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School districts announce makeup days

READ MORE: School districts announce makeup days

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- This week's winter weather gave students in our viewing area a nice break from school, but now it's time to make the snow days up.

In Bladen County there is a two-hour delay tomorrow. Students will make up their first day Saturday, which will be a half day.

In Brunswick County students' first makeup day is Tuesday, January 25, which was originally a teacher workday.

Columbus County's first makeup day will be this Saturday, when students will be in class until 1 p.m. The second makeup day will be Friday, January 21. The third make up day will by Saturday, January 22, also until 1 p.m.

New Hanover County has not decided when to make up days missed. That decision is scheduled to come during a February 1 school board meeting.

Pender County has a two-hour delay tomorrow. Schools on the traditional calendar will make up days on January 29. Students will be released early that day. The second will be February 21 and the third on June 10. Year round calendar schools will make up their days March 21-23. And the Early College High School will use May 26, 27 and 31 as makeup days.

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My Brother

My brother was 47 years old when he died on Martin Luther King's birthday in 1989. He never attended a "sit-in", he will never have a holiday named after him, and his name will fade in remembrance after his last family member passes away. But he was a good, kind hearted, loving, and funny man who never met a stranger and who said on the last day of his life that he held no grudge against anyone and he hoped no one held a grudge against him. There's no point to this posting except to pay tribute in my own small way to my brother's memory. He was an amazing man, and I loved him.


I do not mind the Saturdays. I would agree with sending kids to school on a Saturday. My first thought however, why is Monday not being utilized as a make-up day for these children. Monday would have much more instruction from the teachers than a Saturday. Then I must ask, if we use Monday as a day off... why use George Washingtons birthday as a make-up day. I am sure Dr. King would not critize our country for educating children... however... there is a group of people who would scream racism for educating our children. The bottom line is this country is out of control. This is only encouraging racism in our country! This is seperating the white man vs the black man. Nobody will sit down and have a special dinner for George Washingtons birthday, however.... no one will for MLK day either. What makes one day greater than the other? IGNORANCE AND A PURE TOLERANCE OF UNEDUCATED PEOPLE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT! No one is whining and by no means nobody is too lazy to get the kids to school on a Saturday.... THIS IS ABOUT PRINCIPAL! THE KIDS SHOULD BE IN SCHOOL MONDAY!!

Wow, how attitudes have changed

It amazes me how whiny parents are these days. When I was a kid, it didn't matter what day school fell on or how much I did not want to parents realized the importance of being there and made me suck it up and go. Now, parents are like "Wahh Wahh theres no way my baby is going to school on a weekend" or "We demand equality in education, top notch instruction and diversity in schools, but don't you dare take my MLK day away from me".

No wonder kids are in such bad shape today, parents cater to them hand and foot instead of laying down the rules, setting boundaries and stressing responsibility. Great job parents!


YOUR parents must have SUCKED...I got spankings and had very conservative Christian parents that were fairly strict....but they never forced me to go to school on a makeup day that was a Saturday...spent time with my dad instead... You DO realize that NOTHING will be taught on a Saturday session of school..right..

Use this to teach

Use this situation to teach your child(ren) that sometimes things in life aren't fair. Yes we had snow and ice, and the kids loved it, but now they need to learn that they have to pay the price for it. Going to school on Saturday WILL NOT hurt them one bit - we did it when we were younger. Yes you can keep them home and then lie when you send in a note excusing them, but what are you teaching? It's okay to lie when it suits you - good lesson mom or dad!

You can pretty well bet that most school districts will not reschedule on January 17. Why? It is a political move that none want to make - many would be very upset if they did. I take nothing away from MLK - his vision was great and his death was a tragedy, but does it make him any more important than others - no! His birthday is recognized as a holiday - yea, no work for fed employees and they still get paid! President's day when we honored the presidents that served this country goes by virtually unnoticed - that is a political agenda pure and simple.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that state/federal policies mandate a certain number of teacher workdays during the school year. There is no way around taking a teacher workday as a makeup day unless we have more scheduled workdays built into the school calendar than the policies mandate. The state/federal policies also mandate that students have to attend 180 days of class instruction or they will not receive credit for the classes they are enrolled in. The county board is limited in what they can do to circumvent these policies. Sure, in the future, inclement weather days could be built into the calendar. That is another topic of discussion.

It's only one 1/2 day on a

It's only one 1/2 day on a Saturday, not that big of a deal.



Presidents Day vs Martin Luther King..hmmm

Who even celebrates Presidents day? Do you meet at your family house for a special dinner, are there parades planned for Presidents day? heck, i think some of the banks are even open on Presidents Day..there are people who actually celebrate the father of the civil rights movement and who is truly one of the greatest historians of our nation. Please dont even try to suggest Martin Luther King Holiday over President's Day..

You are sorely mistaken...

...Martin Luther King, Jr. was NOT an historian in any fact of the matter. MLK was an American clergyman, activist, and a prominent leader in the African American civil rights movement.

Now with History 101 behind us, lets focus more on reality here. Most of the kids in school (along with yourself), know very little, if anything at all about who MLK was, what he did, or many his great accomplishments. It is only another day out of school for them. As a matter of fact, maybe if MLK day was spent in school as a makeup, the kids could do a little more learning about the man and his accomplishments. I doubt seriously MLK would want young students using his legacy as an excuse to avoid meeting school requirements, when that was an integral part of what he indeed fought for.

Do you want to rant some more about this subject that you seem to actually know so little about? will never be able to preach to me about MLK

I can tell by your posts on WWAY that you know NOTHING about the MEANING of MLK holiday and what it means to a LARGE population of this are very much educated at these events held in his honor so to say WE only see this as a day off is your small minded thinking..They see how we can still come together to remember what he did to open people's minds in judging someone based on their character rather than their color..being oppressed, I'm sure you know NOTHING about..the day that you educate me about the Father of the Civil Rights Movement will be a cold day in ..Your posts on this WWAY blog have been nothing but racist to say the least and the last thing I need is you spouting off "knowledge" of what the opposite you say and do..go rant at the next klan meeting as far as I am concerned..

Sorry to rile your feathers so much....

....but I only pointed out that you didn't know what you were talking about. I only stated facts about Dr. King that you are apparently unaware of. It seems that you should read more about him to understand his purpose and method on a deeper level, well beyond the "skin" and more along the lines of the larger scale (big picture) of his intent.

It is very abrasive language and anger that is evident in your post and is what holds you back from making the accomplishments of education and opportunity of which Dr. King gave you the path. You had rather argue about something you know little about and call names, rather than to educate yourself and make just one valid point.

Your reference to me attending a "klan" meeting is indicative of your uneducated, race-inciting and somewhat dim view of your "own people" as you like to say. You perpetuate your own problems and blame them on everyone else.

Get your kids in school for the make-up day, keep them there in hopes that your ignorance doesn't follow them in their maturity.

Whoa there slick. Take it

Whoa there slick. Take it easy. so because this poster doesn't agree with you he is now a racist. News flash...the majority don't care about MLK day. Most see it as a convenient way to get out of school. And we should be getting MLK and presidents day off for that matter, as both men are of equal importance, although personally I feel Washington did far more for the country. Ooopps, better watch out, cause now I'm a racist. Dr. King, please forgive these people for using your good name to get a free pass not to workl.

Well.. "LARGE" do you mean like the "LARGE" group that wanted Smith Creek Parkway renamed MLK...which was just a small group of whiners...


Could you define "LARGE" as it relates to the TOTAL population in America...

Presidents Day

What you talking about,they have great sales on this day. Whats more important than that?


Are YOU saying that MLK was more important than George Washington? One of the MOST influential individuals in the history of our country? MLK was a speck compared to our founding fathers, without them...MLK would have been spearing animals with the rest of us getting our heads lopped off in Europe.

I have off work for

I have off work for Presidents day. I don't for Martin Luther King. More people celebrate presidents day than MLK day. Something to think


I refuse to send my child to school on a Saturday...take a teacher work day away...but Saturdays and Sundays are my time.


that certainly communicates a sense of "ME" and not a lesson in citizenship, responsibility, or adhering to society's rules.

Certainly sets Junior or Missy up for a life long career in Fast Food or maybe some teen reality show.

But, that may be a moot point as the Legislature is wrestling with a $3.7 Billion shortfall for the coming budget. They may take the steps to cut school hours or maybe, they'll schedule "summer" break from January through March and allow Junior or Missy to attend school from June through August.

Take that thought and chew on it for a while.


You think the Superintendent building will be open and functional on the Saturday of a makeup....I BET NOT!

What my child WILL learn is that sometimes...FAMILY is more important and you prioritize that. From the day he was old enough to understand what school was...was the same day it was explained that COLLEGE was part of his education and wasn't optional...

I bet my child will learn MORE spending time with me...than they would have learned in school that day....CHEW ON THAT...

This is how it's done.

If you would like to stand on principle, write a note excusing your child based on the principle that the unspoken/unwritten agreement, based on precedent, is that school takes place M-F. Make your principle known politely.

Otherwise, to be excused according to BOE simply write a note indicating that your child didn't feel well. It should be excused w/ no questions.

There it is, principle or white lie.

The one thing a parent doesn’t want to do is that loud abusive Jerry Springer/Maury Povitch cliché “hell no, oh no you dint” at the top of your lungs which is only good for indicating your lower class upbringing.

snow days

I totally disagree with our children having to make up snow days, hurricane days. first of all the board of education has taken all but maybe 1 or two if that field trips away from these kids. Let alone any other real fun activities that these kids use to be able to do. And again yes Saturdays and Sundays are the only times that most parents get to have there "my time" with their child. buy the time spring gets here these children are all burned out with school and the board wonders why these children don't do well on the EOG testing let alone these kids don't want to even be at school. If they have to make it up then i agree take away some teacher work day. but all and all this is totally rediculous But who are we? We are just the parents of these children. The board of education does what they want in spite of parents. but I totally agree, snow days, hurricane days, wind days or what ever i too refuse to send my child to school on a Saturday or Sunday. This is "MY TIME" with my child and their time to just take a deep breath and not have to think about school. My goodness they are stuck in a classroom 5 days a week 7 hrs a day. Come on people, lets get off the 180 DAYS OF SCHOOL! Make school fun again so these children will want to be there. Lets not take away their Saturday or Sunday or their vacation time that they barely have now.

Great idea!

That way your child will grow into an adult who believes he or she will never have to work on a weekend.

You're simply shielding your child from the REALITIES of life.

The only reason why you do

The only reason why you do not want your child to go to school on Saturday is because you do not want to get your lazy butt out of bed and take them there. Get over and get your child to school!!


If it's in January...he will PROBABLY be up at 3 am...and by 4 be in a duck blind...PROBABLY learning more about this country and life than what he would learn sitting in class.