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School board releases info on Williston teacher

READ MORE: School board releases info on Williston teacher
Friday's New Hanover County School Board meeting started out behind closed doors. The purpose: to draft a statement on why former Williston Middle School teacher Jessica Wishnask had been suspended twice during the fall semester of last year. Draft after draft, the board debated for three long hours. Finally, a two paragraph statement links Wishnask's two suspensions to one student. The first suspension came after Wishnask was found behind a locked door with the boy, now fifteen. The second time, she was seen at a sporting event with that same boy after she had been warned to stay away. The first investigation found no evidence the two had sexual or physical contact. According to the report, the second investigation proved the young boy had approached the teacher. "The suspensions are not a punishment policy, what we do is we suspend individuals with pay, when issues arise,” said school board chair Edward Higgins. According to the school board, Wishnask was given a recommendation to teach in another county based on her performance as a teacher, but the question remains as to whether that recommendation was appropriate. WWAY spoke with officials at Pitt County Schools where she taught after Williston. They said they only recently learned of her suspensions, two weeks ago, after her initial arrest. Still, the school board defends their investigation process. "The investigation itself, I think, was pretty detailed. Numerous people were spoken to, and as a result of the investigation, I don't know that a further investigation would have come out with anything different," Higgins said. We have learned from sources that students and faculty observed Wishnask behind closed doors with other students as well, but the school board did confirm that her personnel filed contained multiple complaints from other teachers about inappropriate behavior while at school.

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Reference Letter???

Has anybody seen the reference letter? What does it say? Has that been shared with the public yet? Why not?

The school systems are

The school systems are laying off employees to save money, right? I'm pretty sure if she wasn't getting paid to leave, that would save the schools money! Common sense needs to be used here.

paid vacation

I don't work with underage kids, so what do I need to do to get some extra paid vacation from the County and State since it obviously won't affect my employment?

I love how a woman can have

I love how a woman can have inappriate contact with a minor and be given time off with pay...but an mother must take UNPAID leave if she gives birth....the working world is so ridiculous! "Oh, you like messing with kids? Here, have a vacation...its on us!"

With regards to the unpaid

With regards to the unpaid leave for giving birth, if a woman decides to have a baby each year for say, 10 years, should the employer have to provide paid time off each of those years in addition to regular accrued vacation time?


under the Obama Economic Stimulus Plan, the answer is probably yes.

jessica wishnask

Ok they suspend her with pay 2 times, then won't let her teach in that county ever again but yet they will give her a GOOD recamondation to teach elsewhere? And they say they would hire her back???? LOL Ok now how is that gonna work when they say she cannot work in Hannover county ever??? That is how the school system works? Amazing

This is what educators call

This is what educators call "passing the trash." Yes it is referred to as that. Ask any teacher or administrator and they will tell you. Rather than taking the time and making the effort to do what is right, they simply ask the teacher in question to resign and he or she gets a reference to go somewhere else. (Because there is better than here, right?) Do a little investigation and see how many people have been passed a few times.