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SBI continues investigation into Senator RC Soles

The SBI investigations into State Senator RC Soles continue. In August we aired an interview with a former legal client of the senator, who accused Soles of molesting him. As a result of that interview, the SBI launched an investigation into Soles, though the man later recanted his accusation. A few weeks later, the senator shot Kyle Blackburn, another of his former clients, at Soles' home, prompting another investigation. No charges have been filed in either of those cases, but Monday a spokesperson for the Attorney General's office, which is now handling the Soles cases, said the SBI is continuing its investigations.

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Sen. Soles

I have been holding off on making a comment,figured enough people thought the same as me. One thing for sure, never will all the facts come out. Soles will come out smelling like a rose, but all the help he gave these boys wasn't because they were good ole boys and deserved. It was much more than that and the public knows it, but if it was because they were good ole boys, what about all the other good ole boys in our community that deserved a little help?


He's a good Democrat, and the people of North Carolina will keep electing him, no matter what, until he decides he is ready to retire.


Ok for real now. If I had shot someone in the back of the leg or the back period, I would have been taken to jail period. They would prepare their investigation and I most likely would have been charged with attempted murder. Why because he is a Sentor entitles him to special priviliges. What's up with that. Also "Frog's" Allen Strickland is still in jail under a bond that is way out of line for the crimes he is charged with. Is he so dumb as not to talk to the authorities and cut himself a deal? Where is his attorney R.C. Soles and why has he not made any appearance for thius young lad under his care. If he cared so much for this child, he would have moved heaven and earth to free him. Guess he does not want to explain his money trail in all this mess.

Going away

Do they think if they drag it on it will go away or people will forget.. This time they are WRONG !!!! I don't understand what is taking the SBI so VERY long on this case. If he shot the boy and was afraid for his life it will be on his tape.. If he didn't the people should be charged.. It's not rocket science... This time it's NOT going away as it always has in the passed..


how little you understand politics and the judicial system. It must be rocket science if you do not understand how politics and the judicial system work.


I can't believe this is still news and this old coot hasn't stepped down. If not for all this embarrassing mess, then for being older than Moses!

No Doubt

this is at the top of the list of cases being worked. Right!! History has shown the longer an investigation drags on, the less likely there will be charges. But, even if charges are merited, it then falls to the Prosecutors to review the facts and charges to determine whether the expense and effort of a trial will be worth while. Tabor Citites; you should look for a new source of entertainment. Wasn't Frog due to appear in court on October 6 for a bail hearing? Do not recall anything on that issue. Is he still sitting in the slammer?


The Columbus County Sheriffs Dept In Custody report shows that Strickland is still in jail. Sooner or later, when he realizes how much time he is facing and is no longer a teflon don, he will come clean about his mentor. Also, how is it that the IRS hasn't become interested in these clients and how money is distributed to them by Soles. The only way he will step down is if the voting public of his district wises up and defeats him. Hopefully, that will happen in the next election. As for the SBI, maybe they will get it right, but if Wright was shot in the back of the leg, would that not indicate he was leaving? How hard is that? Typical Columbus County back room politics!!!!