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Search continues for Creekwood killers

READ MORE: Search continues for Creekwood killers
Wilmington police are still looking for two men who killed a woman outside a Creekwood apartment building on Labor Day. In the meantime, some Creekwood residents are wondering how safe is their neighborhood. Despite the recent murder in Creekwood there are safety measures in place to keep residents safe. Alfreda McDonald, a resident of Creekwood said, “It was a tragic thing that happened and prayerfully it was isolated, we just don't know yet.” McDonald has lived in the Creekwood neighborhood for ten years. “Not only was the victim's family affected but the residents and children of Creekwood were affected,” said McDonald. Residents said surveillance cameras don't work. McDonald chairs the Residents' Safety Committee. She said despite Monday's murder and broken security cameras, there are still procedures in place to protect her neighbors. For instance, I.D. badges are required for all residents 10 years of age or older “Whenever there is a crowd and the police are called out, and they need to find out who is who...they will ask the residents for their id's,” said McDonald. McDonald said people who do not have badges and can not verify their reason for being in the neighborhood, could be arrested for trespassing. McDonald said, “People just run to Creekwood it's not the residents. It's people not from this community that do their drug selling.” Residents hold monthly safety meetings, and McDonald said a community watch will be reformed. Police patrols are also frequent in the area. McDonald said despite the recent problems, Creekwood still has it good points. “Come out meet the people, and if you want to volunteer some time and get to know these people, because it's a wonderful group of people out here,” said McDonald. Police are still investigating Crutchfield’s murder. If anyone has information they should call the Wilmington Police Department.

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Has anybody heard anything?

Has anyone heard anything else about the shooting that took place in Creekwood South? Is there a reward if someone knows who the killer is?

Yes, there is a reward.

Yes, there is a reward being offered. It's called being a decent person. If you know something about the murders, you should contact WPD or call Crimestoppers. Your information, if of value to the police and their investigation, could be worth a cash reward to you. But ideally, you should do the right thing simply because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO, not because you just want money.

Just to chime in this

Just to chime in this discussion a lil bit... There is a lot to be said about what goes on in Creekwood, but the majority of the talking is not even from people on the outside looking in, but from people who just know from what they see on the news. Most of the crimes committed in Creekwood are from people that don't even live out there. Just taking a drive through there, u'd most likely never see one real resident. Every zombie u see lining the streets is from another area, probably a few doors from u, they just don't do their dirt at home, to keep their mom's house out of trouble. and i think it's interesting that so many upity people know so much about the neighborhood, when they don't even visit- is it because most of the people that come out there to keep the "thugs" employed are the very same people u do business from 9-5, yes... if it weren't for the docs, lawyers, etc. that come out there for their daily/weekly supply, these "thugs" would have no money to make. Just take that into consideration. You never see unless u actually look without using someone else's eyes.

you are so opinionated .

someone has to be take the really sound like a sherlock holmes want to be.but no one is forcing this neighborhood into indulging in crime .someone needs to stand up and say enough is enough.

I'll donate my tax money to Creekwood...PLEASE

You can raise my taxes if you promise to spend the $ keeping those thugs in their own community. Heck, I'd pay a few extra bucks to have a nice tall and nicely designed wall built around it....we'll tell tourist it's Landfall phase II and only the elite movie stars live in there. Just don't spread those thugs throughout our great city!!!!

social worker

let's see you take a stroll thru creekwood anytime of the day or night and see if you have a problem with anyone, and if you do just explain to them they are just victim of a judgmental socity and i'm sure you will walk out without any problems. better yet take your education and pay check and move in.. and you can all hold hand and sing we shall overcome. if they (thugs) move to my neighborhood. after creekwood is buldozed the police get the first chance to deal with them. i'll stand up for my neighborhood and the residents, with out hesitation

I don't know why I even read

I don't know why I even read these comments anymore. Several of the people who post here are some of the most ignorant, arrogant individuals I've ever run across. It used to make me sad that my friends would leave within a week of obtaining their degrees... people like you are why they leave. Oh, and I know, "hit the road" will be your response. You guys somehow take pride in the fact that your city is one of the single most dysfunctional locations in the SE United States. I've never lived anywhere that people were so misguided and content to let misery run their lives. There are good people in Creekwood... just like some of you are bad people and live in good neighborhoods. Kindness knows no socioeconomic boundaries. Neither does idiocy... Someone died and that is tragic regardless of which side of the tracks it goes down on. I'm a social worker and I've been to Creekwood many times to pick up clients and I've never felt threatened or unsafe. In fact, I've had the "thugs" help me out several times with a particularly disabled client. So, to all of you, I hope that your stupidity isn't genetic and that it wasn't passed on to your children so that maybe, one day, Wilmington can be as beautiful of a town as it is geographic location.

Social (system) worker

I'm sure as a social worker, you were treated with "Kid Gloves" by the "Thugs" and their families in Creekwood since you were the person that could have their public assistance cut off. So there are good "Thugs" and bad "Thugs" now? Sounds like you've taken a big swig of the "Diversity" Kool-Aid over at UNCW. You said; "your city is one of the single most dysfunctional locations in the SE United States". But it's good enough to get a degree in and work for DSS right? I don't want you to "hit the road", I want you to stay and keep helping the "Thugs" families so this area can become more like were you and your friends escaped from.

GuestUNCW, I am very pleased

GuestUNCW, I am very pleased for you that you were never threatened or harmed in your visits to Creekwood. Now, if you have time to jump off your moral high horse, perhaps you can answer why this neighborhood has a prolific, concentrated history of violence and mayhem. And lets hope for YOUR offspring's sake, that naivety isn't genetic.

You're a social worker

That says it all. Your daily bread depends upon dysfunctional people, so it's only natural that you would sing the praises of "thugs," and have a Pollyanna view on what life could be, if we'd just open our wallets a bit more. The rest of us have careers that truly produce something and make a difference.....and we're sick and tired of our taxes going to subsidize criminals and the terminally lazy for eternity. The best post was from the individual who proposed a two-year cap on subsidized housing. If you can't get your life in order in two years, there's a spot reserved for you under the third street bridge.

Sweep and Clear Creekwood

Send in fully armed LEO's and national guard if needed, if residents become combative, shoot them on site, get the decent folks out and then use the buildings for fire department training buildings...problem solved

Vote to Keep Creekwood......PLEASE

My family moved to Wilmington in 1976. Since then, I've known to stay far from Creekwood (driving, walking, etc.). If the gov't gets rid of Creekwood all of those thugs will be spread evenly amoung Wilmington (in your neighborhoods). Vote to keep Creekwood alive so we can keep the thugs segregated to their own area. We gave it to them decades ago(basically free), they've destroyed it but made it their own little let them stay in there instead of dispersing the problems throughout the other communities that work for a living and try to live in peace.


AMEN, SISTER you hit that nail right on the head,,, I couldn't agree more....

OH PLEASE!!!!!!!!

I can not believe I am reading all of this ignorance posted here in black & white for every one to see!! First of all I'd like to address you "informed". There may be people in creekwood paying rent but honey let me tell you, a couple of hundred dollars a month for a place to live does NOT constitute rent! If they had to pay real bills just once in their life, without using their "hard earned" drug money, they would not know what to do. It absolutely infuriates me to know that the same people have been living on the government for years & years w/ouut ever contributing a dime in taxes! My husband was laid off from his job when my son was 2 yrs old. We lost our medical benefits & only income, since I was a stay at home Mom. When I went to DSS for help I was told that I was not elgible because my vehicle was too new a year model!! Yet I see all these people leaving the grocery store w/buggies full of food bought w/food stamps, getting into their (new model) lexus, BMW or SUV w/the rediculously HUGE $3,000 rims!!! My guess is I wasn't elgible because I knew who my baby's Daddy was & had ACTUALLY married him BEFORE getting pregnant! As for the McDonald lady, She should be ashamed of herself! She is a commissioner on the WHA & is living off the government? That alone should prove she is capable of working.She is neither elderly nor disabled, just taking advantage of the system she "claims" to represent! They told me I was able to work & needed to get a job even though it was through no fault of our own that my husband had become unemployed. Now last but certainly not least...Boots, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! You're little story only confirms what people have been saying on here is true about the people in the creekwood community. Unable to take responsibility for ANYTHING they do..their children, their bills, their food, the crimes they commit, I could go on & on but I think you have the point!!! All who agree... Can I get an Amen?

Reply to Oh Please!!!!!!!!!!

Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it weren't for us working folks, the welfare recipients would not get fed!!!!!!!!!!!!!It comes from us, not the government!

your struggle mirrors their struggle

Your story is one that is repeated over and over again in the stories of so many in the housing communities and beyond in America Today. It is unfortunate that through your struggle you became more bitter rather than more compassionate. Whatever ills are in every community simply happen, but those ills do not irradicate the real issues for real people just like you. The needs of those moving from homeslessness to sustainability, making it on low incomes, struggles with chronic health issues, child care issues and health coverage for children and the catch 22 of DSS and the changes in coverage when one makes just a little more or has a little more. You clearly have experienced what it is like to go without and to have needs unmet and can relate. But to relegate a whole community of people into a group of drug dealers who take without being accountable is inaccurate. Pure and simple. As to the commissioner. Each housing authority is ordered to have a resident commissioner on its board. mcdonald serves as the resident commissioner. It would be inappropriate to share her story for her, but suffice to say, your judgement is baseless and without merit. My original posting is stands and I will keep posting, that if we defend every community, help each other, and try and understand and truly help one another, we can do a whole lot more to better our city than if we make assumptions, gross mischaraterizations, and assert facts not in evidence and try to be a little more Christ like in our love and our feeling for one another.

Without Merit...

How can an opinion of a woman who is obviously articulate and from what I've seen over the years, seems to be intelligent, not hold merit if she has lived in public housing for over 10 years? Guess what, I come from a broken home where my mother worked ALL the time for us. We were home by ourselves from the age of 8, and we weren't on the streets. GET OVER IT...noone, including Ms. McDonald should be allowed to live in public housing for 10 years. She is obviously able to work...come on, what's her story? What's so bad that ME, MY FAMILY, YOU, and everyone else reading this blog have to pay for her a place to live?? I understand a helping hand, but not a way of life, and that's just what public housing has become, A WAY OF LIFE.




One other tidbit. I once asked what the cost was to live in public housing. I asked a former manager; one of the ones that was recently let go and she said that it ranged from $50 to $600 depending on the unit, the project and the person's income. I asked a clarifying question like about that and she said that the more you make the more you pay, but if you don't have income or very little then you don't pay much. I asked what the incentive was to get a job and get out of there and she said the way the WHA and HUD and Section 8 is setup, there is NO incentive to work hard and get out. The less you work, the more kids you have, the more you depend on the government for help, the more you get.


AMEN...AMEN !!! Too bad our elected officials do nothing to rid our city of the trash.


It is very sad to read such ignorant statements made about human beings. Such statements only reflect the same back to you, "trash".


AMEN! Praise God on high!


First, If you recieve any government money, wellfare, subsidized rent, etc, you should have to get random drug tests and if you fail, your out, no questions asked. Afterall, arent you an employee of the government if you get it? Also, no more babies. You shouldn't have any children to help you supplement your bad habits.... "Come on, step up and take care of your own problems. Quit asking for others to help you." BIll Cosby

Serve blanket search warrents in public housing.

Is'nt public housing government owned,federally funded!? You live there,you should give up the right of privacy when it comes to getting rid of problems of lawlessness. Should be an unannouced search every month of all homes there. You got nothing to hide, it'll be brief.,Something going on,arrest and evictions to follow. How can you not know what's going on in your own home,or your own neighborhood the risk are too great not to take action. If you accept this as the norm,then are you really living a life?

Public Housing!

Hadenoughofit, yo dude, IF you have a government backed mortgage, as almost all of them now are, then you are living in "government owned (if you default), federally funded" housing! The same constitutional protections that keep you from having to provide room & board to the Marines protects "them" from unreasonable searches. I don't think it is fair use of tax dollars to pay their rent. And I certainly don't think it is fair use of tax dollars to protect your mortgage or bank account, or to provide insurance against flood or other natural disasters. Well you get the idea. MP

who cares about public housing anymore?

I am upset with the application process. I applied for public housing and I was told me and my kids had to wait 1-2 years on the waiting list. My cousin applied after me and she got a house in Creekwood. The difference between the 2 of us she lied and said she was homeless. She got housed and she has a criminal record. They can't complain about the crime in the area if they knowingly give houses to people with criminal records. Now me and my kids live with my mom. It is gonna work out for me in the end. I don't even want to live in public houses no more.

In Jacksonville a few years

In Jacksonville a few years ago, it was so bad in the projects here that the newspaper carriers could not go into them to deliver the papers without being robbed at gunpoint. The same with taxi drivers. The police department established satellite poice stations inside the apartment complexes. It does not totally solve the problems, but with city police officers patrolling through the complex day and night, it definitely has put a crimp in the activities going on there. Creekwood could also establish a curfew for non residents to vacate the property by nine o'clock at night and the police could arrest any non-resident on the spot for trespassing. People living in Section 8 housing are supposed to be subject to monthly inspections of their apartments. One of the main reasons for it is to identify units where non-residents are staying. The inspections are also to spot drug activity. Any resident of public housing that is arrested for drug crimes or even has someone staying with them who is arrested is subject to immediate eviction. It sounds as though the management of Creekwood has dropped the ball as far as enforcing the Federal Regulations that govern Section 8 housing. This is where the problems start. The woman interviewed on tv blamed non-residents for the problems. Drug dealers aren't going to hang out in a complex where there is not a customer base. If the local management of this complex is not doing their job, then complaints need to be made to HUD in Washington DC. When they get enough of them, they do take steps to correct the situation. When the law abiding residents of the complexes here complained enough to DC, the management personnell in the complexes were replaced with people who began enforcing the rules and cleaning the places up. There are still issues but it is no longer every day front page news here.

RE: In Jacksonville a few years

The police put up satellite substations in creekwood years ago (and all over town for that matter). The very first night it was there the residents of creekwood made the portable building into swiss cheese from gunfire. Thank god there were no officers inside at the time.

Creekwood South

This is for you Miss Melva " come out meet the people and if you want to volunteer some time". Action speaks a lot louder than words.

What do you need volunteers

What do you need volunteers is Creekwood for? If the level of criminal activity is that bad, volunteers are not going to make a difference. What is needed is cooperation with the authorities to weed out the criminals living there and to take steps to prevent outsiders from coming in. You need law enforcement or an armed secutity company, but you don't need volunteers. I volunteer in my community. I work full time, have two teenagers that I am a single mother to, and no, I don't live in public housing but I am a member of my local community watch and we all work together to keep the riff raff out so that we may live in peace. As long as the law abiding residents of Creekwood tolerate the situation without taking steps to correct it, then there will be no solution.