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Schools announce delays ahead of possible snow

With the threat of snow early in the morning, some schools are getting a jump start by delaying the start of their day Friday. New Hanover County Schools announced a two-hour delay for all students and employees. Buses will run two hours later than their normally scheduled pick-up times. Schools will release students on schedule. "Our students’ safety is always at the forefront of our decision-making process," Assistant Superintendent of Operations Bill Hance said in a statement. "So anytime there is the potential of hazardous road conditions and the threat of inclement weather, NHCS must consider the situation and determine what is the safe approach for our children." Stay tuned to WWAY NewsChannel 3 and for a updates closures as they come into our newsroom. 2-Hour Delay Friday: -Bladen County Schools -Brunswick County Schools -Columbus County Schools -Duplin County Schools -New Hanover County Schools -Onslow County Schools (students only, staff as scheduled) -Pender County Schools -Whiteville City Schools -Cape Fear Academy -Cavalry Christian School (Wilmington) -Charter Day School (Leland) -Columbus Charter School (Whiteville) -Harrells Christian Academy -Faith Christian School (Delco) -Friends School of Wilmington -North Myrtle Beach Christian: 2-hour delay -Waccamaw Academy (Whiteville) -Amy Bradley School (Wilmington) -All-Star Child Care & Pre-school (Wilmington) -Camp Lejeune (non-essential personnel) -MCAS New River (non-essential personnel) -Life Christian Academy (Hampstead) -Columbus Christian Academy (Whiteville) -Southeastern Christian Academy (Shallotte) -Academy of Excellence (Wilmington) -Onslow County Court House: Court starts at 11 a.m., staff report as usual, weather permitting -Guardian Angel Pre-school (Whiteville): Opening at 10 a.m. -YMCA (Wilmington): Opening at 7:30 a.m. after a two hour delay

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I relocated to this area

I relocated to this area many years ago as a 12 year old in junior high school. We moved here from West Virginia where my parents were born and raised and I was born in Cleveland where the lake effect snow caused snow drifts as high as your roof.

Back then, if snow was expected, they would bring us to school here in Onslow County, make the decision to close school, and then run us through our classes at ten or so minutes each to get assignments and then pack us on the bus and send us home by around ten am. Having relocated in the fall, we were still wearing light sweaters while the natives here looked like Nanook of the North so we thought all of the excitement about the possibility of snow was crazy anyway. The problem with the way they handled it then was that once the decision was made to close school, no matter what the weather ended up doing, they still closed up for the day and sent us home. I'll never forget the look on my mom's face the first day they sent us home like that. Try convincing a woman who actually walked a mile to school in the snow back in the forties when she was a child that you have just been sent home from school due to the snow when it is now approaching 50 degrees.

Get over it

Get over it. The schools did what they thought they should do and it was for the best. They can't wait until the morning to decide - many buses are on the road by 5:30 or so. If it had got bad and they had waited, there would have been alot of conflicts and alot of people not knowing what was going on. If it was an issue for you, maybe you need to look at contingency plans. But I do agree with those concerned about day cares - they should definitely be on the same page as the schools.

BCS has buses on the road at

BCS has buses on the road at 5 am so getting the word is hard for these drivers in bad weather.

Please give me a break.

The school systems called the house by 1:30 yesterday afternoon. To let us know that it was 2 hour delay. that is more than enough time for you to make arrangement for what you needed to do. Also look at the thousands of kids that go to school in all the counties around us. The way the weather was reporting and in your face about snow !!! they made the right choice. Your kid isn't the only kid they have to worry about getting to and from school safely. It is just like everything else it is LIFE deal with it.

I would have written earlier...

but I was outside "digging out" from under the "wintry mix"! I hope the rest of you were able to get to work/school/appointments on time this morning. The roads were a nothing but a sheet of black ice.

Yes, I know there are some who feel it's best to err on the side of caution. I was amazed while watching both WWAY and WECT news at 6pm and 11pm. The "weather" being the top story. The looks on the news anchors' faces...consternation, worry, and concern. The funny thing to me is the majority of the folks who live in this area now came from snow country.

And I think that the

And I think that the MAJORITY of these folks should GO BACK TO SNOW COUNTRY.

It is better to err on the

It is better to err on the side of caution.

I too am part of those originally from "snow country"... where there were stores of rock salt, plows and heavy equipment and very well paid crews to operate them on overtime. For me, I'll take the lesser tax burden.

I just..

stick my head out the window. Works every time I need to know the weather. We have very bad weather folks anymore.....

daycare and delays

maybe you need to talk with your daycare admin. mine follows the same delays as the NHCO schools.

Why the person at the School System cant wake up in the morning(say 6am), walk out in his/her driveway and see if they slip and fall on their rear end before making a delay or closure call is beyond me. This morning was warmer then the high temps have been all week.

RE:daycare and delays

I know that the kids next door get picked up at 6:20am. That means that the bus driver is up and readying his bus by at least 5:45 or earlier. So the call would have to be made in the middle of night. i would think that as a parent I would prefer to know the night before of any delays. At least then I could make arrangements before going to bed instead of the last minute. Point is though, regardless of the decisions made by our officials the "whining" public will voice its displeasure. It's all part of the "poor pitiful me" attitude most seem to have. Get over it!!!

2hr delay

Is BCC on a 2hr delay?


Wow... pretty impressive. If all school systems across the country closed everytime the weather was this hazardous, students would never go to school from about September-April in about 75% of the country (minus the south of course).




It is so frustrating when you have more than one child attending different schools. I have one in the New Hanover County Public System and one at a daycare/preschool. The public schools have a delay however the daycare does not. THIS IS SO HARD FOR WORKING PARENT'S....WHY CAN'T THE DAYCARE FOLLOW THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS..THAT WAY I COULD WORK IT OUT ESPECIALLY WITH MY JOB INSTEAD I HAVE TO FIGUE OUT WHAT TO DO WITH ONE CHILD WHILE THE OTHER ONE MUST GO TO SCHOOL ALL BEFORE I HAVE TO GO TO WORK....IS MY YOUNGER CHILD'S LIFE NOT THAT VALUABLE....JUST FRUSTRATED!!!!!

Aren't most 12 mth employees

Aren't most 12 mth employees administrative? That doesn't mean they are less valuable, but their job doesn't necessarily depend on the students being in school. Teachers and other staff don't always need to be there at normal time if students are not there. Administrative employees are expected to be there at normal time, just like everyone else that has a job not related to the school system. Everyone, regardless of their job, should use good judgement on whether it is safe to be on the road.

as you look at the delays I

as you look at the delays I have to laugh, look at Onslow County Court House. staff report as usual, weather permitting ? I guess the staff should risk their life but the prisoners will be on a delay.. LOL

2 hour delay?

Wow, I heard we are supposed to have snow next week, wanna make a 2 hour delay now? I never could understand why they call out 2 hour delays a day or two before. When I was younger, we could get up and watch the news or call the school, which is why they have a phone-tree. Oh well, lazy people.

BCS Delay

The delay is only for students & 10-month staff only in Brunswick County Schools. Apparently, 12-month employees' lives are not as valuable as 1-month employees in Brunswick County as far as Dr. McGee is concerned.


I think that is is hilarious that you are complaining about not getting a delay and not being as valuable "as 1-month employees in Brunswick County as far as Dr. McGee is concerned.".

The temperature didn't drop below freezing for the evening!

GET A GRIP!!!!!!


I think everyone's life is as important as another life....My only question is why for the 2 hour delay?? I am from the south, and I see no need for a delay....Ice on the road? Right now it is 44 and raining, very disappointing...I wanted SNOW!!!!!! Need I say that the college has no delays by the way.




11 and 12 month employees come early often to get things going-----give Dr. McGee a break. She has done much for Brunswick County with little to no credit!!!!




Most school systems WAIT to see if the roads are bad in the early morning. If we have nothing but rain, as the weather models now show, this is going to make parents madder that they had to go to work later, or not at all, just because someone jumped the gun. Crazy people.

6 of one

6 of one, a half dozen of the other. If they waited to see what happened and there was snow or ice, then people would complain that they had to find someone to watch the kids at the last minute. Also, there are those in the county without access to phones and/or tv. We have a great deal of poverty in the area.

School systems in the past

School systems in the past would wait to see what the weather was like, but now the buses run so early in the morning, before the school board is even getting up to go to the bathroom for the first time... so they have to make the call the day before. When our kids were in school a couple years ago, they would catch the bus at 6am.

You miss a key point

with the economy the way it is, law schools are continuing to crank out new lawyers at an increasing pace as graduating college students realize they might as well go to law school until the economy recovers.

Let one bus skid on ice, and there will likely be 3 attorneys on site, for each student, before the bus has come to a complete halt.

Potential class action lawsuit gainst the school board.

Add to that all the distraught students who were not on that bus and the dollars can really escalate.

Let's not forget the parents, all of whom are distraught, wondering if their child is safe.

We have to factor in the manufacturers of school buses which would likely face suit for failing to install air bags at each seat.

We can not forget the bus driver who will likely suffer whiplash and have a multi-year workers compensation pay out to fund.

Sarcasm aside, our litigous society plays a key role as school administrators make the decision to close or not close; to delay or not delay; or to release early or not release.


I bet if we were on neighborhood school districting the school board would be up before the buses had to start running. And therefore could make more accurate annoucements. Just another reason why neighborhood school districting is BETTER than busing our kids around for 2 hours wasting gas and polluting the environment.

It would be better if you

It would be better if you took your child to school all around. Then as a taxpayer with no child, I would not have to pay for yours or anyone elses that has nothing to do but complain.-