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Riegelwood dispute turns deadly

RIEGELWOOD -- The Columbus County Sheriff's Department says a dispute turned deadly Sunday morning. It happened around 5 a.m. on Robbie's Lane in Riegelwood. Authorities say 23-year-old Terrell Brown broke into his girlfriend Ashley Brown's house using a machete. David Simmons was staying with her in the house and the two go into a fight. Deputies say that's when Simmons shot and killed Terrel Brown. Brown's friends are defending his actions. Brandon Razor is the victim's friend. He said, "I talked to him the day before yesterday and he told me he was going to buy an engagement ring, he got engagement ring for my stepsister and he was going propose to her. He went over there to propose to her, I guess him and the new dude got into a fight and he just shot him." Simmons went to the hospital with minor injuries. Right now deputies say it appears the shooting was self-defense.

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I meet Devon Terrell Brown a

I meet Devon Terrell Brown a couple of weeks before this happen, he was a sweet and loving young man. Question is to Ashely if you didn't want him why not let him go instead of it coming to this? I know i should of asked this then and not years later but I just couldn't believe all of this. I still think about my loving friend daily.

Why do you need to break

Why do you need to break into a house to propose?

My thing is if you two a

My thing is if you two a couple why you Ashley have another man at a house you know Devon Aka Terrell is coming to? Then why would he have to break in your house? I feel like you should of gotten some time behind this. If hadn't of had another man there playing as your uncle my friend would be alive. A mother would of had her son and a wife would of had her husband.

i am confused

I seen David the other day with this young lady with more hair on her face than me....and i am a man...i was told by another friend of mine that she is staying with him.....this same Ashley....something don't add up....when all the comments about them being more than friends came out i was sorta on his side knowing him the way i do.....but i heard he said she got that boy ins money and he was going to help her spend it....If i was this young mans family i would sure check in to this.....

David, do you have anything

David, do you have anything to say? R U Okay?

Facts only!!

Please give this a rest. If you must comment on someone's appearence, say who you are. Also call David, he can handle any of your questions.

What so David can shot them.

What so David can shot them.

No one can reach David. Is

No one can reach David. Is he okay? We are concerned!

David thinks he's the MAN

David thinks he's the MAN now.... he's got a good sucker this her buying him bikes, dogs and everything.....but one thing i know for sure....she can't buy his way to hell he already bought that for hisself....

I agree

yes this dude name david really do think he is the man. Someone said that this girl name ashley was staying in david's house. You know what i really do beleive this. This david has no respect for anyone. He think he is so tough, but you know it someone out there tougher than he is. I know for a fact he is the most disgusting man, i have ever known. I really would like to know how he really feels inside. Yes he do have a dog, a motorcycle, and i seen him the other day and he also has a car. The motorcycle i know for sure is from insurance money. How can ashley be so stupid. Yes probably ashley and david is sleeping together, how can she be so stupid laying with a man, known fact was messing with her aunt. both of them has something to answer to. And god please have mercy on their souls. Also for david god does not like ugly, please pay attention to what you are doing and saying to people because you think you are all that. If this person named ashley do have a lot of hair on her face, what do you expect. David will sleep around with anybody, that is willing to. That is one disgusting man that really do not deserve to be on earth.