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SABLE flight finds fugitive


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police used their eye in the sky to catch a suspect.

Reuben Nathaniel Irvin, 24, jumped from his car Monday when officers tried to pull him over.

Wednesday night, as officers, deputies and dogs chased Irvin, WPD's SABLE helicopter followed him with its infrared cameras.

Irvin is now in jail under $280,000 secure bond. He's charged with several crimes, including assault on a government official and possession with intent to sell heroin.

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color dont really matter

Im going to start off saying that it dont matter what color you are or if you have a past or it can bee the first crime.It all depends who you know or howmuch money you have. Look at the Lunesford case she never had a past record or even hung around the people that went down on the bust but they plasterd her name,picture and where she lived befor she wasnot even served with her warrants.eveyrone judged her when they heared what the news and paper had to say. She lost her job and her kid. they said when she tried to turn erself in that it was a human error or is it just that they were just to lazy to do the paper work. she was never a runner and still her life is messed up now because of one stupid mistake.Mrs. Lunesford was under a high bond but still never was in trouble before. So to the white black thing color dont matter.

Good as a police officer

Good as a police officer myself, I think he should have got a higher bond. People need to llearn that when yu sell drugs, assault COPS, and then run like the cowards they are that you deserve no spot in todays world except behind bars. WPD GOOD JOB AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!!

This is the kind of bond

This is the kind of bond those kids that bomb their neighbor's should have gotten, $280,000, but no, they got off with a mere $20,000 unsecured bond each and they could have killed someone....there's something wrong with this picture!!!!!!!!!!

Kill someone?

A dry ice/soda bomb is not going to KILL anyone.

Think about it!

Well I have been reading comments for years now on different post! Yeah he should have gotten in trouble we all know selling drugs is wrong but why is it when A black person does something they get the highest bonds and when some of the white people get into the same trouble they get low bonds? I will never understand that! I'm a criminal justice major and I have a lot of friends that are cops in WPD and other places and they say the same thing! The ones that need high bonds don't get them and the ones that don't do! I'm not racist my step father is White and I love him and he's been my dad for 24yrs. All the comments people put up on the hood and when someone in landfall does something it doesn't get posted or someone in Ogden or Monkey junction or Porter Neck! Its just really funny the things people post and don't post comments on! Wrong is Wrong and Right is Right! Most of these people hiding behind comments are really still in the old days and its 2011. Yeah African Americans sell drugs and shoot each other. White people kill there family's and sell drugs and chop each other up! All the other ones just sell drugs and do threats! So no one is perfect! People no matter what color someone is why can't we look at it the same way as any other person of different color? Don't say you do because I have read the comments on a lot of post and it doesn't happen. Most of these people posting comments claim to be of God. I don't think so he would never say those things! By the way I'm from the hood and I don't live in the hood and I'm section 8 free and EBT free and I work and go to school and have a good job! I don't have an arrest record either! I'm a mother of one. I'm BLACK AS YOU WOULD SAY! Yeah some people don't have a way out! You say they can change it but until you have been there you will never know how hard it is for someone stuck in that life style to get out! One charge or mess up and no job! If they do get a job its for a little money so its still not enough to provide for there family! Its wrong but they doing it the only way they can get it! How come when one of our youth mess up its lock them up they don't need to be in society and when another youth of another color does something its he's hanging with the wrong crowd and he made a mistake??? Explain please and let it be facts that support what you write back to me! Can you image if some of them won the lottery and could move out the hood and life a different life style they would! It doesn't mean they want to live there a lot of them where born there and raised and wish they weren't there but Nobody wants to hire them. Really in Wilmington the only thing for black woman today is Nursing. You want let them be Managers unless its Fast Food! I'm done now!


My Doctor is a FEMALE black lady. There is plenty of opportunity around for black's STOP living in the past!!! You say your not racist but you sure sound like you are. Come to the future things are better now. Oh yeah and the lady at the bank that helped me with opening an account she was black too and oh so is the principle at my child's school. Wow they had no problem getting there jobs!!!!!!!! Maybe they worked hard in school for them I know it wasn't handed to them you have to work to get somewhere in this world!! But people think that's just to hard so they complain like you do. If people are in trouble they have to man up and pay the price!! GOOD JOB WPD!!!!!!