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Schools looking for uniform donations

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- The New Hanover Council of PTAs wants to make sure all children have school clothes. Earlier this week the council launched an initiative to collect used or new school uniforms. In New Hanover County nine elementary schools require uniforms, including College Park Elementary on Oriole Drive. The school's PTA president, Chris Sholar, says what a child wears is important in more ways than one. Sholar said, "As far as the kids it keeps them all more on an even level when they're all wearing the same clothes. Whether it be brand new or hand-me-down, it's still the color for the school and it gives some continuity." Donations can be made at noble middle school in Wilmington. Dress code uniform items include: On top: red, white, navy blue, or hunter green polo shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and turtlenecks. All need to be "logo-free." On bottom: navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, capris and jumpers. You may bring any clothing items or checks collected to Noble. Checks may also be mailed directly to: Catharine Hedrick, Council Treasurer 103 Martingale Ln. Wilmington, 28409.

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The uniforms are proven to help

What is it that you desire for your children? Is it making a fashion statement in the 4th grade, or is it passing the 4th grade and progressing to the 5th? If you have an exceptionally "beautiful" child (which I happen to think all of them are), then enroll them in beauty contests and modeling tryouts. There are plenty of opportunities for children to excel in those areas, if that is the route that you want them to persue. Leave all of that out of the classroom and allow them to focus on education. Learning science and mathematics can be very interesting and it is a lot easier without the undue pressure of having to learn complex material in a competetive "fashion statement" atmosphere. Schools all over the world use uniforms and do it for a reason. It is intended to stabilize the environment of the child and put them all on the same fair and even level so that the focus is on academics. This lets their little growing brains exercise on what matters, while knowing there is plenty of time for "fashion" later on. Even during my travels to the Caribbean, I have always been impressed to see the cute little island kids getting out of school with uniforms that were neat, clean and which identified the school they went to. When they got out of school, you never saw kids so happy, playing smiling and carrying their little stack of books back to a delapidated corrugated tin shack where they will eat dinner and sleep the night away with their families without air conditioning. They are very poor, but they are very happy and their uniforms were always clean. This is only a small example of school uniform use internationally. This is not about a "freedom" and it is not about being "friends" with your child. This is only a minor method of guidance with the intention of getting those young minds focused on what really counts. It appears that a lot of parents lack the skills and perhaps even the intelligence to do that themselves.

Start with the local stores

My child is a Pender County student that has to wear uniforms. Which is fine. But the problem is, there isn't any available to directly buy around here. Wal-Mart,JC Penneys, Belks, GAP, Target, Old Navy all require you to purchase the uniforms online. The only polos many have on store shelves are striped and short sleeve. So I say, PTA members and parents of uniformed chilren. Let these stores know there is a demand for the uniforms. Maybe then they will make them more readily available. Cost wise, they aren't too expensive. But I personally recommend the polos w/jeans. I have gone through many a pair of dress pants from cafeteria or playground incidents.


Go to Kohl's. Nice selection and always a sale.


This is PUBLIC education! Not only is it a pain, but these uniforms through the first part of this year at Alderman have cost me twice what name brand clothes from the mall have cost! But because Alderman has Doctor's, attorneys and such.. Money around there talks and the poor folks walk.. Alderman gets what they want because of the spoiled adults who demand to get their way. If you are not a class at that school you are considered worthless and looked down upon by other parents so these crappy uniforms are in to stay until the rich spoiled brats want a change.

School uniforms and Alderman

I agree, this is public education and it is what it is. If you want uniforms, go to private school. I have several children at Alderman, we fit into the stereotype that you are writing about, and I am not for the uniforms. Don't judge all of us by what we do for a living or where we live! I have been vocal about my opposition to the uniforms. They really does not level the playing field. No one has listened to me. You can tell who has the nicer uniforms from catalogs, etc. and who (like my kids) have gotten pants at Target that are wearing out and have been patched. Some kids are obviously wearing the same clothes over and over without a wash. That's just sad. If your family is relying on hand-me-downs or Goodwill for its shopping, then it does create a hardship. If they are going to dictate what our kids wear to school, then those of us who can help should just because it's kind. Uniforms create much more laundry, you have to have weekend clothes when school is not in session, and the kids hate it. It seems as if they spent more time at the beginning of this year worrying about who is wearing a belt and how many pockets your pants have than things that matter educationally. All that said, if one school has to wear them, it should be county-wide, an it's the administrators who are making the decisions about each school individually, and not the "rich spoiled brats."

They suck???

I'll tell you what sucks...having to be exposed to some punk-assed thug wanna be, sluffing his way around with shoes 3 sizes too big, pants hanging off his thighs 6 sizes too big with his underwear exposed, a FUBU shirt down to his knees and hat cocked off to the side. It is very easy to bargain shop for regular clothes at many shops in this town. Nobody has the right to distract students who want to get ahead academically just because their mammas don't have the good sense to shop for practical school clothing. Grow up and get out of your socio-economic box. We have students that want to get succeed by learning, not by finding excuses as to why they can't!!!


Those are wannabe thug costumes? I thought they were clown outfits. My friends and I have been pointing and laughing at them.

Does the mooching ever end?

We have TANF, Food Stamps, WIC and school lunch programs for people who have kids, but can't afford to feed them. We have Medicaid for people who have kids, but can't afford to take them to the doctor. Now we have to have collections for people who have kids, but can't afford to dress them? Good lord! Do we have to make the Depo-provera shots MANDATORY below a certain income level?


My child attends Alderman, and the uniforms have been a wonderful addition for the students. I find them SO much cheaper than having to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Walmart has the most inexpensive uniforms that I have found.

are you kidding me????? some

are you kidding me????? some of us have children and are able to dress and feed them etc..... but these stupid school uniforms may not be within the household budget. it is an extra expense when on top of this, you still must maintain an everyday wardrobe as well. not all of us were born with a gold or silver spoon in our mouths and not all of us look for handouts.

Uniforms = Easier on the clothes budget.

I have 4 kids and LOVE the uniforms. And guess what, we don't have alot of money. As long as the kids are the same size from year to year, I don't have to buy any new clothes. So now I don't have to buy a bunch of new outfits for each kids every school year. They can use hand me downs - It's been SO much cheaper for us, and mornings are much easier with a limited choice. I may have not wanted them when it started, but it has saved me ALOT of money. For the others that are looking for good quality uniforms that will last and don't mind shopping online go to It's very reasonable priced and it lasts! We have navy shirts as an option, and I have used the same shirts for going on 2 years now, with very little fading/ripping. The pants are great quality too. I have all boys, and they are "true boys". So they are rough on their clothes. All I usually have to do is throw them in the washer - no special instructions.

10 fashion outfits or 3 uniforms???

If you have enough money to keep up with the fashion trends of today, then you have enough money to buy uniforms. Buying uniforms should also help cut down on the "fashion" clothes you have to buy as well. Most kids won't wear the same outfit within a week to two week time period. So that means you have to buy 10 outfits. You would only need to buy 3 uniforms. Uniforms also help those with less money in the fact that those children that can't afford high class clothes won't be picked on for what they wear because everyone will be wearing the same thing. Uniforms, if made to wear properly, will also help cut down on school violence and drugs. It's an excellent idea and all schools should require uniforms

Do you work...

outside the home? Do you have to dress accordingly for that? You have reasonable dress expectations for employment in most cases so kids can learn that there are expectations for them as well. Are your kids running around "neked"? Just buy the cloths and stop whining. I have kids and the uniform items cost much less than some of the "other" things they wear so in the long run it would indeed save me money.

YOU accepted the uniforms

If collectively, the parents told the school board "Hell no," the school board would HAVE to back down. You are part of the problem. You think the government is here to tell you what to do and spread the wealth to help you do it. The concept of government BY the people had died in this nation.

We accepted?

I beg to differ. I fussed and wrote the entire school board, got no response, they did it anyway.

I agree with above

We too were just sent a note home and a phone call from the school board advising us of the new uniform policy. So speaking out doesn't always help. I tried to send a suggestion to Pender Cty Board of Education to allow "plain" jeans instead of dress pants, it was returned with no explanation as to reason of return. I think wearing jeans is more cost effective because they can be worn to school or for home on the weekends and evenings. Plus they are more rugged and hold up longer than the dress pants.

Fire the government schools!

Do like some in many of the small communities in NC, fire the government school system. With the help and support available these days online and resources from the internet, it is much safer, easier, and better all around to educate your kids at home. Many small groups have made resources open to all online for the accomplishment of the requirements for educating at home. Some mom's in my group trade days so the children all get some varied course study and interaction. The government is only out to educate kids to a level that they cannot think for themselves and must therefore rely on the government later in life. The government school system has the singular goal to breed a better tax base, period! Also why so many teachers hate the idea of at home schooling, they look bad in comparison. It takes away their power. Otherwise I would make sure my children were in a magnate school, which the state of NC denies are examples of government schools actually working! Why is there a cap on these schools? The government fears them.

"I" may not accomplish much.

"WE" can make a huge difference. Did you get the other parents together? Did they all write? Did they mob the school board meetings? Where were the demonstrations? How about the civil disobedience? What would have happened on first day of school, if 60% of the students showed up in clean NON-uniform clothing? Would they have suspended them all? I think not! That school board was put there by the people, and the people better start telling them what they expect. If the majority of parents like the uniforms, than you have the option of playing along or finding another school for your children. If the majority are opposed to uniforms, but the uniforms remain, well....woe unto you, meak sheep! You have heard of Ghandi and King, haven't you?

Is this what you're saying

Only Rich folks should have Children & Food & Health Care. And Poor Folks should just go out in the woods and die. Maybe if you rich folks Paid better wages there wouldn't be as many people in need.

And if......

some of the Poor folks would get of their tales and work instead of looking for a handout we wouldn't be having this conversation to begin with.

rich folks

Maybe if you "Poor" folks had stayed in school and gotten an education you wouldn't be doing minial jobs..I finished high school but did not get into college but made a good living at one of the local plants and they paid for on the job training. You get what you work for...You quit school then don't expect to be a millionaire the following year also keep yourself on a budget, participate in 401's and you will be amazed at what you can achieve when you retire...I am very comfortable but not rich...I just watch my budget and I have a very comfortable life

Every aspect of our tax code and government programs...

...REWARDS people for having children they cannot afford. While it would be of questionable ethics and legality for the government to ban the poor having children, it is not wise for the government to ENCOURAGE the proliferation of poverty. As far as your wages, a job pays what a job is worth. Don't expect to make $20 per hour as a burger-flipper because that's what you want to support your lifestyle. Yeah, I know - life's cruel, right? You have to structure your lifestyle around your income and not the other way around. If you can't afford to support your children, don't have children. Don't be Blanche Dubois - don't depend upon the kindness of strangers. Stand on your own two feet and take responsibility for your life and your family.

$20.00 An Hr. Burger Flipper

I bet you couldn't live on $20.00 an hr. Not with a Family. $20.00 is Chicken Feed

I bet you are trying to live

I bet you are trying to live beyond your means aren't you. If you make $20 an hour don't try to buy a home in one where you can afford the payments...Sit down and go through all your bills and make a budget...Pure and simple..and don't buy things you don't need. My stepson and wife keep on the move all the time because they buy large TV's and computers instead of paying light bills and rent...Now they have no credit and can't understand why...First things first. Home payment, light bill, phone bill grocery clothes...If you can't make it on $20 an hour on a 40 hour week something is amiss

I wish I made $20 an hour. I

I wish I made $20 an hour. I do pretty good...I own my home (mortgaged), own a motorcycle, 2 vehicles, big screen TV, an xbox 360, 2 dogs, and I have two children. I make less than $20 and hour. Sure there are times I want things I cannot have, but nobody in my family has gone without. If there is something we really want, we will cut back on other things and save until we can afford to get what we want. If you can't live off $20 and hour, then you have some major issues when it comes to handling money

Yup---its the Rich man

Yup---its the Rich man keeping you down. It's his fault.