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Road block for Skyway Bridge

The proposed Skyway Bridge to connect southern Brunswick and New Hanover County has met a potential road block. Last month, the Department of Transportation held a meeting to discuss options for the bridge. Thursday, Leland Town Council voted unanimously to delay support of the Cape Fear Skyway. Mayor Walter Futch said he needs more information before approving any of the plans. “I need to hear what Plan B is. If they can't build the Skyway how are they going to handle the traffic? And if that proposal is to handle the traffic some different way, what would that cost? How efficient would that be? Would it really handle it?” Leland residents are worried one of the plans for the Skyway could divide neighborhoods and prevent home construction.

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Are you kidding me? No you aren't..... It would figure that the mayor of leland would hold something else up .....again.. that would benefit so many people on both sides of the bridge.... Wow... leave it to leland....

And such a bargain

Yes, a new bridge would benefit those on both sides of it. But does the state of NC need to spend a billion dollars to solve this problem? Do they have a billion dollars to spend? Do you really believe that tolls will provide this money? There are three bridges that cross the river near Wilmington. All roads leading to them from the south require traveling on Highway 17 south of Wilmington. Connecting the I140 bridge with 74/76 would offer an alternative and could go a long way toward improving this problem. Shouldn't we use existing funds and try that approach first before spending a billion dollars on yet another project the state can't afford?

You nailed this one! Lets

You nailed this one! Lets finish this one SMALL section of I-140 before we start talking about billions of $. Why can't anyone else see the logic in this?


Sounds like they are just worried about not having all that traffic drive past Leland businesses. The traffic is a nightmare, I hope to move out of Brunswick County and into civilization on the "other side of the river". You can take the people out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of people.

Please hurry!

By all means, please move to the 'civilized' side of the river, as quickly as possible. Based upon your comments, you will 'fit in' much better over there. Enjoy your convention center!

No room for that person

PLEASE! Don't send that egotistical idiot to our side of the bridge. What the h*** does trailer parks have to do with this matter? Just another ignorant remark directed towards Leland. So stupid, so sad. The town council is right in this decision. Why spend $1B on a bridge (when they don't have $1B) when there is already a bridge at the northern end of the county? We call it the Palin Bridge as it's the "bridge to nowhere". It ends on Hwy 421 when they should have completed the bypass on over to Hwy 74/76. It would aleviate the heavy commercial trucks off of the Eagle Island connection for the most part. I commend Leland for stopping and taking the time to think this through. That's good government. Surrounding governments could learn from this.

Skyway Bridge

To quote "Leland residents are worried one of the plans for the Skyway could divide neighborhoods and prevent home construction.". People if you don't build roads how are all the people that you are worried about building a house going to get around. The problem is people are more worried about building new house thatn the infrastructure to support them. When the bridge we have falls into the Cape Fear, what will we do?

Leland neighborhoods

You're confused, the people in Leland aren't worried about building more homes. They're worried about the destruction of two neighborhoods, for no reason. As you drive by Snee Farm & Stoney Creek take note of all the land around those neighborhoods. The DOT said they decided a long time ago to build through those neighborhoods & replanning was "too time consuming". The problem is not "the people of Leland", its an inept government agency. Get the facts before you bark.