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Saffo, Haynes filing for re-election

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo headed to the board of elections this morning to file for re-election. "You want your city to grow and be strong and that's what we have done here in the city of Wilmington. I want you to continue to help us move forward and let's get down there and win," said Saffo. Saffo expressed his enthusiasm to supporters and addressed the importance of the upcoming election, before filling out the paperwork to make his registry official. "We've got issues in our community, infrastructure issues, road issues, economic development issues, parks and green space, firemen and policemen; these are issues that just don't go away. We've got to continue to work on them, and work on them as a team," Saffo said. Wilmington City Council member Margaret Haynes also filed for re-election Monday. Three other candidates filed in New Hanover County - Alicia Lachance and Bob Lewis announced their candidacy for city council in Carolina Beach, and Dean Lambeth filed for Kure Beach mayor. More than 15 candidates filed in Brunswick County. Belville Mayor – Chuck Thurlow Holden Beach Mayor – Alan Holden Holden Beach Commissioners – Don Glander, Ken Kyser, Ray Lehr, Sandy Miller, and Sheila Young Leland Mayor – Bob Boynton Oak Island Mayor – Johnie Vereen and Betty Wallace Oak Island Councilman – Dara Royal, Reece Simmons, and Bettie Thorne Ocean Isle Beach Commissioner – D.B. Grantham Shallotte Mayor – Donald Kelly Southport Mayor – Robert Howard Southport Alderman – Dan Allen, Nelson Adams St. James Council Member – Dennis Becker and Bob Morrow Sunset Beach Councilman – Lou DeVita Monday was the first day candidates were allowed to register. They have until July 17th to file for the November third election.

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"Saffo, Haynes filing for

"Saffo, Haynes filing for re-election""GREAT!" It'll be a pleasure to watch them booted out (LOL)

The glorious day.....

...will be when we vote these pocket stuffing, self serving people are voted out of office. What the current City Council thinks about is themselves, not the city of Wilmington and certainly not it's residents. Elections are held to vote in the good and vote out the bad, now is your chance fellow Wilmingtonions. Get to the polls and let's make the right thing happen this time!!! There has been far too many decisions made soley by the council against the wishes of the citizens, no matter how loud the voice. Blatant, in your face, "we don't care what you think" decisions. It seems there are still a few of the "Wilmington 100" around.


Mr. Saffo has his own personal interests at heart! He is a people pleaser and its not the people of Wilmington he's looking to please - its corporate leaders, and those with deep pockets. That man is a joke as mayor. And before you go thinking I'm a hater....I actually voted for him when he first ran for office. But not this time. Between him and the City Council they have mismanaged money and abused their 'power' for the last time as far as I'm concerned. good bye Saffo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great day for wilmington

It was a great day for wilmington with two great leaders filing for re-election! In these hard times we need folks who keep the wheel of this ship we call our city steady and moving forward! We are truly blessed!

You most be Dreaming

The only interest he is looking after is his own and the reality companies. If he was looking after the people of the city, there would be no convention center (remember the people voted it down twice)..

Thank you for that commentary....

...Mrs. Saffo

Thank You

I totally agree. I personally know both of these public servants and they truly have the best interests of the city at heart!


Can anyone tell me when the last increase in filing fees for politicians was? It seems they are always ready to soak it to us, but somehow forget they need to pay their share. It would be interesting to know.