built here...but please, build something that compliments the historic downtown...not a building that looks like it could be from anywhere. The design looks like something that if there was an open area in CA or NY, they'd use the same plans. Try to atleast build something that compliments the old and brings in the new. After all the mess with Military Cutoff....if they do build it, please, please, please build the roads to and from it first. I still don't see why they think that people will buy condos between a big noisy bridge and oil tanks.

This land should not be

This land should not be developed and should be bought by the DOT for a future bridge to replace the drawbridge. The DOT is too dumb to realize this and when a large building goes there it will be too late and the drawbridge will remain. Department Of Twits is what it should be called instead of Department Of Transportation.


They won't be replacing the draw bridge. Once they put a bridge on the southern end of the county(river road area)to cross into brunswick, they will simply dismantle the draw bridge in favor of the Isabella Holmes bridge. DUH...

That dumb drawbridge will

That dumb drawbridge will stay if they build that billion dollar bridge off River Rd. That billion dollar bridge will never be built because of the price, but they could build one far less expensive next to the drawbridge right now. They did this in Washington D.C. on Interstate 95. DUH...

land rezoning

we already have a second bridge in place smart guy.

downtown rezoning

Guessing about important facts---such as the future of a major bridge--- is never the smartest way to go. Yes, the impact on traffic, should also not be a guess, or worse yet, like the Mayfair development, not even a serious consideration. Now we will see what our new city council will actually do---post election.