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SyFy Channel checks out USS North Carolina for spirits

READ MORE: ScyFy Channel checks out USS North Carolina for spirits

Festival season or not, the battleship is a major attraction for ghost hunters. This isn't the ScyFy Channel's "Ghost Hunters" first time on the ship, but with Wilmington, a city rich in history, the activity doesn't stop with the ship.

The hunters will venture out onto the ship at night. Paying customers will be along for the ride, but often, people are skeptical of the unknown.

Whether you're a believer or not, the hunters say all you need to do is step onto a ship like this at nighttime when the lights are out, and you'll believe.

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Ghost Hunt

I went on the goast hunt last night held on the USS North Carolina and had a great time. Exploring the lower decks of the ship in total darkness was the most fun I have had in years. There were a lot of really nice people from all up and down the eastern coast. I would do it again, the "hunt" was well worth the money for the time spent on the ship.

I didnt believe either until

I didnt believe either until I moved to a hundred yr old house and had moving furniture! Kindof makes you a believer!


Ghost-hunting is ridiculous and borderline fraudulent.

I have to disagree with the

I have to disagree with the aforementioned comment. After 4 years in Naval ROTC I have spent many nights on that ship..and as an adult u couldn't pay me to board it again. I hope the hunters meet the spirit I met who likes to look down at you from above.

USS NC Ghost Hunt

Hey Ridiculous! Were you there? I was. It was well planned and well executed. Dustin Pari is knowledgeable about the Paranormal field and answered dozen of questions and talked about his experiences with Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. We then broke into teams and investigated known areas of paranormal activity on the ship. I came home with lots of pictures, met lots of nice folks and had a most entertaing night!

I dunno...

Ghost-hunting Asking an invisible man for things is ridiculous and borderline fraudulent. To each their own I suppose.

You could argue the same

You could argue the same about the church...

your comment is ridiculous.

your comment is ridiculous. have you ever seen the show? they do everything they can to disprove ghosts. when they capture something on video or audio, and they cant figure out what caused it, they dont jump to any conclusions. they just say "we caught this on tape, we cant explain it." open up your mind.