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Running of the Brides takes place in downtown Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Soon-to-be brides lined up early Saturday morning for the chance to get a designer gown at a discounted price. The event took place at A Boxed Event in downtown Wilmington.

A Boxed Event is a new full-service event boutique and Wilmington’s first Eco-Chic event atelier. There were more than 100 dresses for brides to choose from. Brides could also browse veils, wedding jewelry, flower arrangements, and more.

"I think we have to do more for our brides in the area, especially with the recession," store owner Khalilah Olokunola said. "We want to teach them to reduce, reuse and recycle. If we can help them reduce their funding and the fees they have to pay they can allocate those funds somewhere else."

Running of the brides takes place in hundreds of cities throughout the United States each year. A Boxed Event is excited to bring the tradition to Wilmington.

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$18,500 dress in Chicago Running of the Brides

I would definitely recommend attending the Running of the Brides. On July 23, 2010 I found a Kenneth Pool gown that had the original tags still attached that read $18,500. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and for $699 it was the biggest bargain I've ever found!

Do you REALLY think that

Do you REALLY think that dress ever sold for $18,500???? Anybody that would even consider paying that kind of money for something to wear only once is totally insane.

I would recommend comparison

I would recommend comparison shopping- you don't have to wait for a sale! I recommend the clarence racks- I got my wedding dress from Elegant Brides on Oleander for a toatal of $200 on clarence + this included alterations from the same store! My family +friends loved the gown - I of course did!

Was this anything like the

Was this anything like the running of the bulls? I can't believe women would degrade themselves like this to save a few dollars.

Running of the Brides

With all due respect I attended this event and can not understand how anyone would think this "would degrade" a young bride-to-be trying to save money. The event was very well run and gave many young ladies the opportunity to purchase a beautiful dress and save money. During this hard economic time most people would welcome any chance to save money. Our bride to be got a dress she fell in love with and saved hundreds of dollars, savings a young couple starting their new lifes together certainly can use for the many other things needed in the future. The people running the event were so helpful and in addition to saving money we had a fun time. Kudo's to "A Boxed Event" and I hope they will continue to do this in the future.

Running of the Brides takes place in downtown Wilmington

Nothing like Running of the Bulls. With all due respect, that is a pretty ignorant comment Guest 427. It actually allows the brides to purchase beautiful dresses at a lower price. It makes sense to me. If I was getting married, I'd do anything to save money- that is money that you could put toward a house, invest, etc. Why would you spend thousands on a dress if you could find one on sale?

You must never have heard of

You must never have heard of the bridal dress sale up in NYC that coined the name "Running of the Brides." Hundreds of women line up hours before the opening and then go nuts when the doors open. Pushing, shoving, biting, hair pulling are all very common there. Hope these ladies have the Southern good manners not to behave like that here.

Hope none of them got

Hope none of them got trampled. I remember seeing the brides running somewhere a couple years ago. As you said, it was pushing, shoving and overall it appeared to be something that most would not really want to be a part of. Wonder if they make the smaller women spot the big ones like they do in drag racing?

I thought 427's comment was

I thought 427's comment was kinda funny. Don't see where you would think somebody was ignorant for having some fun.....loosen up and get over yourself. I have always thought spending a lot of money for a wedding was senseless, anyhow. Just buy a new outfit and go to a Justice of the Peace or whoever can perform weddings. Save all that money, for like you say, a house or savings. Big weddings are just money down the tube, and the less expensive ones cost just as much to get out of as the expensive ones when divorce time comes.

Running of the Brides

It was actually an amazing event for Wilmington and hope its done again....No degrading at all....Its been a tradition for years at the Famous filenes basement and I'm excited about it being in Wilmington....

Bulls are animals and women are not- Just thought I'd remind you!

This business didnt have to reduce prices but they did...Kudos to A Boxed Event...They were all so helpful and courteous to us as well....Might I add that I did find the one!