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Friday scare at two Wilmington schools

There was a bit of a scare Friday afternoon at two Wilmington schools. Gregory Elementary and Williston Middle were locked down after police received a report of shots fired in the area. A gym teacher reported hearing shots fired from behind the school around 2:15 p.m. Friday. The schools went on lockdown soon after. School was already about to let out, so parents were waiting anxiously for any information from law enforcement and school officials. Parents were notified of the lockdown through a calling system. Police chased a car away from the scene and found it at 22nd St. and Mets Avenue in Wilmington. They searched nearby homes and did not find anyone. Dogs detected the scent of drugs in the car, but no drugs were found. Both schools were locked down for about an hour. Nobody was hurt today and kids and teachers are safe at home tonight. The search continues for anyone involved in the incident.

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Great Job by our Law Enforcement

The lockdown last Friday was very disturbing to everyone involved. But, I must say there was excellent response from both the sheriff's department and the WPD. A school was potentially in the line of fire and our law enforcement reacted as such. So, hat's off to them both for controlling the situation the way they did. Once they had a grasp of the situation, comminucation was passed along to the parents as it was coming in. Again, a good job done by our law men and women. Now, on the other hand, the officials at Gregory weren't so forthcoming with us (parents) waiting for our children at the bell. Before having gotten word from any law enforcement, some parents had asked what was going on, and was told it was a "drill" from two of the school administration. Looking around and nothing but blue lights and smoking tires in the immediate parking lot, this was not a "drill". It's also not a "drill" when several parents who were waiting for their children actually heard a shot or shots themselves. A "drill" was not a good answer. Honesty is always the better answer. I can only hope the intent was not too alarm the parents they were talking to, who didn't know otherwise. Unfortunately most of the parents knew as much as the school did, and this was no "drill" in progress. We were in lockdown. The "drill" comment let us down. Nothing matters to us more than our children, especially if they are in potential danger. We deserved an honest answer. Thoughts?


Keeping guns off the streets is NOT the teachers' job! That just made me laugh. Teachers are too busy having classes of 35 students, paperwork, meetings, demands from parents, and trying to focus on 'test scores'. It begins at home. Why were they on the streets with guns anyway? I think a lockdown is the safest thing for all parties involved. Better safe, than sorry!

I wasn't saying that

I wasn't saying that teachers control the gun situation - I was simply pointing how how dumb and illiterate the students are these days...

RE: Lockdown

Let's forget the lock down for a minute. Instead, let's take a look at the grammar used in the 2 original postings. Police officers? Maybe we need more teachers who can do their jobs.

lock down

I was not scared because stuff like this happens everyday like this down town so its nothing new. i think that we should have more police officers down there when we go to school. i am a student at Newhanover high and we only have 3 officers but i think that we should have more to keep the school more safer..

Is anyone really shocked

Is anyone really shocked over this? I was @ Williston when they lifted the lockdown, it felt like anyother day in the neighborhood. It's sad that I'm not shocked nor surprised