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Riverfest is this weekend

WILMINGTON -- If you're looking for some good food, a lot of fun and live entertainment downtown Wilmington is the place to be this weekend. Riverfest 2007 will be in full swing Saturday. Thousands of people will be at Wilmington's downtown riverfront to enjoy live music, fireworks and shopping. And if you're hungry you can choose from dozens of different food vendors. With the influx of people in the area the manager of Kilwin's Ice Cream and Chocolates expects business to be booming. Kilwin's manager Charlie McCaskill said, "A lot of it depends on the weather. If it's hotter weather people want the ice cream and they'll line up for it. If it's a little cooler being October you take a chance. I think this weekend is going to be great." Riverfest isn't just about business. The festival gives people from surrounding areas a chance to see everything downtown Wilmington has to offer. Riverfest 2007 is this Saturday and Sunday.

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My Family has attended Riverfest for about 5 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Why must there always be negative comments made about events like this that are meant for Families to enjoy??

Just be out of Downtown by sundown....

...or your family may get to see the REAL Downtown. Sure, the police increase their presence and Downtown appears wonderful during the Azalea Festival and Riverfest.... ...but take the time to walk a few blocks inland... ...or come back next weekend...wake the kids up and bring them Downtown around Midnight. Make sure the family is wearing Kevlar.

So Dangerous

I love reading the frantic southern on how dangerous downtown Wilmington is, I invite all of you who think downtown Wilmington is a bad place to take a trip to my former hometown of Baltimore. I think you’ll appreciate Wilmington a little more.

You are free to leave

If you don't like it here, you are free to leave. Your comments are a reflection of you, not of Wilmington or the Riverfest and those of us who enjoy this city and the many great things it has to offer. Focus on the negative and try to bring others down with you if you want to. By focusing on the negative, you are only glorifying it and making more of it.

"See everything downtown has to offer?"

Hahahahaha! Whoever wrote that, you're wasting your time at WWAY. You should be writing sitcoms in L.A.

I can't wait!

Abandoned buildings and violent criminals... weeeeeeeeeee!!! I got 20 in my 9 yo!


There are also some wonderful groups singing and lots of activities for kids. Try 2:00 on Saturday in front of the Alton Lennon Building for Wilmington Celebration Gospel Choir. The have been nominated in the Gospel News Magazine for best regional new artists. If you like them you can go to and vote for them. They were originally the Pillar Record Family I have seen them many times and they are a really great group

Wilmington Celebration Choir

They are great! I try to see them every time they are performing in town because they are very uplifting!! Thanks for sharing, I know I will be there for that at least!

I just can't believe................

people wil be rushing to see homeless people, possibly have an auto accident, or get robbed/shot just for a snow-cone......

I repeat: Bang Bang Bang!!!

I repeat: Bang Bang Bang!!! Hit the ground, get up do a little shopping and eat. Bang Bang Bang!!! Hit the ground, get up, find your car, go home. Cardio workouts are great for you. Good job WPD!!! I feel safe and energized. Maybe I should get a bullet-proof vest, though.