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School teaches kids good hygiene

READ MORE: School teaches kids good hygiene
WILMINGTON -- Flu and cold season is always at its peak during the winter and spring months and that means schools filled with little germs flying about the classrooms. He or she might have a tough time fighting off those schoolyard bacteria, practicing better hygiene could be a start to keep your kids out of harms way. Every parent knows schools are like Petri dishes, places where bacteria and germs can thrive. That makes it really tough to prevent your child from catching something. One local preschool does a good job of teaching their kids the basics of good hygiene to help keep sickness to a minimum. Even at a young age, the kids at the children's learning center preschool in Wilmington know the basics of good hygiene. Children's Center Assistant Director Keri Wray said, "The first thing they do is wash hands, teachers are very vigilant about making sure, if a child is coughing or sneezing that they wash their hands so that's a start." But doctors say good hygiene and health for children starts at the home. We've all heard it before, as simple as it sounds just having healthy habits like hand washing, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of fluids may be the best defense against your kids catching something. If you do use medications for your kids, doctors say pay close attention to labels and stick to what you know. Family physician Dr. Catherine Sotir said, "Stay away from all of those things that are over the counter and stick with Tylenol, ibuprofen, if they have a cough Robitussen DM, or honey." Care providers at the learning center say they can't help there kids stay healthy if parents don't help them first. Dr. Sotir agrees. "Ideally any child that is sick should be kept home from school, especially if they have a fever, a bad cough or a runny nose." The kids at the preschool sing the song, "row, row, row, your boat" to make sure they're washing their hands for at least fifteen seconds to get rid of any germs.

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