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SABLE helicopter catches a group of robbery suspects

Police say the SABLE helicopter's new infrared camera system was instrumental in catching a group of robbery suspects Saturday night. After committing two robberies on South Sixth Street, the group fled into a nearby wooded area. SABLE responded and was able to locate all five suspects. The two adult suspects are in custody at the New Hanover County Jail. They are Michael Hines of Navassa and Daenzel Murphy of Wilmington

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Oh! what a shame, the bad guys can't hide from the police anymore due to the infrared camera system. Oh! how I really feel sorry for them. NOT. It's good that our local Law Enforcement depts. have axcess to this type of equiptment. I just wish I had it when I was working. Keep up the good work. TEW Retired Sgt./KBPD

yes it is good they have

yes it is good they have that but one of the kids had nothing to do with it and the woman told the officer he had nothing to do with it and this child did not hardly know any of the young kids and they have him on such a high bond you would think he killed someone and the court want even let him out on house arrest but you get someone out there salen drugs that can kill you and they have all these dugs guns and money and assalt with deadly weapon charge rapen someone and beating them almost to death and they get house arrest i think the court and the law enforcement are a crock of bs but this is our town we got to love it or leave it it all boils down to the $$$$$$$$$$ that all mighty dollar money is the rule of all evil i found out from a lawyer the county gets up in the millions to get theses so called gang off the street to me a women at that time of night walking in that area was eather a hoo or a crackhead no women in her right mind would walk at night around there alone yes i agree she should have not been hit with the butt of the gun also where was the parents at this time why was a 12 year old doing out at that time and why was this 12 year old with a handgun the parents need to be charged for child nuglet o thats right use parents dont have rights to disublean our children anymore so guess what they are going to have more chilren out doing crime so everyone needs to stop crien and deal with it because untill they give us our rights to disublen our children they are going to keep getting in trouble so they can blaim theirselfs