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School board not done with redistricting yet

READ MORE: School board not done with redistricting yet

The New Hanover County School Board is taking another look at middle school redistricting. After the board made some last minute changes to redistricting plan 2-C, parents voiced concerns.

Instead of going to their annual retreat later this month, board members decided to meet again and see if they could reach a more favorable solution. Board member Janice Cavenaugh says that this is one of the toughest issues she's faced in her 23 years on the board.

"We could go ahead, and we could vote," Cavenaugh said, "but we're trying to listen to people and we're trying to be open."

The March 5 deadline for a decision is quickly approaching. A final plan is expected to be presented at the next board meeting March 2.

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R U Sure?

So you agree, don’t bus kids to different neighborhood schools? Great, thats what we are saying too. The reason the new school is so skewed in the F/R lunches is because they are bussing two in-city neighborhoods all the way up to the north end of town to the new school. They have also taken a northern community, Marsh Oaks and moved them south to a different school.
It makes no sense. We either have neighborhood schools or we don’t. However, don’t create an experiment with the new school and bus kids all the way up north.

Who CARES about the reduced lunch rate????

Since when have we extended the insane notion that government's main purpose in life is to raise the quality of life for the poor to our educational institutions?

If Holly Shelter is going to have sixty-percent reduced lunch rate, SO WHAT?!? That is the demographics of that school's student body. Live with it!

The school board has one obligation in this issue, and that is to ensure that the teaching staff and facilities at ALL schools are equal. They have no obligation whatsoever to bus children in some clujed-up social experiment that has absolutely no substantiating evidence that such busing accomplishes anything.

It's bad enough that Washington and Raleigh want to elevate the lower class by walking up the backs of the productive, successful members of society. We don't need the New Hanover County School Board doing the same thing.

Iron out the differences regarding the Northeast corner of the county (relative to Noble/Trask), but drop this insane notion that we must consider "socio-economic diversity." Get back to focusing on education and drop the Utopian fantasies that never work.

Children from a community that accepts crime, drugs, and illegitimate birth as the norm aren't going to become honor students if they ride a bus to the suburbs. There's a reason why they qualify for reduced lunches, and it has far more to do with their grandparents' and parents' lifestyle than the quality of the education they've been receiving.

An obvious result of a less than 'stellar' education.

Who are you? Go back and read your history. This country was built on the sweat and tears of the 'lower class'. You are obviously misinformed because the Constitution calls for "liberty and justice for all". Or does that not include the lower class?

The only thing I agree is that education is the focus. The reason being,we could end up with a society full of mis-educated individuals such as yourself that want to segregate the masses. Try promoting better schools and education for ALL and stop focusing on the 'lower class' infiltrating your 'white sheet' lifestyle?

Okay, I dismissed you too hastily

You have a very simplistic view of history. If this country was built entirely by the lower classes, what were men such as Gould, Fisk, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt doing?

What would the dozen or so drillers be doing if John Rockefeller had not put up the cash to erect the derrick?

J.P. Morgan saved the United States government from financial collapse not once, but twice.

Now, before you start thinking that my point is that rich people built America, let me assure you that is NOT my point.

My point is that a vibrant, growing ecomony needs contribution from ALL economic levels. We need rich men like Morgan. We need middle-class merchants, such as those who equipped the pioneers heading West. In even greater numbers we need the lower class to harvest the crops and swing the sledge.

That's what is so bad about our country's obsession with trying to eliminate poverty. First, you will never do it and second, uniform economic mediocrity has failed everywhere it was tried. Unless you have venture capital provided by the rich AND cheap labor provided by the poor, your economy will die.

The government cannot be our provider. It is too inefficient and eats up too much in feeding its massive bureaucracy.

Ever heard of a place called the Soviet Union?

One of the truest tenets of Economics ever uttered was in "Caddyshack," when Ted Knight says, "Well...the world needs ditch diggers too."

We need to stop wanting to make everyone a brain surgeon and be grateful for the ditch diggers. more point....

No one is saying that if you grew up in a family of ditch-diggers you have to accept your fate in life as a ditch-digger.

What I am saying is that it's up to **YOU** to be the first doctor, lawyer, or CPA in the family. YOU have to do the work. YOU have to stay in school. YOU have to say no to drugs. YOU have to stay home and study instead of hanging out with your friends all night.

If you are already a ditch-digger and you don't want your kid to work like you do, then it's contingent upon YOU to make sure he or she does all those things.

The government can't GIVE you anything. Bluntly put, it's too big, too impersonal, and too wrapped up in its own bureaucracy. When the government tries to give you something it's invariably taking it away from someone else. That's not only unethical and un-American, but as we saw with welfare and its devastating effects on families, it always causes more harm than good.

The county needs to make sure that the quality of education in the reduced lunch schools is equal to that at Noble, Trask, et al. The downtown residents and their left-wing buddies need to stop looking for that magic lamp that will render hard work, self-discipline, and parental involvement unnecessary.


a few holes in your little theory...first...the country wasn't built on the sweat and tears of the "lower class". It was built on the sweat and tears of the MIDDLE CLASS...most of the lower class is milking off of the MIDDLE CLASS. WITHOUT the middle class...the lower class...would vanish into the abyss.

Second...your quote ISN'T in the US Constitution...the closest quote would be, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness...and that's in the Declaration of Independence. Which you should understand offers you the ABILITY to be happy by giving you life and liberty to pursue a life you DOESN'T give you the RIGHT to happiness...just the ability to pursue it....

Nice try

That is a very nice try with the race card, but DENIED. Anyway, maybe you could ask a 3rd grader to recite the Pledge of Allegiance for you.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Valid points

If you had any valid points to your arguement, they are completely lost when you lower yourself to name calling to prove a point.

Liberty and justice for all?

Are you sure those words are in the Constitution?

Could you possibly be thinking of the monologue on the old Superman television show?

So WHO is mis-educated?

I believe you are..the

I believe you are..the correct word is "Whom"

don't think so

I'm thinking common is correct in his usage of the word "who" in his post.

From the American Heritage Book of English Usage:
"Who is used for a grammatical subject, where a nominative pronoun such as I or he would be appropriate, and whom is used as the object of a verb or preposition."

Guess again

Nice try, but the subjective pronoun is always used with forms of the verb "to be."

"It is I," not "It is me."

"Who is that," not "Whom is that."

So "Who is mis-educated" is correct.

Good luck learning English as a second language...


LOL...this whole thing just made my morning...ANOTHER Obama supporter....put in his place...

who cares about the reduced lunch rate

KUDOS TO YOU! I agree with you 100%. So Sad our elected officials are more worried about being politically correct than a childs education. Like my mother always told me, you can't get change from a penny! The family tradition just keeps recycling itself.

One more point

And New Hanover is the same county that is in a budget crunch and is forcing employees to take unpaid days off but they can pull money to fuel the cheese wagons to drive extra distances so taquahn can go to school where johnny lives and send johnny to taquahn’s ‘hood. The parents from the lower income are not involved with the school close by, what makes you think they will become involved in a school across town?

You know it amazes me the

You know it amazes me the type of comments that are played out on these boards..I have to say children from the lower social economic lifestyle arent the ones in the news coming to school and killing students and faculty..Lower social economic parents arent on the news explaining how they never knew their children had machine guns and grenades in the basement..maybe you are right..the lower social economic children might be safer among themselves than to be at trask/noble where the middle and rich upper class are insignificant and clueless in their children lives..and Im talking facts..look it up!!!

Oh please! You're grasping at straws.

Let's make a deal: I'll give you a dollar for every student and teacher killed at school, and you give me a dollar for every inner city/rural poverty death from overdose, armed robbery, drug-deal gone wrong, drive-by, and love triangle.

No one who has a rudimentary knowledge of Sociology or Criminal Justice can deny the crime, substance abuse and illegitimate births are the biggest anchors on the poor. (Throw in welfare, destroying the work ethic of three generations.)

It has nothing whatsoever to do with race. It's ALL about a lack of life-managemnet skills and role models that are passed on from parent to child, endlessly.

Seven hours a day in a good atmosphere cannot compensate for the remaining seventeen of neglect.

three generations

You can have three generations with all three under the age of 30 all living off tax money. Yea, shipping cross town for school will fix that.


Who are you trying to please?? You have to make a decision and stick with it. You are never going to make all the people happy all the time. Stop caving into the people that don't think their neighborhood schools are good enough for their kids so they want them sent to another school that is better. If their neighborhood schools aren't good enough for their kids why should my child have to go there? I grew up in this town and I was sent to schools twenty minutes from my home for several years. My parents got tired of it and put me in private school, no they could not afford to but, they said my education was more important than what other people thought. I may have to do the same for my child.

What Changed their mind?

maybe the threat of a lawsuit?? When will segrationists learn???


Ah, yes. The NEW American Way, a lawsuit. Yes again to the old liberal way... when your argument fails to hold water resort to a time honored tactic... NAMECALLING. How does my opposition to forced busing make me a SEGREGATIONIST, pray tell?? Are you an Olberman fan?


Now that we know how things work with the NCHSB maybe a lawsuit by the parents that have to send their kids across town is in order. I hope that come election time all the partents keep all this in mind.