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Schools could be starting closer to beginning of August

State lawmakers could be cutting summer vacation short for North Carolina students. Proposed legislation may allow schools to start the academic year two weeks earlier in August. The bill would allow public schools to open as early as August 8th. Back in 2004, school start legislation went into effect, pushing start times back past August 25th, which was good news for the tourism industry. They are fighting against the new legislation, claiming it would cut into the vacation month and tourism dollars to our area. "It’s also two fold in our area. It's not only tourism coming in, but high school students are a big part of our summer workforce and with them going back to school earlier as well it takes away a vital part of our workforce during those summer months,” said Cape Fear Visitor Bureau President Kim Hufham. A commerce committee had previously voted down the proposal, but it was passed Monday. It now goes to the House floor for a vote this week.

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School start date

This is not about lengthening the school year. Before the start date was pushed back three weeks (in 2004), school did start in early August. High schools were able to take their exams before the Christmas break and the second nine weeks ended then. It was pushed back due to the tourism industy, which it has helped, but has it worked for the schools? This is why it is going back up for a vote. School will still be in session for 180 days, it will just start two weeks earlier and end two weeks earlier. The only time it will cut summer vacation short will be the first year it gets approved.

summer break.

We have all had the experience of "summer break" and the fun of being outside and active in the summer. Why start school earlier and take that away from kids? School doesn't get out until June and starts in August as it is. I say leave the summer break as it is. It's nice having the children home instead of the constant rush of the school year.

Okay cut teachers pay

Okay cut teachers pay, then open school earlier in the hottest time of the year so we can add more cost to running the school. Makes perfect sense.


Teachers don't make a decent salary anyway, so go ahead and cut their pay. I am sure your kid would love going to a school where high school grads are taking the place of certified teachers.

There are too many breaks

There are too many breaks for students and "work days" for faculty. As I understand, school must be open 180 days a year. Start it as mentioned, as soon as possible after Labor Day and with short breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas, get back to the classroom and finish up the 180 days. This will give extra time if time off due to bad weather is needed. We were always in school by the first week in September and out by the end of May or first week of June.

I totally agree! There are

I totally agree! There are way too many workdays and unnecessary half days and such. There are some months where I swear there's nearly a day off every week!

You two obviously have no

You two obviously have no clue what a teacher goes thru. Before making comments like this, maybe you should talk to a teacher first. Teachers use half days and teacher work days to help get them caught up. There isn't enough time in the day for teachers to gather lesson plans, teach students, tudor students, and grade paperwork. These times off for students is crucial for teachers. It gives them time to get back on top of things

Proposed Aug 5th start date passes House

Requiring an earlier school start historically has meant a shorter summer “break” which reduces the opportunity for our students to learn the most important lesson of all – a good work ethic. Even if the duration remains the same opportunity is lost because summer jobs are seasonal, and the timing will cause at a minimum a 2-3 week shift into the off season in student availability, away from when crops are being harvested and tourism/recreation across the state is in full swing at golf courses, mountain parkways, lakes, and coastal areas. At a minimum we put more students in the position of having to work during the school year. Let’s put the student first and keep the Aug 25th start date law. Let’s strengthen it with a fixed end date of the first week in June...

School Calendar

The School Calendar Should Be: Start Date: Tuesday, after Labor Day. End Date: Friday, before Memorial Day.

I could not agree more with

I could not agree more with this person in Shallotte. I feel the same way.

What exactly is the purpose

What exactly is the purpose of starting school 2 weeks earlier? Is there some advanatage to it? It's not like the students will be getting out 2 weeks earlier as well. I say leave it like it is.....what's the old saying? If it isn't broke, don't fix it. What concerns me the most is that all the problems we are having in our socieity today, lawmakers are concerned with something like this. You would think they we have their priorities somewhere else


Have you seen where the U.S.A. ranks in education compared to the rest of the world? Have you seen where N.C. ranks? I would say education is a HUGE problem that needs to be tackled.

I agree: it's a problem that

I agree: it's a problem that needs to be tackled, but it's being dealt with in entirely the wrong way. It's the old let's put a band aid on it mentality instead of fixing it. You can lengthen the school year all you want. If parents are not involved in their children's education, we will always be ranked behind the rest of the world.

Yes and No

I partly agree with you, but I would also say look at our countries education rankings as compared to Japan, China, etc... Other countries are surpassing us in education and therefore technology, etc.. Our young people are going to need more and more education to advance in our future society.