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Romney, Edwards and McCain facing money decisions ahead

WASHINGTON (AP) -- What a difference public financing makes for two multimillionaires in the presidential race. Republican Mitt Romney has pumped more than $17 million of his own into his race; Democrat John Edwards, by law, can tap his fortune for no more than $50,000. Romney has chosen to bypass the taxpayer-financed presidential campaign fund, a move that lets him use his wealth without limitation. If he has put more of his money in during the past three months, his campaign isn't saying. The public won't find out until Jan. 31, when Romney must submit campaign finance reports to the Federal Election Commission. Edwards has been certified to get $8.8 million in public funds, and he plans to collect. The step not only restricts his spending, it also prohibits him from dipping into his personal wealth. Meanwhile, his campaign is getting more than $2 million in help from labor-backed independent groups. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Huckabee coup!

I'll have to give it to Mike Huckabee, he is playing it like a champ. With the money short he has proven himself to be smarter at making his money go further than ever. He had the attack ad on Romney, said he pulled it, and then show it under limited disclosure just so everyone would know he actually produced one. Now they e-media and TV cannot stop showing it enough! Get outta here! Max viewing without paying a single cent, and then he is a good guy for pulling it and coming out smelling sweet after Romney attacked him. It's clever, much more so than the copy-cat things Hellary is trying to pull off. At least the Republican Party are showing some brains and not black-mail techniques.

Of course Edwards won't use his OWN money!

He wants YOUR money! Does anyone know if his campaign ever paid off the $4 million outstanding debt from the 2004 campaign, which was STILL outstanding when he started this latest run?

No, he never did

Common knowledge is that John Edwards was able to transfer that money into the Democrat Party Campaign Fund. He was release from the debts owed. Since some of this passed through legal channels allowed by law to Special Interests Funds, John Edwards was allowed to be written off in tax deductions. It works for him in "His America, not our America." These special interest funds were used in the elections of people like Jim Black, Thomas Wright and Boseman. If you wanted to know what John Edwards does with his money that he invests, check this out.


No mystery there that comrade johnny won't use his money when he can use sucker money.