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Rules for illegal immigrants in local community colleges may change

Our community colleges are already back in session, but they may change the rules for illegal immigrants once again. Currently illegal immigrants are banned from North Carolina's community colleges, but system leaders are looking at reversing that policy, which has changed four times since 2000. The state board held a special committee session on the matter Wednesday. The two biggest concerns: would the undocumented students fill spots sought by legal residents, and what should they pay? A new decision could come as early as Friday.

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Greed created the immigration problem

I don't think there would not be an immigration problem if it wasn't for so many non law abiding citizens. Do any of you really think there would be so many illegals here if there wasn't any work for them? The people that are evading taxes by hiring illegals under the table are the problem. How can you really blame a people for wanting to better themselves? I mean unless of course your a Native American. I do not see any real change until the people that hire illegals are targeted and prosecuted. How hard could it be? I mean, if you suspect or know of a illegal ... you follow him to work. I'm sick and tired of seeing TV commercials about how so and so got me out of owning the IRS 400k and I only paid a nickel. I look at this country of mine and I see things falling apart. Never seems to be any money for anything. But I also see a lot more personal stuff ... and big houses. Can't be because we don't pay as much taxes as we used to. It's because so many people out there cheat on their taxes. So the illegals are here, I sure do wish they were paying taxes. Because if the man that hired them was paying his, and they were paying theirs ..... I would say .... yes ... they and/or their children should be allowed to attend community college. I see illegals everywhere I go ... but when I see them working, I never see one of them leaning on the shovel, They are all working. Maybe some educated Latino's could help this country out. I also say that if they work and pay taxes, for "X" amount of years, we should think about letting them apply for citizenship.


We give them free health care, housing and food. So, why not give them free education. That way they can still be under paid, and send money home. Then you have people here on a Visa and they cannot go to college. I remember seeing that the last time this came up. I think it is time to remove everyone from office and put people in with some common sense......

Hate, Ignorance and lousiness

If the word illegal is print or mention in any forum, all of you bunch of racist jump with your Ignorance and hatefulness. First of all no human being is illegal, are you called illegal when you get a traffic ticket? are you call illegal when you have Children custody dispute, which I believed some of you have been involved in such situation, statistic don't lie. Those kids that are planing to go to college are the same ones going to High School with you kids now. Ask your kids if they are criminals? the answer is a BIG NO, most of this kids are law abiding Citizens who in most cases came here without their will by their parents. I wonder if all of your ancestors were treated the same way where were you now? And don't tell me about that they came here legally, most of Italian, Irish and others came during war time where you used to show up in any port of entry (Airport,Ports, Border) and get into this country extremely easy. The Chinese act of the 1800's was the first attempt to restrict immigration from people that look different than YOU. Slavery and racial tensions in this country are very recent and please don't tell me I am using the race card, because the race card is the REAL issue here, I guarantee most of you won't allow your daughter to marry a MEXICAN (What you sometimes by ignorance call all the Hispanic) although is nothing wrong to be Mexican, some of them welcome you in their country with open arms, That is why Mexico is one of the favorite places that Americans visit. Finally get it over, Sonia Sotomayor is in the Supreme court, I know you still don't like the idea to have another minority in power but things are changing for good for those who were denigrated for centuries from people like you, thank goodness there is Americans without prejudice that make sense and reflect the true nature of humans: Love, Tolerance and peace.


"most of this kids are law abiding Citizens" If you are here illegally then you are NOT a law abiding citizen. What part of that don't you get?


they sure aren't "undocumented". They are ILLEGAL, the act they committed to get here is ILLEGAL...making them ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS..when I get a traffic ticket...for all intensive purposes I am a criminal as I broke the law. I DON'T CARE ABOUT ILLEGALS CHILDREN...that is a LIBERAL comment meant to incite some sort of emotion to override COMMON SENSE. I don't care if they get an education, they are STEALING time from my children in the classroom. Their parents are STEALING from all of us. Get over yourself...illegals are ILLEGAL...they deserve ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY....a one-way trip back to the border. I think they should start SHOOTING intruders...that's what you do when you defend your borders.

Please cite your reference

"And don't tell me about that they came here legally, most of Italian, Irish and others came during war time where you used to show up in any port of entry (Airport,Ports, Border) and get into this country extremely easy." Please cite the reference for such a statement. You will find that the peak periods of immigration existed well outside any war. You are pressing your argument with convenient, created psuedo-facts. Here's one real fact you choose to ignore: America cannot afford to be Uncle Sugar to every sad case in the world. It has nothing to do with race, as I've more than once mentioned the estimated 100k plus illegal Irish immigrants on the East Coast. Be they Irish, Mexican, Palestinian, Haitian, or Martian, they are NOT American citizens and deserve NOTHING from a government that is being funded by American citizens. We need a comprehensive reform that allows an adequate number of workers to enter this nation to provide the services we need while being treated fairly themselves. We need to MANAGE cross border work visas and immigration. Neither the liberal view of "let 'em come by the millions," nor the conservative view of "keep 'em all out" makes any sense or has any hope of succeeding.

You must be...

applying for admission.....

Wake up before you lose your country

Has it not yet occured to you that as a state, North Carolina is at the forefront of "all things liberal?" The people you elected and the people they appointed don't particularly CARE what you think about illegal immigrants. It is all part of a national movement within the Democrat's left wing to establish a borderless, Socialist Utopia....and most conservative Republicans don't protest TOO loudly because of the economic benefits we reap from an immense pool of cheap labor. Are you also foolish enough to believe that illegal immigrants won't be allowed access to healthcare under the proposed Obamacare? No...of course it won't be in the legislation! It wasn't in the original Medicaid legislation, either, but just as we saw with Medicaid, wait until some slap-happy Socialist federal judge rules from the bench that illegal immigrants must have access to public financed health insurance. You better wake up and realize that the Democrats are trying to consolidate their power, trying to hold onto their total control of the government until their destructive work is done. In that light, if you are a member of ANY marginalized group, be it illegal immigrants, gays and Lesbians, any and every minority, even convisted felons, you can expect the Democrats to bend over backward to kiss your fanny as they expect you to repay them some day in the voting booth. Of course, if you're a productive, responsible American citizen, you're nothing more than a well of money to be tapped to them. It's your "patriotic duty" to subsidize illegal immigrants at CFCC. Those of you who foolishly voted for Obama, Perdue, Hagan, et al can feel very "patriotic" over the next few years as you see your taxes rise, possibly to pre-Reagan rates. Fortune magazine predicts that every single taxpayer is going to see their taxes rise 55% in the coming years to pay down the existing debt, not even including Obamacare or the hidden taxes of Cap-n-Trade. We're watching North Carolina and indeed the entire United States die right in front of us, and it's going to take more than message board posts, calls to talk radio, and TEA parties to save it.

Common, Common, Common

why do you continue to debate the whitless wonders? They neglect to consider immigrants came to this country legally through Ellis Island. They neglect to consider there were annual quotas or "caps" as to the number of immmigrants who could enter based on nationality. They neglect to consider these folks took civic, history, and English classes in order to take entrance examinations to become citizens. They forget the thousands of Jewish Nationals who were denied entrance to this Country by FDR and Congress due to said quotas. No exceptions were made then as tens of thousands fled Nazi Europe and many ultimately were returned to face the Holocaust. I could go on and on. But these twits just do not get the message. And you should know it is a waste ot effort to get into a battle of wits with unarmed liberals and illegals who are hiding below the radar.

Tom, it's just part of my plot

It's not for the 4 S's benefit. It's simply to consolidate my power base among people like you, guesty, et al. When it all comes tumbling down around our ears and we start rebuilding, I'm planning on you, the people, drafting me for Emperor. I'll get things straigtened out muy pronto!. Of course, it will only be until my death, then you'll be on your own. I wouldn't trust either of my kids with that much power....

Don't count on Me

Bolivia is looking pretty good in the event the Tri-Town Council for Topsail fails in its intent to blow up the 2 bridges; secede from the State; and become the Duchy of Topsail. Similar to Monaco but better. I get to be the Czar of Gambling.

BTW, before you start throwing hissy fits.....

I did a crummy job editing this because I was in a hurry. I do *NOT* mean to imply that you can't be a responsible, productive member of society if you're gay, Lesbian, or a member of any minority group. I should have said, "However, if you're not in any of these groups..."

logic and reason

First of all, one possible solution is to adopt a consumption tax (abolish ALL property taxes, income tax, fees, etc...), and then everyone (legal or illegal) will be accountable for the cost of the "socialization of loss." That seems to be the sticking point with most anti-immigration folks, that and overcrowding. Just have everyone pay their fair share. The current system makes ME want to go under the radar and not pay taxes, healthcare costs, not get a license or car insurance... Is education a right? Is healthcare a right? I don't think so. Everyone has a right to be treated equally and have the same opportunity to work to support themselves and their family. Obviously the "illegals" find better opportunities here than in their homelands. Let all schools charge tuition, and manage their own budgets. Stop making everyone without children pay for runaway school budgets. if you have a kid, pay for him\her to go to school. Abolish insurance - it's legal gambling. Doctors did fine without it for hundreds of years. They used to charge based on the patient's means - not what some beaurocrat decides. Or nationalize heathcare and pay Dr's and healthcare workers salaries instead of by how much needless tests they can order. If it's a right, we shouldn't be administering healthcare as a capitalistic opportunity. My grandparents on both sides immigrated from Ireland, legally through Ellis Island. I went to Cape Fear Community College for a healthcare degree, and paid my tuition. I have three small children, and I pay my taxes. The world is changing, our country and our state are changing too. The world would be a better place if it were "colorblind" and "faithblind", but the change has to come from both sides. Reverse discrimination is WORSE than discrimination because minorities should realize the destructive nature of thinking that one race or creed is no better than another. Hate breeds hate.

Is It true?

Why is this topic even being considered. Illegal immigrants have broken the law by being in the US. Our appointed leaders are possibly giving them the right to attend college. Is this a joke? Noone should be rewarded for breaking the law. I still can not figure out why a child born on US soil to illegal immigrants is automatically a US citizen. Our representatives in Congress need to come back to reality. I hope citizens start paying attention to this injustice and hold them accountable come re-election time.

How About

using this as an opportunity? When the "illegal" immigrant is at the Registrar's desk, let a member of INS review his or her paperwork. Here illegally, go directly to jail and be on your way to your home land in 48 hours. No Fuss, No Mess, No Appeal. Of course, on the other hand the Governor may again withdrawl funds from the Coomunity College system to balance other aspects of the state budget. No Funds, No College.

Vote the problem OUT

The problem is not illegal aliens, our problem is corruption within our own government. Every last one of the politicians needs to be voted OUT in order to make sure we send the right ones home. If the illegals were denied all rights and all privileges, they would go home on their own accord and never return. The exceptions would return legally, through the system. Until then, no work, no school, no health care. Are you listening Washington, Raleigh, Wilmington? NO MORE!

What should they pay? How

What should they pay? How about full price. They should receive no government assistance whatsoever as they don't put anything into the treasury. Where do the bleeding hearts end? I guess a man who rapes a mother and her daughter also has a right to free education, right? After all, he is a victim of society? Give me a break, if you are illegal or do something you give your right to any of my money, if you had a right to claim it as yours to begin with.

Once again TIIC show how big

Once again TIIC show how big of idiots they really are. Come on now do they actually think the tax paying public will let them get away with this for long. They are community colleges, paid for by the community for the use of the community. Not for an illegal alien. Illegals are criminals. They are here unlawfully. They should not enjoy the privileges of citizens who are taxpayers. No jobs for them, no education for them, no medical care for them at the expense of the lawful taxpaying citizens. If they want the perks they need to abide by the rules. Stop this lunacy.


Why do we even think about this? That is what is wrong now. If you aren't suppose to be here than you shouldn't. They should have to pay just like everybody else that goes there. I couldn't believe the amount of paper work that I have had to go through with my child to go to CFCC. If she is 24 or with child or married she don't need her parents to sign anything. But she sure can sign up and go fight for this country. If you are not here under this country's rules and law , THEN get on the next thing smoke back out of town. Enough is enough. IF they get the illegels in the school that gives them more FEDERAL $ for the school.

Community Colleges - illegal immigrants

Why would the community colleges even consider letting an illegal immigrant attend our schools? The system leaders need to remember who pays their salaries. It is not the parents of these illegal children as they do not even pay taxes! Why should these children take up the places that need to be used by the children of tax payers? If these children graduate, where are they going to work? They will still be illegal immigrants. Are they going to pay taxes? NO. What part of the word "ILLEGAL" do the system leaders not understand? Maybe they need to go back to school. I don't have a college education, but I certainly understand the meaning of the word "illegal". As soon as the school can determine that the children are illegal, they (and their family) should be deported. Then, if they want to be citizens, let them apply the through the proper channels.

Is this a joke? They are

Is this a joke? They are illegal!!!! If an illegal immigrant is accepted before a US Citizen there are some serious issues here!

tg2104 I couldnt care less

tg2104 I couldnt care less where people come from or what they look like, but if you are going to move to a different country, do it "legally". Why should we, as citizens and tax payers pay for someone who is here"illegally" to go to college and take a course that should be given to a citizen who has a "legal" right to be there over someone who is there"illegally"?

Why is this even a question?



Wait, I think the key word here is "Illegal". Definition: Illegal, or unlawful, is used to describe something that is prohibited or not authorized by law or, more generally, by rules specific to a particular situation.

The key words here are

The key words here are "Government with No Brains"! Pure and simple!!!

I agree! I don't understand

I agree! I don't understand why the lawmakers continue to give these illegals advantages. If they want to go to school, they need to go back home and come back into the country legally. Why do they look the other way at those from "south of the border" but those from Europe or Asia, etc have to have green cards,visas,etc.