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Road work on campus this week at UNCW

UNCW chose spring break to perform some much needed on-campus repairs. Cahill and Reynolds roads, next to the new parking deck on campus, will be closed this week. Workers are installing underground storm water pipes. That means driver's won't be able to make a continuous loop around campus. The work was intentionally planned for spring break since there are fewer drivers on campus.

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Not EVERYONE goes on Spring Break

I wonder if the "Powers that Be" can think of a few more things to make it nearly impossible to travel the back loop of the campus. Not all students go away for Spring Break, and it was already horrific enough with the changes recently made; closing Reynolds, and plugging up the parking lot at the Student Rec Center area. Adding in the extra speed humps was also another brilliant idea made by some loser that never has to travel that area. Getting from the apartments to the SRC and back is a challenge now, but is an absolute nightmare if you want to go work out at the SRC, say, around 5:00 in the afternoon. It is sad to know that someone with so little forethought and caring would have enough power on campus to have made those decisions. But then, when they don't have to use that area at the back of campus, what do they care??? Nice work, UNCW, always thinking of your students, right??? WRONG! It a STUPID thing you've done!


Are the poor widdle kiddies having a rough time driving around campus, especially to work out? Try walking....spoiled, clueless,little darlings!


You are complaining about driving from the apartments to the rec center...seriously? You know there are sidewalks right, you can't be that lazy? They are obviously doing work while some of the students are away and there is less commuting. Your anger is unnerving.

Yes they are that lazy!!!!!

Yes they are that lazy!!!!! They can't stand to walk anywhere....even to "work out" on a good day! If it is cold and/or raining you can forget it!! Especially the athletes who are supposed to be the most fit of the entire student body. They are the worst and think the rules don't apply to them. Not to mention all of the students that use handicap placards for stubbed toes! A few are legit, but most ridiculous!! They have a perfectly good shuttle system to get them around the campus if they would allot time for that in their schedule to have time to use it; but that would require them to get up early. There are a few who get up early enough and do the right thing but the majority are lazy and are always "running late" and can't stand to walk across campus despite the health benefits to them...especially those athletes!!