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School officials to take extra precaution after stabbing

READ MORE: School officials to take extra precaution after stabbing
After a stabbing took place during last week's Ashley High School football game, parents may think twice before letting their kids go this weekend. School officials and the sheriff's office told their plan on how to keep the fans safe when the teams take to the gridiron. It is still unclear who owns the property by the red barn where Austin Buchanan was stabbed during Friday's football game. School Resource Officer, Michael Howell said the sheriff's department does what it can to prevent incidents like this from happening during sporting events. Howell said, “In the stands we're walking around. We're visible to be seen to deter any type of criminal activity or assaults or fights.” Ashley High School Principal James McAdams said the school will pay extra attention to students just outside the stadium at this week's game. “We have a lot of parents and a lot of people that stand outside the gate, outside the fence and watch. So we're going to have to do a better job of making sure they either leave, or come inside the game.” While sheriff's deputies are available to patrol the area around the stadium, everyone seems to agree that the easiest way to stay safe is to grab a seat and watch the game. Howell said parents can be confident with all the precautions the school and the sheriff's department take to protect those at the game. McAdams and Howell both pointed out that metal detector wands are sometimes used at the events, but they try only to use them when they suspect someone is carrying a weapon or at very crowded games.

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Mr. McAdams

It's not Mr. McAdams job to deal with students outside of school unless they are at the football game or another school event. These kids were not where they were supposed to be which is not Mr. McAdams fault. He does not need to be removed from his position. He has brought Ashley High School back together after years of no true authority figure at Ashley. Removing Mr. McAdams would only make the situation worse and it would be extremely stupid.


No one has said anything about removing him. If they did I don't think just this one incident would be a reason. It would have to be all the wrong doings he has done through the years, compounded together. Did you get your info we don't know about? The students are his job!!!

Why were these students behind the barn???

If these students were inside the stadium it's a pretty safe bet nobody would have been stabbed. Parents drop these 14y/o kids off and then have no idea what goes on. This is not a baby sitting job for the school. Parents should be with their children at these games. Parents need to know what their children are doing. These students went out to that "barn" for a reason, and obviously they were up to no good. The school nor the Principal are at fault. Go inside and watch the game...that is why you supposedly are there in the first place!

ashley high

what business did boseman have at the school that night , he was not a student from either school that was playing on the field !

Come on, it's past time to stop blaming all but the real problem

The slack parents of these trouble-makers have no problem producing, but are not accepting responsibility for properly raising their kids. The result is generation after generation of dangerous animals that ultimately have to be put away. A continuous burden to sociaty. The answer is in the recent words of Bill Cosby, listen to him.........

ashley high

Perhaps if the present principal were eliminated from his position , it may cut down on some of the existing problems ! The school needs an administration that will address "all" problems , not just the ones that they choose to address !

Why does ashley use the

Why does ashley use the builiding for storage, but does not know who owns it? Why was the prinicpal so involved and concerned with this article and only a small statement when the child was was stabbed? Maybe he does need help overseeing the school or step down.

Easy Idea

Make a new rule (our lame school board who will soon be voted out can do this...) IF you are a student you must be INside the game fence (stadium area) OR vacate the premise. Post no loitering signs and no trespassing signs. Then it is definitivly trespassing. Take the hoodlums and thugs off to jail. If society and principals cannot handle them, let the correction officers do it.

Re. Easy

your idea is great!! an oldie and a goodie!! When I was at NHHS, we had to be at the game, if we were walking out, we were watched to make SURE we were leaving and not hanging out at Legion. Time to go back a few worked pretty good!!

Ashley High School better

Ashley High School better get its act together. My home was broken into by students from the high school and Ashley High School did nothing about it. If Mr. McAdams can hide it - he does and HE should be called out on it. Parents should petition his removal. He does not provide a safe school for our children

House broken into

It's not up to school officials to do anything about a home being broken into. It's up to your local law enforcement agency. What are you thinking?


Don't blame the school or the Principal. A school is not a law enforcement agency, or a 24/7 babysitter. Blame the children and parents.

to Anne

If you think you can do a better job of parenting all the kids at Ashley, why don't you work there? It's ridiculous how people always try to pin the blame on someone else. The problem is not the principal or the school...the problem starts at home with upbringing. I fully expect to see you applying for school jobs today, Anne, instead of sitting around playing judge without the facts.

Ashley High School

From other comment on this page: " My home was broken into by students from the high school and Ashley High School did nothing about it." Is this not an law enforcement matter? Why would Ashley High School get involved with police matters like this? You need to take this up with the law enforcement rather than the school.

An Ashley High Student

An Ashley High Student walked across my grass and Mr. McAdams did nothing. Give me break next we will be saying global warming is his fault too.


unclear on who owns the property? come on it only takes 5 minutes to look it up... finish the job before you report..