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Schools release AYP results


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It's report card time for the public school systems in North Carolina. The state Department of Public Instruction released the preliminary results for Adequate Yearly Progress today for the 2009-2010 school year. AYP is a federal requirement under the No Child Left Behind Act. In order for a school to meet AYP standards the school must meet all of its targeted goals.

Here's how our school districts performed (click on the district's name for more information):

% Schools
New Hanover273969.2


All results are preliminary until the state board gives final approval August 5th.

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And no doubt

the proposed solution will require the expenditure of millions of dollars which neither the counties or the states have.

Heaven forbid parents will be held accountable for the attendance, behavior, and performance of their children. Heaven forbid the rowdy elements will be expelled so those who are there for an education have a reasonable opportunity without distractions. Heaven forbid teachers and administrators will be able to work in an environment in which they won't feel the need for flack jackets or kevelar vests.

Well, look at the budgetary process recently completed. The legislature had to deal with a deficit of $800,000,000. Every county throughout the state saw cuts in funding from the State.

Grab hold of your shorts. Next year is predicted to be even more lean. Try a $3,000,000,000 deficit. That's billion and now all of the give away programs from the Easley & Purdue administrations are coming due and payable. The state owes over $2,000,000,000 to the Feds, alone, for all the borrowing to make ends meet without thought to the day when program cuts would have to be made. That day is upon us.

Don't forget, beginning this fiscal year, the state has to make minimum interest payments of $143,000,000 to the Federal Government for all that money Easley & Perdue authorized to be borrowed.

So before you think more money, which does not exist, will cure the problems, you better look again. And do so without those rose colored glasses.

Think about this in November when you vote. And ask the candidates those tough questions when they appear at candidate forums or soliciting campaign funding.

Oh, and when her Highness appears with some half baked plan to cure all with palm pilots, ask her where the money will come from.

And while you're at it, ask her why a significant number of folks did not get their 2009 tax refunds until July 9. And that was after a public statement made by the Secretary of Revenue who promised all checks would be issued by May 15.

You get what you vote for. If you're going to vote for those who will promise anything to get your vote, at least ask for a specific means by which they will pay for their promises without further taxing the declining number of taxpayers.

November 2 is not that far off.


all we need to do is take X number of students from downtown...X number of students from Landfall...and have them swap schools!...PROBLEM FIXED!


mindless post. Why is it so many who post hide behind a Guesty name? And why do so many of their posts reveal the presence of a single digit IQ?

I note very real numbers which will impact every citizen in the State. I note the hundreds of millions of dollars which start going north to DC in repayment of all the money Easley & Her Majesty authorized the state to borrow from the Feds. I note the $3 BILLION deficit which the legislature will have to deal with next year.

And in response, some chowderhead makes a mindless post about busing from Landfall as though that will solve the problem throughout the state.

To be honest, anyone posting on the site should have an IQ of at least 10; that would make it a double digit IQ.

This is probably the type of "citizen" who will not even vote in November; no doubt the cash machines have run out of money for the free rides.

that is done

They do that with Myrtle Grove Middle School. They take a large section of downtown and send them to Monkey Junction. Then they take children that are 2.5 miles away from MGMS and bus them to Williston. The buses will pass each other from opposite directions twice a day. And then the school board whines how little money is available! Just like other politicians, you don't spend what you do get wisely, why the hell should we give you more? Vote out all incumbents.

& How is that

going to solve a state wide problem? You're looking at a $3 Billion deficit for the next fiscal year.

It will take a magician or a crook to keep busing students for "socio-background diversity" which has been proven time and again over the past 30 years will not work.