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Sarah Palin at Elon University Thursday

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin was back in North Carolina Thursday. Palin held a rally at Elon University and brought along singer-songwriter Hank Williams Jr. North Carolina is very much in play for both parties. Senator John McCain was in Wilmington on Monday.

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Palin Runs A State

Sarah Palin is the Governor of the largest state in the United States, so I say she has more than proven herself, and she has certainly put herself out there for public scrutiny. Palin has a successful and honest record as Governor. Moreover, she is viewed favorably by the citizens she leads. That speaks volumes.

Why exactly does the VP in this election get so much attention?

Is someone trying to throw off everyone's attention from the actual men running for President? Like pay attention to the candidate that has zero leadership experience who presumes to jump right to executive office w/o bothering to gain leadership experience --- has radical leanings or changes those publicy mid swim (changed churchs conveniently after being found as a member of one we've all heard screaming now on youtube) and the other man on the Presidential ticket has served in our military with honor and respect. Has years of leading experience while the other has SERVED (keep in mind the actions of that man while serving, did he actually vote or say present no vote) under 200 DAYS people. DAYS. Mostly obviously spent outside of Washington running a campaign. Vote for the war hero or vote for someone who spent 20 years with Rev. Not/Wright. how much have we dumbed down as a nation? Obviously the media hopes considerably. Barack Hussein Obama wants everyone to jump on the hate Palin wagon. (it's easy to lead some people to do that to a woman) that way no one pays attention to all those many things in his past he'd rather no one questioned. His vast inexperience just being one of the first. When Muslim radicals want him elected we should perhaps stop to question why they feel that way, they think perhaps he's weak??? Radical Church for 20 YEARS. (how hard is it to realize you don't agree with Revvie Not Wright? really? it took him 20 years? does anyone believe that?) or ..... or..... or..... anyone of 20 other issues that can be brought to question. That should never be questioned in the Leader of Our Nation. Never. Go Hank Jr. Go Sarah.

Palin Visit

Wish I could have went to see this great lady...She is the real deal..not a phony like most politicians..


and Keith, you know her personally? I believe that would be the only way to make a remark like you did. I go by her apperence and words she speaks and the way she carries herself...she's stupid! I don't find "what do you know Joe" (wink)" very professional for someone running to be vice president. Hope you live in Alaska!


you are a moron. you actually remind me of that guy I talked to the other day that said he was voting for obama because "his commercials were nicer than mccain". you too, need to stay home Nov. 4.

Re: Palin

I find it funny that you called Sarah Palin stupid. You wrote " I go by her apperence". Boy, does that make you look "stupid". If all you can do is slander someone because of the way they look, that says something about your character.