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School board finally decides on redistricting plan


Four and a half hours, three breaks and multiple revisions later, New Hanover County has a new middle school redistricting plan.

In a move some are calling "resegregation" of the school system, by a four to three vote, the county will go ahead with a revised version of map 2C. The final map alleviated overcrowding at some schools and dissolved the downtown satellite school, while still adhering to a basic neighborhood school philosophy.

The intention was also to recreate a socio-economic balance in certain schools. The map adopted Tuesday night still leaves D.C. Virgo and Williston with more than 50 percent of children who qualify for free and reduced lunch.

"Clearly we have resegregated our schools in New Hanover County," board member Elizabeth Redenbaugh, who voted against the plan, said. "We resegregated our elementary schools, and now we're resegregating our middle schools, so we're going back decades."

School board chair Ed Higgins, who voted for the plan, sees it differently.

"While we have created some funky looking districts, it was to try to best distribute the students as individuals; not because their parents were not as well to do as others or not because they were black, Hispanic, Native American or white," Higgins said.

The new map will take effect in August when Holly Shelter Middle opens. The new school will not be at capacity when it opens.

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We should ask ourselves, why we continue to let this happen!!

For decades the NAACP and other so-called reverend minority leaders are largely responsible for dumbing down our public schools, our government and other institutions. For creating too many expensive entitlement programs for minorities this country cannot afford. So, how much longer?

It will be over soon

Watch this week's events in Greece and you'll get some idea of what's coming.

I think Moody's is being overly generous in threatening to downgrade our treasury bonds to AA.

BTW, it's not only minorities doing this to America. There's no shortage of deadbeat, worthless moochers in ANY race or demographic group.

Q: How Much Longer? A:

Q: How Much Longer?

A: Until Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton smother in too much money. Poverty pays for lots of folks...

Neighborhood Schools??

I agree that bussing does not work, involved parents make a child and school successful. What no one will explain is how the "Neighborhood" school map approved includes bussing 2 satelites from downtown through 2 or 3 other middle school districts (Williston, Trask, Noble) to a school 14 miles from their home. Also, my children who live in Porter's Neck are 5 miles from Noble but districted to Holly Shelter, which is 10 miles away. The truth is that the map is only "Neighborhood" to certain Vocal elite, not the majority. I think it is not as complex as re-segregating, it is that parents do not want their children to have to move to a new school. However, the school board decided to build the LARGEST middle school in an area which has no northern area to draw from in a largely undeveloped area of the county, they have to get students from somewhere. The truth is the board made a mistake in the location and now they have to deal with the problems associated with that mistake.


know whats three board members CONTINUALLY touted how GREAT the Wake County system was when they were busing don't hear a PEEP out of them about the Wake County plan NOW...AFTER Wake County saw how HORRIBLE the system was and how it didn't do what they they went BACK to neighborhood plans....guess they don't like that Wake County plan now...

The NAACP is nothing but a bunch of racist anyway...

The bigger picture

All this bickering over re-districting and socio-economic or racial make up of the public schools misses the bigger issue; a sense of entitlement to government run education. Just another big government, social program. Kids should be taught at private schools or by hired governesses. If parents can't afford it, or can't stay at home to teach their children, then don't have them, and force the costs of raising and educating them on the rest of us. Furthermore, instead of forcing our corporations to go overseas to employ underpaid labor to increase shareholder returns, we should repeal other liberal, anti-market government policies such as minimum wages and child labor laws. Instead of busing disadvantaged kids to taxpayer funded public schools we should be busing them to corporate business parks and factories where their cheap labor can contribute to maximizing shareholder wealth, which wealth is critically needed by the well to do parents who plan to send their kids to private colleges where they can learn how to run those same free market companies for the benefit of their children and their children's children. We need to get back to basics and not look to government to answer all of our problems. People seemed to get along just fine in our early existence with bands and tribes, or later with kings, nobles, and religious leaders running our communities.

Could this school district

Could this school district be any more backward? My child is not yet in middle school but when she is, she will have to walk a quarter of way to R-G so she can catch a bus and ride it to Williston. We live a little more then a mile from R-G but yet my child would be bussed towards downtown. Why not save the gas money and maintance on the bus and let my child ride her bike or walk the mile to R-G?

Every one is upset about neighborhood schools restarting segregation, but all those court decisions from the 50's and 60's wanted to allow students to attend schools closest to their homes rather then bussing them all over. The less time a student is on a bus the better off the student will be.

Thank you for Living in 2010

Thanks to the board members who recognize its 2010 and not 1965. Brown v BOE was over 55 years ago, yet some people cannot move beyond a 1970's mindset. It is well known that the single most determining factor in a child's education is parental involvement, and parental involvement is amplified in a system that focuses on community schools. I don't care about socio-economic equality and all that other jibberish that has led to the failing schools we have suffered under for the better part of 2 generations. I don't care what color, race, religion, economic or political class you are. I care if you want to learn, are you driven, and do you want to improve yourself and the community or not. The rest is babble.

Thanks to the last minute

Thanks to the last minute tweak to try to placate the NAACP my son will now have to take a 40 minute bus ride instead of a 5 minute one. And if you think that I will let him ride that bus and put his safety at risk every day, and I don't mean the NH County roads, think again. I think it is unfair to have a child drive completely through 3 different school districts to get to one so they can have some diversity. When did this stop being about education and whats in the best interest of the child and about race.

When the NAACP stepped in

When the NAACP stepped in unfortunately

How about giving us some

How about giving us some details about which neighborhood and to which school? You seem to be ex exaggerating.

As a "neutral" observer with

As a "neutral" observer with "no dog in the fight" (no kids impacted by the schoolboard decision), I believe that the majority rules (like in elections). Pressure groups such as the NAACP that are looking for some sort of reparations for past grievances should not use school busing as part of the solution. The real issue is family involvement with their children to foster a learning environment at home. No amount of busing will substitute for parental supervision in the learning process. If the schoolboard members on the losing side want to make an impact, maybe they should isolate and target the top 5% of the Middle school teachers and give them a bonus to teach at the underachieving schools.

Thank God sanity prevailed

The majority of board members were smart enough to see that terms such as "socio-economically disadvantaged" have absolutely no place in education. People like Ms. Redenbaugh need to drop the course in Revisionist History and re-read Brown v. BOE Topeka and the accompanying cases. It was all about race. It had nothing to do with "economic justice" or any other rhetorical, conveniently made-up term.

There are no segregated county schools. You can find children of every race in every school. According to more recent federal and state case law, the county is obligated to present the same material at the same level of competence and hold the students identically responsible in ALL the county schools.

THAT is the key to fairness and equality.

(BTW, rather ironic that some are crying "unfair" while their child gets a free lunch and other parents have to pay for their child's lunch, isn't it? What's FAIR about that? Those parents are likely not even paying income tax!)