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Search continues for man who fired AK-47 into home

READ MORE: Search continues for man who fired AK-47 into home

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A shooting in New Hanover County has deputies looking for a man with a powerful weapon. Sheriff's deputies say what started as a group of people hanging out led to an argument around midnight at 104 Fawn Street in Castle Hayne. But it didn't stop there.

"There was a slight scuffle at the house from what we were told, then slightly thereafter the gentleman discharged a fire arm into the home," said New Hanover County Sheriff's spokesman Cpl. Jerry Brewer.

One of the bullets went through the wall. Deputies say Tonia Brown was inside. They say one of the bullets hit her in the side of the head or the neck.

Investigators say 20-year-old Jenouri Arquay Roberts used an AK-47 assault rifle. We wanted to see an AK-47, so we went to a gun store. It is a no-nonsense weapon, but they are available to the public as long as you are at least 18 years old and pass a background check. The bullets for the AK 47 are much larger than those used in a nine-millimeter handgun.

As for the Roberts, deputies and police set up a perimeter and even used a helicopter to try and find him, but he managed to get away. If you know where he is, call the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office at (910) 798-4161.

Relatives expected Brown to be released from the hospital.

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Inaccurate reporting

My previous post was not allowed by the WWAY. Warning to posters, your comments will be screened! no free speech here!

This family has been nothing

This family has been nothing but drama since they moved in our neighborhood years ago. We in the Walnuthills community are fed up and tired of the unwanted attention. This family of wild animals have done nothing but lowered our property values, polluted our community with gang violence, and drug activity. When will it end? They need to be removed,OUT WITH THE TRASH. 104 FAWN STREET and those others from around the corner where the house mysteriously burned down. They are nothing but trouble.

I agree with you. This

I agree with you. This family is all trouble. They allow them darn children to do whatever whenever and however. There is always something going on with them grown ass kids in this house. And yes we in the Walnut Hills Community do want them out.

This is what happens when

This is what happens when you allow under age people to drink and whatever else at your house. Grow up and act your ages. Quit trying to entertain and hang with children. Things such as this wouldn't happen. It could have been much worse. @ the young man being sought by the authorities, "Please turn yourself end and remain safe because the way things are now, they will probably shoot first and ask questions later."

Well im glad to here she is

Well im glad to here she is fine. And i hope that they are able to bring this young man in safely so that his side of the story is heard because that is one screwed up family. A bunch of liers and drama freaks.


the size of the ammunition is not the issue
a scum bag, coward, gangster punk shot at a occupied home
i'm sure this poor coward will be coddled by the legal system.
when he is caught, a year or two in prison refining his criminal skill
legal gun owners are not the issue.
scum bag coward gangster punks with stolen guns are

size really doesnt matter.....

Thats what we tell them anyway.

Makes them feel more like men if they know the size of their ammo or gun.


ak's, politics & confusion...

something needs to be done to clarify the 2nd amendment. For years I supported the right to keep and arm bears, but its out of control. I keep several large brown bears chained in my back yard festooned with ak-47's, shotguns, red ryders and machetes. But there is a huge responsibility involved in keeping and arming these bears. First they're lazy and aggressive. Second they sleep darn near half the year away at which time most of their weapons are lost or stolen. Last, sometimes the weapons won't work when gummed up with honey.I'm personally willing to turn in to the local authorities/circus at least one of my armed bears to make the nations children and streets safer. I think the law needs be read aloud to limit us to only one bear.

Let's be accurate here

Let's be accurate here people. The AK-47s you saw in gun stores ARE NOT "assault rifles". They are "military pattern" rifles meaning they are modeled after real assault rifles but make no mistake - an AK-47 is simply a semi automatic rifle not unlike the multitude of semi-auto shotguns or hunting rifles out there.

Second - the bullet fired out of an AK-47 is NOT bigger than a 9mm. The shell casing is LONGER but the bullet itself is 7.92mm in diameter. A 9mm bullet is - you guessed it - 9mm in diameter. Last time I checked 9mm is bigger than 7.92mm.

As a point of reference, a 7.62x39mm round is smaller and less powerful than the extremely popular .308 Winchester and 30-06 rounds that are very common (and popular) hunting rounds.

The fact that the gun used was an AK-47 is pretty much irrelevant to the story as countless other COMMON HUNTING RIFLES could have been used with the exact same result.

Stick with the FACTS and stay away from the ridiculous hysterics and hyperbolic political agendas WWAY!

Correct in all aspects.

The 7.62 x 39 round is smaller in diameter, but the bullet has more mass and much more powder behind it making it much more menacing that the 9mm round. None-the-less, your comparison of the civilian AK-47 to other, every day hunting rifles is spot-on! The only major difference to that comparison is the use of a 30 round magazine (or greater) with the AK vs. 3 to 7 rounds in a hunting rifle. Other than that, no difference. The high capacity magazine and the more compact size of the AK makes it desirable to the the drug-thuggs and gangsta wanna-bees.

The real problem is, anything can be used as a weapon. You can kill with a pencil. As you noted, inciting hysteria over the use of a firearm is unwarranted. It is the people that use them you have to be concerned with. As long as the judges continue to allow violent criminals to walk among us, they will do whatever thay can to steal, rob, rape and pillage from the everyday citizen. This is why more and more law abiding citizens are getting qualified and licensed for their concealed carry permits. Things are changing in this world, we have to as well!


Well i think u need to get your facts straight. An AK47 is actually designed to be a fully automatic rifle with the capability to fire single shots. maybe you need to worry about other things , instead of lecture wway on which size bullet is bugger. Also dont forget a woman was shot senseless with a very danergous weapon. For future reference how about keep your comments to yourself because your ignorant..

You are right - the AK-47

You are right - the AK-47 Mikhail Kalashnikov invented was fully automatic w/select fire for single shot. So was Eugene Stoner's original M-16. These are true "assault rifles".

However - the AK-47s and AR-15s we as civilians can buy are NOT select fire. Further - the ATF makes sure that the civilian versions don't share any of the critical select-fire components. Contrary to what you may think, an off-the-shelf civilian AK-47 or AR-15 cannot easily be converted to fully automatic fire.

If they aren't select fire they aren't an assault rifle - by the FBI and ATF's definition of one.

The only thing you are really correct about is that someone got shot - and the point of my ORIGINAL comment was that the type of gun used to shoot her was irrelevant to the story and what WAS relevant is that she was shot. It doesn't matter if she was shot with a Barrett or a Red Ryder - or stabbed with a Buck knife. The issue is the idiot who did this, not the weapon.

Grow up and use spell-check next time you respond to one of my comments.

Assault Rifles

With an FFL, one may purchase, sell, or mail assault rifles. One does not have to be a member of the police or military.
If the type of weapon does not matter, then you can meet me on the field of honor at dawn. You, with your trusty Red Rider, and me, with an off-the-shelf AK-47.

apples oranges & such..

sorry, you're incorrect...the other guy is right. An "assault rifle" by definition is a machine gun & even ffl dealers have to take painful extra steps to have these. The alleged perp had a semi auto clone. Last, its Red Ryder (no "i") amigo. I want you out of town by noon....

Great post

+1 to Helixx.