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Military Cutoff construction complete

WILMINGTON -- After hitting roadblocks and delays in construction Military Cutoff is finally complete. Friday afternoon there was a ribbon cutting to mark the end of the project. The orange cones that used to be a familiar site here are now gone. Business owners in the area say cones and road work put a damper on sales. They say construction made it difficult for people to see signs and actually get in to the parking lots. People who live in the area say they would even find alternate routes to avoid traffic delays the construction caused. The majority of the work was completed before Thanksgiving. But today the ribbon cutting officially marks the end of what some folks say was a headache for travel.

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I Miss The Construction

I don't know about yall, but I miss all that construction. I used to love to drive down MCR and complain about how not hard they were working. If I ever actually saw somebody working, I would stop the car and take a picture because every time I told somebody they didn't believe me. I miss complaining about the road closures and how long it was taking. I feel like part of my life has been lost. My life feels like it has no purpose now. I don't know what to do. I miss the big work lights that they put up at night and closing the lanes. As I sat in the backed-up traffic I felt as if I was in a fraternity with my traffic mates. We all had a connection to the ordeal we were going through. Now, sadly, this is all gone. I don't think I can continue on like this. Life just doesn't have any meaning now.

ribbon cutting for a poor job

I can't believe they are celebrating this, it's so funny. I love how we celebrate things that aren't even accomplishments. "It took us 3 1/2 years to widen a road" YIPEE!

There's a moron afterall!

What moron decided to have a &^# ribbon cutting on that *&% road at *^$ 4:00 ? You gotta be kidding me... Right ?

From a horse farm to hell

"A ribbon cutting today will officially mark the end of construction." " to widen and repave the two-mile stretch of road took more than three years because of various delays and set backs." Follow the money! It's flowing to a minority of people, some elected Tax and spend then tax some more. Yes, it's official now. Anything done by a government bureaucracy will take twice as long and cost the taxpayers twice as much. That entire Mayfaire area was once a very large natural area (water filter) and has now been officially paved over, diverting large amounts of officially polluted runoff straight into our estuaries. Enjoy Mayfaire folks. When Mother Nature fights back, you'll lose.

You just don't appreciate GROWTH!

Remember - it's all about the growth. Watching those horses grazing or running through those pastures did nothing than make us smile for a minute or two on our way home after a rough week at work. Of course you didn't see them for long because in those days, Military Cutoff was a two-lane, 55 mph road with no traffic lights, which could be negotiated end-to-end in three or four minutes. Now, when you sit in traffic that would rival the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and stop every ten feet for a light......when the sewers are freely running into the tidal creek behind your house......when another twenty acres of woodland is cleared to make room for a hundred houses......when you watch your tax dollars funding "soccer for the masses" and a convention center that will soon become a financial albatross around our neck... ...just close your eyes, click your heels together and say, "It's all about the growth. It's all about the growth." BTW, if anyone can point out exactly what's growing other than the population, I'd appreciate it....

The way this deal has gone

The way this deal has gone down I wouldn't be surprised to see the ribbon cutting delayed!

Military Cutoff

I would like to know what brilliant mind decided to have a ribbon cutting on Military Cutoff at 4 o'clock on Friday afternoon?

Military Cutoff

I believe the same Eienstein that had the ribbon cutting @ 4:00 p.m. on Friday,was the same brillant mind that decided to shut down one lane during construction the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.Anybody want to take responsibility ?

This is an event that "no

This is an event that "no one" should show up for. It's been a complete embarrassment to even have had this kind of delinquency go down in the history books for the past few years associated with the term "road work". The amount of traffic delays due to building Mayfair before the "road to get there" was started should be covered by Fox News with the complete story from behind the scenes, with interviews from local residents that put up with this type of mismanaged construction from the get-go, and have the real truth be told. That would "Rock Their World, and wipe away the false smiles of City Council" :-)

funny joke

Mayfair should've been built but not allowed to open until the road was finished. Then you can bet they would've pushed DOT and it would've been finished a year ago. What a joke our DOT is.