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Saving money on your energy bill

READ MORE: Saving money on your energy bill
Most of us are looking at ways to economize; one place we can start is with the electricity bill. Bud Goolsby from the Coastal Lighting Showroom in Wilmington has an idea… put a dimmer switch on lights in places like your dining room. He said 20 percent of your electricity bill is likely from lighting your home. If you dim the lights to 80 percent, you would save eight dollars a month, or close to one hundred dollars a year. Doesn't sound like much, but since the average family lives in a home for seven years, buying a $30 dimmer could save you close to $700 in 7 years. "The great advantage to the economy is if in North Carolina all 6 million people did that, it would be a tremendous savings on our ecology,” said Bud Goolsby. Just one warning, don't put dimmers on those energy saving florescent lights, because that can cause fires. Another tip… consider putting a motion detector in places like the bathroom. "Especially if you have children, places like bathrooms or their bedroom where they come and go a lot and fail to turn off the lights, that can be real energy-saving also,” Goolsby added. Like dimmers, they cost about $30 and can be used with all types of bulbs. Elaine jack at Sapona in Wilmington says another way to cut your electricity cost is by unplugging electronics and appliances you're not using. "If we've charged our phone we should do that, because then we're not paying for that energy that's going into that little heat thing, if you've ever pulled that out of the socket, you notice it's hot, so it's drawing, the same with your computer cord,” Elaine said. Or, just plug everything into a surge protector and turn the switch off at night.

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Energy savers

I've replaced most of my light bulbs with energy saving bulbs when I moved in last year-got 4 more left to switch. I unplug everything I possibly can, plus I don't watch TV, my A/C is set at 81degrees with the ceiling fans on low, I keep my lights turned off until absolutely necessary & my water heater is set at the lowest. I live in a 1350sqft house & my electric bill to pay this month is $40. My dad taught discipline while I was growing up in a large family about saving electricity & I'm the only one paying the bills. With the economy & so much increase in our services these days I've got to cut back everywhere even eating less.

tremendous savings

It would be a tremendous savings on our ecology if all stores were required to turn off their outside lights when they were closed. Look at PPD at night. How much would they help the envoriment if they cut off the lights at night, plus the saving of the greenhouse gases..

they pay the bill

But PPD pays their electric bill so they can leave on every and any light they feel like. Look at it this way, they are contributing to the economy.

One of the biggest ways to

One of the biggest ways to save money is to get your heating and air inspected. My house is 25 years old and had the same A/C unit from when it was built. The unit itself started leaking near the top so my A/C had to work extra hard just to get the air throughout the house. They have energy saving units available now for a slightly higher cost but you can get a 30% credit on your Federal return up to $1,500. Plus, with a new unit your monthly bill can be reduced up to $100 per month

The sad thing is that even

The sad thing is that even though all this information is out there to help people lower their basic living costs, the vast majority of people won't do anything. Like the article said, there are 6 million people in the state and if everyone would do something so simple as installing dimmer switches or using lower wattage or energy saving bulbs that's a chance to make a HUGE effect on both our local economy *and* the consumption of energy. Driving habits are another thing as well...I laugh at so many people every day that speed past and look over at me because I'm just coasting up to a red light instead of keeping my foot on the gas until the last possible second and wasting fuel. I'm also one of those people that cuts off their car at lights I know I'll be sitting at for longer than a minute...and while that may seem a stupid idea to some I'm the one smiling even more when I make my Ford Taurus get 25mpg in city travel when it's only rated for 22.

Dimmers? How about this idea...

Rather than installing a dimmer for rooms with multi-light fixtures... here is a cheaper idea. If the fixture has multiple bulbs, remove one or more bulbs. Or, just use lower wattage bulbs in the fixtures. When we moved into our home, our front porch fixtures had 60-watt bulbs in them. I replaced them with 15-watt bulbs, and we still have plenty of light. I see no reason to waste money on the installation of dimmers. JMHO.