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SC cigarette tax to go up

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- South Carolina's cigarette tax could soon be going up. And it could have an impact on Brunswick County smokers who now drive across the border to buy their cigarettes. Smoking has and continues to be a costly habit. And it could get worse for those living in South Carolina. The current sales tax on cigarettes in South Carolina is seven cents a pack. The cheaper cost for cigarettes there has been an enticing deal for North Carolinians here. Many North Carolina smokers paying a 35 cent tax have been crossing the border to save money. Shallotte resident Trey Daway said, "We live a mile from the South Carolina line and the sales tax are cheaper in South Carolina, it's not real often that I go but I do." A Senate committee in South Carolina is considering raising its tobacco tax to almost 45 cents. Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce President Cathy Altman says a sales tax hike in South Carolina could mean more tobacco users spending their money in North Carolina. Altman said, "I think consumers are always looking to save money. If the proposed sales tax does increase in South Carolina on tobacco products, I think the residents of our county will stay home and purchase locally." Brunswick County resident John Phillips said, "I would drive to South Carolina twice a day, I had several people who would ask me to pick cigarettes for them, they are more worried about the gas than cigarettes right now." Shallotte resident Greg Chapman said, "With the price of gasoline the way it is right now, I don't think it's worth the effort." The South Carolina Senate committee said it needed more time to determine the impact a tax hike would have on the region. Currently the average state tax on cigarettes across the country is more than a dollar a pack.

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Low Tobacco Taxes

This will be great news if it finally happens. Maybe a few people will decide that smoking isn't worth the extra cost and quit. The price in the Carolinas is far too low, and does nothing to encourage smokers to quit, or to discourage kids from starting. I've seen a few too many people get sick and die from smoking related diseases.


More people die from eating fast food and alchol..You believe what you hear in the media and government..We are being taxed because its an easy way to get fast money..Many people who smoke live to 80's and 90's and I am one to prove it..I started smoking at 13 AND i AM 64 AND NEVER BEEN SICK. iTS ALL BULL-SHI

Cigarette Taxes

Why should smokers bear the burden of the screwups in government. Far too much is being spent on schools, impose as bottled water tax or a jogging trail tarriff if you must, but my insurance covers my medical costs not the state. I am robbed blind for the little hoodlems enough with my state income tax.

tobacco tax

You are an extremely naive sheeple if you believe taxation is good. Think ahead ten years and wonder if you'll be able to do all the things you love to do or will they be taxed out of reach. The point is, what has happened to freedom of choice? The government should not be watchdogging what used to be an acceptable personal practice. Maybe you haven't noticed whenever government wants more revenue they create a lsw against something a huge percentage of the populace do everyday. They will eventually come after the things, that you and other bleeding heart activists like you, cherish. This is not the same USA I was born in. That country was given away last November. Socialism is sliding in right under your nose.

I am glad that you feel that

I am glad that you feel that raising the tax will make everyone quit. I hope you are totally fit and have no bad habits. Why do we not tax all fast food obesity is a real health hazard. Why not share the tax with all and maybe we can afford all the other stuff you feel we need. I know why do we not band fat people from fast food because being fat is bad.


I've also seen a lot of people die because of something they did that was not healthy. It wasn't smoking though, they died of heart attacks because they were obese. Maybe a special tax should be placed on these people.

Be careful what you ask for

Government regulating behavior through taxation is a very slippery slope that diminishes individual freedom with every new law. If they can punitively tax cigarettes because they are bad for you, they can also tax Big Macs, pizza, and Mountain Dew. They can tax motorcycles out of existence. They can tax guns out of existence. They can tax anything out of existence. You are basically saying that government has a right to make nearly every decision in your life. You can't be trusted to make these decisions for yourself - only government can make them for you. We need to get back to the "Land of the Free," and nip this nanny government in the now-blossoming bud. Get government out of trying to protect people from themselves. No one who smokes would claim that it's good for them, but I will claim that they have a right to smoke, they have a right to eat a Big Mac or pizza, they have a right to own a firearm, and they have a right to own a motorcycle.

NC vs SC taxes

The old North state has always been in front of it's southern rival when it comes to taxes! We are much faster on the draw.