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Search for bridge jumper continues

The search continues for a man who may have jumped off a bridge near Wilmington yesterday afternoon. Police are looking for thirty-six year old Brent McKinley Henry of Currie. Eyewitnesses say they saw Henry jump from the Thomas Rhodes Bridge on highway 421. Lanes were closed during the morning rush to continue their search. NHC Sheriffs Department chief deputy Ed McMahon said, "We have some of the deputies and the resources who are walking along the top of the bridge. It gives us a better vantage point, so that we can call down to the people in the water and in the boats, and that way we had to slow the traffic down so that cars wouldn't run over the deputies." Officials say as the search goes on, motorists should to expect more delays on the bridge.

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I saw this guy on the bridge....

yesterday and I thought something was up. I don't remember seeing him in a white shirt when I saw him I could have swore he had on a black wife beater and jean shorts. He also was listening to music or talking on the phone b/c I could see his lips moving and he had ear pllugs in. He kept leaning over the side and just standing there. I feel bad for not calling someone maybe I could have gotten him help :(

You could not have done

You could not have done anything please do not sit around and wonder if you would have done something would he be okay.Nothing is your fault and there was not anything you could have done.What a lot of people dont know is that there are a lot of people in this town who try to commit suicide every day.And the bad thing about it is that there is no where for them to go for help.SEMH has all but closed the doors on thier patients.So the only thing is for them to go to the hospital and try to get into the Oaks.And sometimes they can and sometimes they cant.But noone knows what was going on with this man and mabey he thought this was his only way out the only thing we can do is Pray for him and his family if he has any.So my prayers are with this man and his family.I just hope you can find it in yourself to relize that there was nothing you could have done.And please dont think if you would have called the police they would have helped,b/c if he was this dead set on jumping he would have jumped reguardless.Please just say a prayer for him and his loved ones.

If you saw this subject, can

If you saw this subject, can you please email ASAP Thanks...........