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School administrators complete investigation into Williston incident

New Hanover County school administrators have completed their investigation into last week's incident involving a student tackling the principal at Williston Middle School. The assault took place after the principal reprimanded the 13-year-old boy for acting out. Other staff members jumped in to restrain him. The school interviewed both staff and students, and found the faculty responded appropriately to the situation. The student was suspended, and spent time in juvenile detention.

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responded appropriately

Sandra Spaulding should concentrate on the position she was elected for, and leave the disciplinary actions for school administrators. Exactly what did she hope to accomplish other than media exposure for herself. Once again we see so called community representatives clamor for justice. Once again we see baseless allegations, much like the Duke lacrosse players had to endure, just to grab headlines and try to defer blame to someone else. Until parents make children take responsibility for their actions, will children learn to behave and act properly. Supporting a child against a teacher before all facts are known only tells the child he can make baseless allegations with no repercussions. Of course, it doesn't help that a parent would believe such an outlandish story of a "gang" of teachers beating up a child. An apology by the child AND his parents is in order. If one is not forthcoming, this child should be transferred to a specialty class for problem children. Otherwise, at some point, the school system will be looking at a lawsuit when the child acts out again. They were willing to go on the TV and spout baseless claims, lets see if they will do the right thing and admit they were wrong. I don't think so.

If they let him back in

He ought to be required to publicly apologize. He ought to be required to enroll in Boys Club or some other worhtwhile after school activity. 13 Years Old and he has a street name?? Perhaps what he really needs is a new setting like juvenile detention or the Masonic Home for Children. Let him earn his way back into Wilmington.

New Hanover County school administrators have completed their in

Kid probally has papers, IEP. He'll be back in school before long. I had a kid bite me , He got one day out of school. He's also hit other teachers. Public schools are not mental hospitals. Mabe when someone gets seriously hurt NC dept of ed will know that.

Time does tell

Now that all the investigations have taken place and the truth has come out,When will Miss Spaulding and the others come out and aplogize to the public for making such a issue out of this.

Time will continue to tell

S. Spaulding Hughes was elected by the same people that put B. Hussein Obama in office. She saw a Jesse Jackson moment and used it to get some face time in the news. IMO, the NAACP didn't get involved because the attacker was black.

Re: Time does tell

Let's not forget that a student started this. The Administrators may have over-reacted, but had the trouble-prone student not started the whole situation, it would have been avoided. The student should be kicked out permanently for even lifting a hand to an Administrator. First this, then assault, then murder. The student is bound to a life of crime. You're right, time will tell.


Try never. Like a lot of politicians and activists who feel they can say anything, whether it is true or not, and be justified in saying it, if it benefits their cause.

they won't

They will not apologize because it has to be racism or some other silly reason the school is picking on this poor innocent child.

Re: They won't

That's right...because when there are two different races involved, if one is white, it's ALWAYS racism. It doesn't matter that he has a behavior problem and is known to be very physically abusive. Send him to Juvi where he belongs - and then to jail when he's old enough. It will save us (the taxpayers) money later on.

Let's Not Forget...

...That this mean, awful coach, who picked on this innocent baby boy, helped lead Williston football to a no loss season this year and here is his thanks! He loves those kids and wants nothing more than to see them be achievers. Maybe we "other" folk should alienate Williston but then Sandra would cry about that too. Tell us Sandra what do you want? Most likely we "others" will be glad to oblige just to keep the peace.

Yea right

I think that there are many things that happens behind closed doors even in reference to those so-called coaches. The faculty did not give a darn about that boy because if they did, all of them should not have jumped on him. If it was my son, I will be in the process of suing them. There is no way in the world that no one could have called the police or even his mother, since she worked right in the school, if he was so irate. I think that a lot of this is racism, especially since OBAMA has kicked Bush out of office, finally a change. The staff was wrong as adults to jump on one child even if he did attack another faculty member, but whose to say that the staff didn't put their hands on him first. Only the students know the true story. If there were cameras, video could be seen. Oh by the way, stop hating on Sandra because she is a real, black woman.

Jesse Jackson Has Brainwashed You Well

If it were my son, he still would have a hard time sitting down. Apologies would be made by him to those involved and I would pray that WE didn't get sued. Being one who cherishes freedom, I wish I had the freedom to pull my son from that magnet (hardy har har) school and place him in the school nearest to his home. I wish the hood had the freedom to have their children act and do as they wished. It would be interesting to watch the conspirators (that act behind closed doors) leave in droves. I'm sure given the response from the hood, your magnet school has repelled even more good educators that it may have drawn. I promise to take your response to the school board next time I try to pull my son from that hole! You have given me some ammo, thanks!

I've heard that Sandra is

I've heard that Sandra is related to this juvenile and that is why she was there. Anyone know if this is true or not??? As far as your comments go, thanks for proving everyone that black people can be just as racist as whites. Instead of saying the investigation has proven the Admin/techers did nothing wrong, you want to be just like the mother and make excuses for what this thug did. Thanks for telling young black people they can do what they want because if they get in trouble all you have to do is play the race card. I guess his four other suspensions was all race related as well? You want the school to call the police and sit back and wait for them to get there??? What sense does that make. Teachers and Admin have a right to protect themselves and that is exactly what they did

yea wrong...

I just want to correct you, Obama did not kick Bush out WE KICKED HIM OUT WITH OUR VOTES! If you can't do your job then you should lose it. PROUD SUPPORTER

we did?

I thought his term was over that is why he is out. The republicans were voted out, not Bush.

How can you be proud...

...when both you and the other poster think someone "kicked Bush out of office?" Ever heard of the Twenty-second Amendment? No power on Earth was keeping Bush in office. He MUST leave office according to the Constitution.... ...but thanks for proving once again what we all know about Obama supporters....

"Ever heard of the

"Ever heard of the Twenty-second Amendment? No power on Earth was keeping Bush in office. He MUST leave office according to the Constitution...." Thank God for that!!!!!!


if you noticed those "Ugly" rumors about his place of birth and status as a "Naturalized" or Natural Born Citizen have risen from the rubble. At a time when we need to focus on economic recovery, here we could face a Constitutional Crisis.

got to be kidding???

Here is your quick civic lesson for the day. Bush would be leaving office no matter if obama or McCain won. His term is up. Second, obama has nothing to do with this, it is about a child that chose not to behave right. We will see if Sandra is a real black woman (as you put it) if she steps up and apologizes for sticking her mug where it doesn't belong. I also like how you would sue for an incident caused by your child. Why would you sue? Because they had to gain control of your unruly child? Maybe sue because you didn't do a good job of being a parent? Go for the gold and get all the hand-outs you can grab.

Here we go again

Your own racist comments make you sound very very ignorant. And I don't say that to be mean, I really don't, I say that to be truthful. People have got to stop being the armchair quarterbacks for every situation in which they feel there was "injustice". It's really easy to merely look back at a situation and say what they would have done, or what someone shouldn't have done, after IT'S OVER! I think it's ridiculous that you would even imply that you would just watch some student attack a teacher and do nothing about it. C'mon, any normal person would do what they could to stop an attack like that. And listen here, "citizen of equality", I love Obama, I voted for him, but he didn't "kick Bush out of office," Bush's term was up and Obama was elected to take over in January. You must have missed that memo, but that's how politics work. Oh, by the way, stop hating on people who are hating on Sandra just because you think they're hating on her because she is "a real, black woman." As if someone's opinion of another person cannot stretch beyond someone's physical characteristics. Good lord. STOP MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT RACE!!! IT'S IGNORANT!!!