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Robbery suspects shot dead by NC Pizza Hut worker


CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) -- Police say a North Carolina pizza restaurant worker being herded toward a cooler pulled a gun and shot and killed two robbers.

Multiple media outlets reported Tuesday that police were searching for a third man who got away from an east Charlotte Pizza Hut restaurant.

Authorities say the robbers burst through the restaurant's front door late Monday as two workers were cleaning up in the back. Investigators say the suspects ordered the two employees into a walk-in cooler, then started beating one of the men. The other employee pulled a handgun and opened fire.

Police say they found two handguns near the dead suspects. Their names have not been released.

No charges have been filed against the armed employee.

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Comment to Pizza Hut

If Pizza Hut fires the employee who legally defended himself during the robbery attempt on Sep 28th in N.C. I will NEVER eat there again. Neither will my family or friends who have concealed pistol licenses. If that young man had not had his gun, he and the other employee's would probably be dead now.
Oh, I UNDERSTAND PIZZA HUT EXECS. You can always hire more employees. So what if a few get robbed and killed. Plenty more where they came from, right!!! No need to allow your employee's legally carry their guns on them to protect themselves. I mean, it's not your butt on the line late at night. You just sit in your penthouse and read about it in the paper. Funny that NO ONE knew that young man had his weapon on him until it was absolutely necessary to use it. So why would Pizza Hut or any other corporation for that matter, not let employee's carry their guns legally? Oh yeah. That liability thing again. Better to let people be beaten, raped and killed then risk liability. Now lets see.... Employee's safe....bad guys dead.... At least 2 bad guys won’t ever be repeat offenders to rob rape or kill another law abiding citizen EVER AGAIN.... Hmmm... Where's the BAD in all of this Pizza Hut??? So why do you have a policy of NO WEPONS for employee's who LEGALLY can carry them so they can have the chance to defend themselves against BAD PEOPLE who want to rob, rape or kill them???? SO if PIZZA HUT fires that young man in N.C. for violating their NO SELF DEFENSE policy, you will never get another $$$ from me or many other across this country. You DO understand the NO $$$ part right PIZZA HUT??? I know the DEAD EMPLOYEE'S part probably doesn't compute, but the NO $$$ part may get through. I mean I do want to put it in terms you can understand, after all.

Well, guesty and commonsense

Well, guesty and commonsense beat me to the punch on this one... Here's a local (Charlotte) account of the event:

From the Charlotte story

"Pizza Hut employees have been fired for using guns in self-defense. Chris Fuller, a spokesman for Pizza Hut’s national corporate office, said that “in the interest of our employees’ safety, we don’t discuss our safety policies publicly.”

Meaning they would rather cower and bend over and take it instead of fighting back against thugs.

I hope corporate stands behind him

Or will Pizza Hut say the worker violated their weapons policy and fire him? Anyway it goes, these two thugs won't rob again. Just like peyton.

Good for the worker who was

Good for the worker who was packing!!!!


Got to love a story with a happy ending.