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Saffo to stay in mayor's office

READ MORE: Saffo to stay in mayor's office
WILMINGTON -- Bill Saffo stays in the mayor's office. He pulled away from former Mayor Harper Peterson in convincing fashion as the night went on. Justin LaNasa finished a distant third. People cleared out of the government center at about 10:30 Tuesday night. It took a little longer than usual to get the vote totals because this year, the Board of Elections had poll workers drive the votes in instead of phone them in as in years past. With the vast majority of votes counted it looks like Bill Saffo will be the next mayor of Wilmington. There was plenty of cheering going on for Mayor Saffo. He faced a strong challenge from Harper Peterson, but Saffo certainly got all the votes he needed to win tonight. Peterson still won close to 6,000 votes in this election. He left the government center early, declining media requests for interviews. But he did stop to shake hands with Mayor Saffo and congratulate him on the win. Some of the big issues driving voters out to the polls this year were the convention center and the sewer system. From the way people voted tonight it looks like the majority of voters like the track the city is on. Of course, these votes won't be final until they're canvassed on Friday. But it sure looks like Mayor Saffo is staying.

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It is nice to be educated

In response to inkoverdose: We have the same mayor, smart guy Thank you for the compliment. (Obviously we know from whom it came....) Thank you for saying I am a smart guy. Here is the proof. Saffo was serving as a Mayor Pro-Tem, or pro tempore, which if you did not know is provisional. This was the first election that he won, thus he is the new mayor. Regardless, if Saffo had completed a term, once he was sworn in, he would still be the new mayor being that it was a completely different and new term. Where oh where did you get learnt from ? One would think you have acted a fool enough. But if you had ennough business, youcertainly wouldn't be posting on wway throughout the day now, would you...

Padgett got 50% of the vote

How is it possible that one out of every two votes went to Padgett? Is she really that popular? Come on. Did anyone else notice that the board of elections gave us numbers in bits and pieces and NEVER told us what precenct or what percentage etc. Interesting to say the least.


Freedom isn't Free. I see this bumper sticker all of the time and how true it is. Everyone is free to pay and pay and pay. That's exactly what we will do now.It is a fact Convention centers LOSE money. Before all is said and done, we will be paying for it. Bet on it. I'm sure I'll never set foot inside of it but I guess now eventually I will have to help buy it. Shame on all of you who did not vote. Thousands died so you could, but you were just to lazy. You should find a new country to move to were they don't allow it so you don't have to worry about taking 15 minutes out of your precious lives. What A Pitiful Turnout!!!

doin' it to ourselves

Well, next time you're sitting in traffic and looking at the strip malls and slap together houses around you as you wonder how you'll pay your escalating property tax bill, just remember we get what we deserve when we put the development community in charge of the local governments. Talk about cutting our own throats. Oh, and be sure that you fall for their horror stories about how impact fees and land transfer taxes are bad things. They really appreciate it when you volunteer to pay higher property taxes instead so that they can make more money with each development and not pay as they go. You're stepping in and boosting their profits with your property taxes so they're doing ok and they really appreciate it. The realtors/development community spent far more money to help get Saffo elected than the job pays in one year. Feeling like a sucker yet?

Yeah, wow.

If that comment was indeed made by Mr. LaNasa, then it's probably for the best that he lost. That post looks like a little kid wrote it, the grammar and spelling is laughable. I know it's a message board, but still... Well done, Wilmington. Three awful candidates made it impossible to get it right but at least you didn't get it horribly wrong. I would say 'we' but I didn't vote for any of these guys. This was a nice city when I was a kid.

Don't speak for all of the inked people, COngrats Mr. Saffo

In reply to "It was fixed! If all the inked up people in town voted for Lanassa he'd have at LEAST 6%!" For your informaion, the majority of the local professional tattoo artists with good reputations, and the majority of those that have a tattoo that knows lanassa wouldn't vote for him if he were the only canidate running. Which is exactly why Ricky Meeks got more total votes. The majority spoke and we have a new mayor.


We have the same mayor, smart guy.


I own property in the city, but I am sure glad my main residence isn' there.

Great Day for Wilmington

The Landslide mandate delivered by the voters gives our city the clear direction to move us forward in a positive and cohesive means to enact a better Wilmington for ALL people with Bill Saffo as our Mayor. We are BLESSED with this man and the team to move us ahead TOGETHER!


Wow, What a team.

approx 15,000 voted in a

approx 15,000 voted in a city of 100,000. That is not a mandate, but those who did not vote have no one else to blame but themselves for not voting if they don't agree with his agenda. Bill Saffo is certainly not out for ALL people in my opinion, but his suporters got out and voted and so he won. The direction being clear...joke number 2. But it is what it is now. So we'll see how it goes.


It was fixed! If all the inked up people in town voted for Lanassa he'd have at LEAST 6%! REALTORS AND DEVELOPERS FIXED THE ELECTION! WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Get real people.

Realtors, lawyers, educators, and activists particpated and vote

No sir, Mr. Lanassa barely got those who are on his Myspace page out to the polls much less others to vote. Other CITIZENS participated in the process, donated money, got involed and VOTED...and there you have it...the only fix is democracy in action....the money moves a message...but you cannot purchase a vote...Mayor Saffo attended EVERY forum, went DOOR TO DOOR EVERYDAY....even with his duties as Mayor and his business...from Creekwood to PineValley and everywhere in between. He went to EVERYONE and represents EVERYONE and is the best man for the job. That people supported him with money and with votes only reinforces his viablity as the best choice for us all!

Brace yourself

You are about to get what you voted for. I hope you 9,000 people enjoy your convention center, higher taxes, strip malls, condo' deserve it.

re: brace yourself

so what do you think the money should go to - remembering that the hotel room tax money is limited in what it can be used for? last i heard, if we don't use it doesn't the money go to some other city?


be careful what you ask for you just might get it.

Yay! Business as usual at

Yay! Business as usual at City Hall -- crime, greed, corruption, and vacation property. It's a Wal-Mart kind of town -- sure to be The Best City in America, Mr. Wynn... uh... Saffo.


Well i guess i didn't have 180,000 dollars to buy votes & mass media campaining , thats ok i have two years to watch all there mistakes an lies an get those other 50,000 registered an voting , My campaign has just begun Thanks for all that did Vote or wanted to but couldn't LaNasa for mayor 2009 p.s. Vote Ron Paul for president he's the man Google him you'll see


Seriously man, give it up. It's hopeless. Anyone you support for any other public office will be harmed by your backing. The other day someone said you only entered the race to promote your business. Is that true? What about the girl talking about your "666" tattoo? That's not what people want reppin' their city. Yea I said reppin'.

Just Saying

Ricky Meeks netted 498 more votes than LaNasa.... just saying........... Congrats Saffo !!! The majority has spoken.